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Images of St. Paul. Young Saul, Pharisee student.

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1 Images of St. Paul

2 Young Saul, Pharisee student

3 Learned a portable trade

4 Enlightened from above (Ac 9 etc)

5 His own description of this:

6 Baptised; future predicted

7 To Jerusalem, Tarsus, Antioch

8 What his conversion cost him “Whatever gain I had, I counted as loss” Ph. 3

9 Lays bare his motivation

10 Paul’s story, complemented by Luke’s narrative framework

11 Barnabas Mentored Paul from the start brought him to the apostles, and described for them how on the road he had seen the Lord, …and how in Damascus he had spoken boldly in the name of Jesus. So he went in and out among them in Jerusalem, speaking boldly in the name of the Lord. AA 9:27f

12 Introduced him to the Antioch Community Acts 11:25

13 They went on mission together (Ac 13-14)

14 In Jerusalem, Peter lends support

15 A vital agreement was reached

16 But later, when they met in Antioch... (Ga 2)

17 “I confronted him to his face, for he was clearly in the wrong..... And even Barnabas was won over to their insincerity!” Outcome of that quarrell: Short-term: Paul lost status in Antioch; Barnabas sided with Peter; Paul regarded as trouble-maker Long-term: Paul’s principle (Equality for Gentile Xtians) was vindicated, as vital for the Church’s future

18 Luke’s serene portrayal of Paul – Why?

19 The second missionary journey

20 The first european converts: in Philippi

21 Philippians: a joyful epistle. “Gaudete”T

22 The Christian call: to imitate Christ

23 Via Thessalonica & Athens and on to Corinth (Ac 17-18)

24 The ruins of Ancient Corinth

25 Important port, on an Isthmus: Sailortown

26 Friends and hosts, Prisca & Aquila (Ac 18)

27 Many Corinthians turned to Christ (18:1-18). Hence the subsequent letters

28 Next stop: Ephesus: stay of 3 years

29 Where he had success, and met with fierce opposition AA 19:23ff

30 What Paul wrote from Ephesus...

31 The letter to the Ephesians.. A quite superb vocational text

32 To Jerusalem to be reconciled (& 2 years imprisonment Ac 21-26)

33 The appeal to Caesar (Ac 25:12)

34 When later he arrived in Rome..

35 With one soldier in charge (28:16)

36 Last word (28:30-31)

37 Martyred, by the sword

38 First welcomed, and later revered, (“twin pillars”)

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