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Production B: Penelope Project 2014 Responsible: Viirus Theatre, Finland Production A: Memories for Life.

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1 Production B: Penelope Project 2014 Responsible: Viirus Theatre, Finland Production A: Memories for Life

2 Meeting the Odyssey is a social and artistic collaborative project sailing from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea. Each summer from 2014 to 2016, artists and organizers from different European countries will travel together, giving workshops and performing theater pieces. The project will combine elements of the Odyssey, contemporary themes relevant to Europe and stories collected through exchanges with the local population. But Meeting the Odyssey is also a journey in itself: bringing people together through long term collaboration, and discovering new artistic landscapes and cultural attitudes to develop synergies at the European level.. An Adventure Beyond Art, Myths, and Everyday Life in Europe 2013 – 2017

3 What is Europe today? Who are the people living in Europe compared to who they were? What is their personal Odyssey? This project asks: what is the common Europe behind the commitment of the European Union? Is there a common ground based on culture and daily life? How can we be reminded of our common roots? The project aims to decrease prejudices and to create a shared narrative that comes out of the stories of the people in Europe today, through the frame of the legend of Odysseus. For a meaningful discussion about a sustainable and inclusive European culture and a creative future, we need to cross national borders to meet people from different contexts with different perspectives on Europe. Project ambition

4 This will happen  We will create 4 artistic productions with international teams  We will 14 locally created actions, called «Instants»  We will develop new methods of creating theater performances in a social theater context  We will create a network of theaters and festivals all over Europe  We will give the chance to a minimum of 65 artists to be on board of the ship and 30 more to be involved  We will create a hybrid language for theater that can be used in international co-productions  We will document and share the process in the form of recordings, media, written evaluation, the performances  We will produce new research linked to the project that will ensure the lasting and dissemination of the project results. The focus of the research will be on intercultural dialogue, artistic mobility and European identity  We will create unity and solidarity among the partners and the people involved in the project



7 2014 PRODUCTION A sailing with Hoppet 23.5 – 1.6 St. Petersburg 2.6 – 5.6 Hoppet St. Petersburg – Hanko 5.6 – 13.6 Hanko 13.6 – 19.6 Tallinn 19.6 – 24.6 Hiiumaa 24.6 – 29.6 Saaremaa PRODUCTION B sailing with river boat and Hoppet 5.7 – 12.7 Opole (Bus Opole – Berlin) 12.7 – 20.7 Berlin (Bus Berlin – Prague) 20.7 – 29.7 Prague (Bus Prague – Lübeck) 30.7 – 1.8 Hoppet Lübeck – Copenhagen 1.8 – 17.8 Copenhagen (Helsingor, Bornholm) 17.8 – 23.8 Copenhagen – Helsinki 23.8 – 1.9 Helsinki 2015 PRODUCTION C sailing with Patria and Hoppet 22.5 – 31.5 Milano 5.6 – 11.6 Varenna, Dervio (Lecco Lake) 12.6 – 22.6 Campsirago, Brivio 23.6 – 27.6 Como Lake 29.6 – 7.7 navigation Genova – Malta 7.7 – 16.7 Malta and Gozo 17.7 – 24.7 navigation Malta – Sardinia PRODUCTION D sailing with Hoppet 1.8 – 31.8 Sardinian’tour 1.8 – 14.9 France: Sete – Montpellier 25.9 – 4.10 Firenze – Castiglioncello 2016 Sailing with Hoppet Productions A and D 1.6 – 8.7 Corfú – Ithaka – Epidavros – Athens Productions B and C 1.7 – 8.8 Epidavros – Athens – Rhodos – Leros – Ikaria Touring Schedule


