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The Handshake Mrs. Weber Johns Creek High School.

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1 The Handshake Mrs. Weber Johns Creek High School

2 What is Communication? O Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, O Derived from the Latin word "communis", meaning to share.

3 How do we Communicate? O ….. as by O speech O Visuals O Signals O Writing O or behavior

4 History of Handshake O Difficult to pinpoint O Believed originally to be a gesture between two men to show that they were not carrying a weapon. O Traditionally, handshaking was between men O Obviously, that has changed…..

5 What TO do O Wipe hands discreetly first if they are sweaty O Start about a yard away O EYE CONTACT O Extend hand in a vertical position with thumb up O Firm grip without crushing O Wrap fingers around hand O Pump once or so and release the grip

6 What NOT to do O Two handed shake – too friendly O Hand on shoulder – invades space O Pull hand away too quickly O Have any cologne or perfume on hands O Be distracted

7 Other Cultures O Middle East and Asia cultures are different. Both handshaking and direct eye contact are not acceptable between men and women for religious reasons. O Be sure to check customs before traveling to other countries on business.

8 People with Disabilities O Visually impaired – ask “may I shake your hand?” and bring your hand to meet his O Missing or non-functioning right hand, simply extend your left. O Light nod or light touch on the arm is appropriate if someone isn’t able to shake at all

9 When to Shake Hands O Upon meeting someone for the first time O Greet someone you don’t see regularly O Start of an interview O When parting with someone you don’t see regularly O After a meeting to show agreement O When someone offers you their hand O Welcoming people into your home or office

10 What do you do if… O Someone offers you their left hand O Just take it and shake O They have sweaty palms O Discreetly wipe hands later to not make them embarrassed O Someone doesn’t shake when you offer O Simply nod, drop your hand and carry on O Your hands are full O Try to shift things to your left hand, or in a pinch shake with your left

11 Introduce Yourself O If you are meeting someone, always introduce yourself as you shake hands

12 Technique O Only pump hand 1-3 times O Shake from your elbow, not your shoulder or wrist

13 Handshake Styles

14 Vise Grip O Most common and widely accepted

15 Cold Fish O Everyone dreads O Person lets hand dangle there like a cold fish O ICKY

16 Bone Crusher O Feared by many! O Too much confidence and wants to dominate O Plus… it hurts!

17 Water Pump O Exceeds acceptable number of pumps O And… they usually hold onto your hand when done

18 Socket Wrench O Same as water pump, but they are in and out as opposed to up and down. O Used by power players to make someone off balance

19 Remember O People believe that your frame of mind is communicated through your handshake. O Don’t appear weak or domineering

20 Let’s Watch O 5JJKI 5JJKI O _NA&feature=related _NA&feature=related O LndU LndU

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