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COMMAND TRAILER PRESENTATION by Ken Kirschmann Superintendent/Customer Service.

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1 COMMAND TRAILER PRESENTATION by Ken Kirschmann Superintendent/Customer Service

2 ExteriorInterior Before

3 ExteriorExterior w/slide outs After

4 Purpose To be utilized in conjunction with Incident Response as a Mobile Field Command Center during large scale incidents, resulting in either a significant customer outage, or investigatory actions which may span over several days Can be used as an alternate Mobile Dispatch Center if the Dispatch Center needs to be evacuated Functionality

5 The Command trailer can facilitate personnel from various departments needed to coordinate incident and outage relights, such as: Customer Service Customer Assistance Construction Dispatch (alternate dispatch center) Engineering Mapping Technical Services Meter Reading Public Information Officer Capabilities

6 Specifications Custom 30’ triple axle, front & rear slide outs Two separate work areas to facilitate multiple departments Small kitchen/bathroom facilities Self contained 12 kvw Onan diesel generator Sub-floor storage Multiple adjustable quartz flood lights Trailer

7 Two fixed laptop computers with wireless modems used to: Access Citrix and SWG applications such as: WMIS/Field Smart Telogis (GPS) C.S.S. (Customer Service System) GroupWise Mobile Dispatch/ Mobile Service Telogis – GPS Papervision Internet Supporting Equipment

8 Multiple Network hookups for additional laptops Printer/Fax/Copier Used to print temporary maps and purge plan Two 42” Flat Screen Televisions Dish Network to monitor Local/National news Display images from computers Two way radios Used to communicate with Dispatch or Field personnel Dedicated Cell phones Used to communicate with Emergency Operations Center, Dispatch or Field personnel - Supporting Equipment Continued

9 Examples of Incidents resulting in an large gas outage: Line Breaks Over/Under Pressure Natural disasters Undetermined Leak Migration Sabotage Explosions Any other reason that would require a Gas Control Plan or Valve Isolation Plan which would curtail the supply of gas to a large number of customers Gas Outage Scenario

10 Once requested by Incident Command: Command Trailer is delivered to staging site and set up Appropriate manpower is dispatched to site Supervisors Technicians Office personnel After effected area is determined through Engineering: Duty Engineer posts outage map online Outage cards are printed and delivered to field Outage cards distributed to Field personnel and all effected meters are turned off Gas Outage Scenario

11 Once Construction makes repairs and gases up system Purge plan is implemented to ensure all air and debris is purged from system Once purge is complete, relights begin Critical facilities Public Utilities Regulation Policies Act (PURPA) customers are identified to ensure their gas is turned on first Outage cards are distributed to Field employees and tracked to ensure all customer accounts are turned back on or secured After all customer accounts have been reinstated or secured and tagged), usually after 3rd pass, the Command trailer is returned to Operations Center Gas Outage Scenario

12 The End! Questions ???

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