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PAM Fluorometry: Measuring Photosynthesis Brian Maniaci.

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1 PAM Fluorometry: Measuring Photosynthesis Brian Maniaci

2 Photosynthesis 6 CO 2 + 12 H 2 0 + light Energy  C 6 H 12 O 2 + 6 O 2 + 6 H 2 0

3 Phytoplankton Photosynthetic organism Chlorophyll A Euphotic Layer Less than 5 mm long

4 Marine Food Chain

5 Energy Use of light energy ▫Photosynthesis ▫Heat ▫Fluorescence Fluorescence –emission of light at a lower energy/higher wavelength

6 Measuring Photosynthesis Reactants ▫Radioactive Carbon-14 Products ▫Winkler’s Method-O2 Concentration PAM Fluorometer ▫Fluorescence of emitted Light

7 PAM Fluorometer

8 Pulse amplitude modulated fluorometer Chlorophyll fluorescence Ideal environment Sensitive and noninvasive


10 PAM 101 Unit 3 mW laser diode Photodiode detector Fresnel lens Distance 0.5- 1 meter

11 Laser Diode Promotes fluorescence Dual lasers to generate homogenous spot Emits light at 638 nm. Return signal magnified through Fresnel Lens

12 Quantum Yield Definition: ▫∆F= F max –F min of fluorescence ▫F m = F max of fluorescence ∆F/Fm= Quantum Yield Quantum yield of effective photosynthetic electron transport (PS 1)

13 Characteristics Extremely sensitive Measuring system Can measure a single cell, chloroplast or macroalgae Doesn’t change physiology of the organism

14 Chlorophyll Fluorescence Mapping Blue LED (470 nm) used for excitation Measured at 665 nm

15 Conclusion Photosynthesis Organism Ideal Environment Comparison of scientific data

16 Acknowledgements Dr. Moline Esteemed Colleagues

17 References: "Algal Growth." A. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. 1 vols. New York: Nature Group, 2002. Grunwald, B, and M Kuhl. "A System for Imaging Variable Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Aquatic Phototrophs." Ophelia 58 (2004): 79-89. 28 Feb. 2008. Ounis, A, S Evian, S Tosti, and I Moya. "Adaption of PAM- Fluorometer for Remote Sensing of Chlorophyll Fluorescence." Photosynthesis Research 68 (2001): 113-120. 28 Feb. 2008.

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