9 The Yacht HOPPET

10 Premiere May 23 rd in Skorohod Platform, St. Petersburg A physical multilingual performance about the past and the present, the old and the young. "We do not walk towards death. We do not walk towards getting old. We walk to meet ourselves. We walk to meet our Other Me. Life is like two persons walking towards each other. My old age meets my youth" Imants Zedonis (Latvian poet, b.1933, d.2013) Memories for Life is a performance about the forgotten dreams and remembered hopes of elderly people, lived through the bodies of young actors. Responsible: Viirus Theatre, Finland. Co-produced with ProFitArt Company, Czech Republic, NO99, Estonia, ScarlattineTeatro, Italy and Asterions Hus, Denmark. Director: Maria Lundström, Viirus Choreographer: Lenka Vagnerová, ProFitArt Company On stage: 7 actors/ dancers Production A: Memories for Life Theater Productions 2014

11 Premiere July 5 th 2014 in Opole, Poland A performance inspired by the fate of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus. About her dreams and work. A performance with live music, dance and objects, performed outdoors. Responsible: Opolski Teatr Lalki i Aktora, Poland. Co-produced with ScarlattineTeatro, Italy, Viirus Theatre, Finland. Director: Krystian Kobylka, Opolski Teatr On stage: 7 actors Production B: The Penelope Project Theater Productions 2014

12 Production C: sbarchi_landing Premiere May 22 nd 2015 in Milan, Darsena, Italy. Responsible: ScarlattineTeatro, Italy. Co-produced with Asterions Hus, Denmark, Viirus Theatre, Finland, Skorohod Platform, Russia. Director: Michele Losi, ScarlattineTeatro. On stage: 8 actors Theater Productions 2015

13 Production D: Premiere August 2015 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Responsible: Cada Die Teatro, Italy. Co-produced with Réseau en Scène, France, Theatro Anapoda, Greece. Director: Giancarlo Biffi, Cada Die Teatro. On stage: 7 performers. Theater Productions 2015

14  Locally created actions: unique performances combining the Odyssey and the local context into a short performance at every stop on the tour  Responsible: every year a team of 3 from Cada Die Teatro, Italy (2014), Viirus, Finland and Skorohod, Russia (2015), Asterions Hus, Denmark and ScarlattineTeatro, Italy (2016)  Separate action, still linked to both Main Productions and Workshops  Can be performed by the ship, in a venue or in the street  The instant performances together with the workshops are the «laboratory» of the project The Instant Performances Instants

15 Production A: Memories for Life / 2014

16 St. Petersburg, Russia Platform Skorohod Peter and Paul Fortress. Sails of Wight Nights Festival Elagin island. Street Theater Festival 23.5 – 01.6 Premiere of Production A on May 23 th. The Ship will sail to St Petersburg on the 30 th of May Programm: 22.5 Press conference: meeting former Odysseys - video message by Slava Polunin to the project participants, presentation of his new documentary and conversation with Petr Oslzly 23.5 / 20:00 Premiere of Production A at Skorohod 24.5 – 26.05 / 20:00 ‘Memories for Life’ at Skorohod 28.5 Instant at “Light people” 28.5 – 29.5 Workshops by artists from production A 30.5 Workshop “Business of Art” by Matilda Sundström (Project Manager) 30.5 Instant at the Street Theatre Festival on Yelagin Island 1.6 Workshops for children, Theatre picnic “Meeting the Odyssey” at the Sails of Wight Nights Festival

17 Production A: Memories for Life / 2014 Hanko, Finland Hangö Teaterträff Hanko Theatre Festival 5.6 – 8.6 The Ship will sail from St Petersburg to Hanko and arrive on the 4 th of June Programm: 2 performances 3.6 – 6.6 The Memory Workshop I Painting workshop for children based on stories by elderly people 3.6 – 6.6 The Memory Workshop II Theatre workshop with Giancarlo Biffi 6.6 Instant Hanko at the Evening Market

18 Production A: Memories for Life / 2014 Tallinn, Estonia Theater NO99 16. 6 – 19. 6 Hoppet will sail from Hanko to Tallinn on the 13 th of June Programm: 4 performances

19 Production A: Memories for Life / 2014 Hiiumaa, Estonia Suursadam Port 21.6, 22.6, 24.6 Hoppet will sail to Hiiumaa on June 20 th Programm: 3 performances in Suursadam Port 24.6 Instant Hiiumaa in Suursadam Port

