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BUSINESS ETIQUETTE. ? 为什么 Which Company Gives You a Deepest Impression....

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2 ? 为什么 Which Company Gives You a Deepest Impression....

3 a Etiquette demonstrates respect for yourself, for others and the situation. a Etiquette is common sense but not always common practice. Etiquette Awareness

4 Good Etiquette Equals Good Business a It improves the quality of life in the workplace a It contributes to optimum employee morale a It projects a good company image a It plays a major role in generating profit

5 a Professional Presence a Greetings and Meetings a At Business Meetings a Everyday Office Etiquette

6 What is Business Etiquette? The way professional businesspeople - no matter what their job title or type of business - conduct themselves around others with grace and style.

7 Key Points of Business Etiquette a TTact 机 智 巧 妙, 令 人 愉 悦 a TTiming 时 间 角 色 场 合 的 相 辅 相 成 a TTolerance 具 有 包 容 他 人 的 美 德

8 Good manners are always important in all contacts in life, but they must spring from real kindness of spirit or they will not ring true. - Eleanor Roosevelt 良 好 的 行 为 举 止 对 生 活 中 的 各 方 面 永 远 是 至 关 重 要 的, 但 必 须 出 自 你 真 正 的 善 意, 不 然, 它 们 会 显 得 虚 假。 - 埃 莉 诺  罗 斯 福


10 Professional Presence Makes your appearance work for you a Your Appearance Sends Message to Others a Letting Your Body Language Speak Well of You a Making Your Grooming Bring Out Your Best a Having Your Clothing Add to Your Clout a Appropriate Attire : What to wear and when

11 How We Send Messages to others?

12 How to use Your Body Language? a Standing Posture a Seated Posture a Movement a Gestures a Facial expression

13 What is the Right Grooming? a Hair a Face a Ears a Glasses a Fresh breath a Fingernails a Perfume or cologne a Shoes a Ornaments

14 Clothing Adds to your Clout a Clothing is clue to your personality, attitude, and professionalism. a Appropriate clothing may have a impact on your job, your customers and co-workers a Safe selection is A SUIT with darker shades and cool tones. a Dress for the position you would like to have and the image you want to create.

15 Appropriate Attire a TPO - Time Place Occasion a Ornaments/small details need to be appropriate a Pay attention to the fit of any garment, suit and shoes a “Clean and neat” are always needed for professional presence

16 View your professional presence as an uncompensated second job.


18 Meeting People - Introductions What to say a Mention the name of the person of authority or importance first (only have to say each person’s name once) a If you can, add some information about each person How to respond a Stand up. move towards the person, establish eye contact, look pleasant or smile. a Shake hands. Greet the other person and repeat his/her name. When conversation ends, say goodbye.

19 Mastering Handshake Moments a When to use handshake a Three keys to an effective Handshake 1. Say your name and extend your hand 2. Extend your hand at a slight angle, with your thumb up 3. Provide a firm handshake, but not a bone-breaking one

20 Handing Business Card a Standardized business card a kept in a holder a Use both hands to send or receive business card a Let the words face the other person a Read the words when receiving business card

21 You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.


23 Planning Meetings a The cost of the meetings a Who should attend The meeting purpose The “right” people who must be there Notice and accommodation a Conference Table Diagrams

24 Attending Meetings a Promptness - a little early a Greetings a Seating a Opening the discussion a Honoring Territory

25 a Position yourself a Use voice appropriately a Listen to others Body language Never interrupt a Participate actively Questions State your viewpoint calmly and rationally when you don’t agree Focus on the meeting objectives Attending Meetings

26 a When Guests Arrive Stand up and properly greet the person when necessary a Leaving the Meeting You called the meeting You were invited to the meeting Take the materials with you

27 Planning Meal Meeting - Food and business cannot be separated a Consider number of guests, meal, restaurant. a Select the facility as an extension of your office food is good and service is reliable a Make reservation 2 weeks ago People’s tastes and other details

28 During Meal Meeting a Arrive early and recheck reservations a Wait in the lobby or at the table a Find a place for coats a “Power seat” for your guest and your seat a Hold a chair for ladies a Let the waiters know you’re the host

29 Head Table Seating a Set room with a head table a Use placards to indicate seating a The presiding officer Sits in the table center or the right of the center Introduce the head table in descending order of rank

30 Conversation in Meal Meeting a Avoid personal, ethnic, religion, politics topics a Business/World news/common acquaintance a Be careful with compliments a Say “ Excuse me” when interrupt or leave

31 Attending Business Meals a Breakfast Prepare ahead of time and set alarm Avoid ordering messy food a Lunch Drink a Dinner Dress Order wine

32 Table Manners a Order food a Gestures While your food is served Your elbows and forearms a Using Utensils Outside in Position

33 Table Manners a Pass items around table - counterclockwise Put items together, do not across table a Break bread into small pieces a Offer to pour if you are near the pot a Excuse yourself for biological functions

34 Attending Business Meals a Toast for special event Keep it short, simple and sweet a Thank - You Notes a Can you Refuse?

35 Order Wine a Red wine complements red meat, game, most pasta, spicy food a Dry white wine complements fish and poultry, sweet wine goes with desserts a Wineglasses for white wine and champagne are held by the stem; red wine and brandy are held by the bowl.

36 All doors open to courtesy

37 Basic Guidelines What kind of people are popular in your office a Be careful with your appearance. a Honor your working hours and other people’s schedule. a Be friendly. Communicate with others and listen to others. a Expand your knowledge and keep an open mind a Honor other people’s territory and keep your personal information to yourself a Work hard, be positive and supportive

38 Become a popular and respected person in your office

39 Mastering Mutual Manners Treat others as you would like to be treated. When people treat each other in a dignified, decent manner, it ultimately helps everyone to perform most productively

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