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DEVELOPING A PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE Center for Professional Communication.

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1 DEVELOPING A PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE Center for Professional Communication

2 The New Professional Image

3 Professional Presence  A dynamic blend of poise, self-confidence, control and style  Empowers us to be able to command respect in any situation  Permits us to project confidence that others can quickly perceive  Permits us to rise above the crowd

4 The Importance of Making a Good First Impression  First impressions are lasting ones  First impressions are the first step in building a long- term relationship  The secret to making a good first impression:  Social generosity  Putting the emotional focus on the other person(s)

5 The Importance of Making a Good First Impression  The Primacy Effect  The tendency to form impressions quickly at the time of initial meeting  Later information is either ignored or reinterpreted based on initial framework  First impressions represent 100% of what they know about you at that point

6 The Importance of Making a Good First Impression  The First Few Seconds  Our thinking is not always rational  Decisions happen subconsciously in a split second  Assumptions vs. Facts  Initial impressions are made up of assumptions and facts  The briefer the encounter, the greater the chance for misinformation

7 Major Factors That Form Your Image

8 Surface Language  Surface Language: A pattern of immediate impressions conveyed by appearance  What contributes to your surface language?  Basic principles of appearance that withstand time:  If you want the job, look the part  If you want the promotion, look promotable  If you want respect, dress as well or better than industry standards

9 Wardrobe Engineering  Wardrobe Engineering: Describes how clothing and accessories can create a certain image  Effective packaging is an individual matter based on a variety of factors What factors should be considered when deciding if an ensemble is appropriate?

10 Appropriate Business Professional for Men

11 Appropriate Business Professional for Women

12 The Business Casual Look  The Business Casual Look  Movement toward greater comfort and individuality  Wear dressier business clothing when meeting with customers or clients  Wear clothing that is clean, neat and fits well

13 Appropriate Business Casual for Men

14 Appropriate Business Casual for Women

15 Facial Expression  After overall appearance, facial expressions are the most visible part of you  Provides clues to identify the inner feelings of another  Strongly influence people’s reactions to each other

16 Entrance & Carriage  The way you enter an office or business meeting can influence the image you project  Project self-confidence with:  a strong stride  a friendly smile  good posture  a genuine sense of energy

17 Voice Quality & Speech  Voice qualities that contribute to your image:  Tone of voice  Rate of speech (tempo)  Volume  Ability to pronounce (diction)

18 Your Handshake  The message the handshake sends depends on several factors:  Degree of firmness  Degree of dryness of hands  Duration of grip  Depth of interlock  Eye contact during handshake

19 Etiquette  Dining Etiquette  Pay attention to table manners  Order food that is easily controlled, not messy  Meeting Etiquette  Start and end positively and on time  Speak to the topic  Summarize and recap responsibilities

20 Etiquette  Cell Phone Etiquette  Don’t use in meetings, elevators, restaurants  Talk in a normal speaking voice  Ask disturbing cell users to take the call in private  Conversational Etiquette  Don’t be too informal, too fast  Avoid foul language, sensitive terms, slang

21 Etiquette  Networking Etiquette  Introduce yourself and what you do  Avoid negative talk  Follow up with contacts  Send a thank you note to anyone helpful to you  Incivility: The Ultimate Career Killer  Civility is a form of social generosity

22 The Job Interview  Communicate the image that you are someone that is conscientious  Show that you care enough to make a good impression

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