20 Production A: Memories for Life / 2014 Saaremaa, Estonia Kuressaare Linnateatteri 26.6, 27.6, 28.6 Hoppet will arrive in Kuressaare port on June 25 th Programm: 3 performances

21 Production B: Penelope Project / 2014

22 Opole, Poland Opolski Teatr Lalki i Aktora im. Alojzego Smolki 5.7 – 12.7 Premiere of Production B on July 5 th Programm: 5 performances Workshops: 30.6 – 12.7 “Summer in the Theatre” – artistic workshops for children 30.6 – 10.7 “Be like a Penelope” – artistic workshop for women 28.6 – 8.7 Theatre workshop with Giancarlo Biffi everyday 30.6 – 12.7 Events with artists from Opole University Institute of Art

23 Production B: Penelope Project / 2014 Berlin, Germany Radial System Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi 12.7 – 20.7 The “boat” will arrive on July 12 th for a big welcoming celebration including artistic performances at Radial System Programm: 13.7 – 18.7 Artists from Meeting the Odyssey will work together with international Berlin-based artists on “Spree Odyssey Project”, site-specific performances which will combine themes from the Odyssey with concepts from the political congress “Spree Stadtforum”, which deals with development and gentrification of a central area of the Spree River in the middle of Berlin 17.7 – 18.7 Performances of “Production B” in ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi 19.7 The big event for the “Spree Odyssey Project” will be presented in the frame of the “Spree Parade” organized with Schiffskontor

24 Production B: Penelope Project / 2014 Prague, Czech Republic Forman brothers theatre 20.7 – 30.7 More than 30 performances Programm: Production B, Instant Prague by local young artists and Cada Die Theatre, two boats sailing the river, workshops, screenings, open rehearsals, pre-runners work-demos before each show, post show talks, dance evenings, concerts, discussions, exhibitions etc.

25 Production B: Penelope Project / 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark Teaterøen / Theatre Island Copenhagen harbour Helsingør Asteroid festival 01.8 – 17.8 Hoppet will sail to Copenhagen on August 3 rd Programm: 23.8 – 27.8 Preparatory Workshop to Instant Copenhagen with Asterions Hus at Theatre Island 1.8 Opening of the exhibition "A theatre odyssey " on Theatre Island during Copenhagen Harbour festival Kulturhavn’14 2.8 – 3.8 Joint Workshop conducted by Asterions Hus (DK) and Cada Die (IT) 4.7 – 7.8 Workshop & preparation to the staging of Instant Copenhagen outcome 8.8 Instant Copenhagen 1 (Kødbyen / Stock Exchange) and Odyssey party under Knippelsbro with the Odyssey ship, music and outdoor dinner (Knippelsbro) 9.8 – 10.8 Penelope performed at Helsingør on saturday and sunday 15.8 Opening of the Asteroid international theatre festival 16.8 – 17.8 Penelope and Instant Copenhagen 2 performed on Saturday and Sunday at Asteroid festival and farewell party

26 Production A and B / 2014 Helsinki, Finland Helsinki Festival Viirus Theatre Amphi Theatre, Opera 15.8 – 31.8 Hoppet will sail from Copenhagen to Helsinki and arrive on August 23 rd Programm: 3 performances of Production A: Memories for Life Venue: Viirus Theatre 4 performances of Production B: Penelope Project Venue: Amphi Theatre, Opera 24.8 – 30.8 The Memory Workshop I Painting workshop for youth based on stories by elderly people 24.8 – 30.8 The Memory Workshop II Theatre workshop with Giancarlo Biffi Based on the same stories. 30.8 Instant Helsinki by the Market Square

27 Some Places 2014 The Peter and Paul Fortress Hanko, Finland The Forman Brothers’ Boat, Prague Helsinki, Finland

28 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Viirus Theatre Matilda Sundström Project Manager +358-50-9115988

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