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© 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Comprehensive Training – Putting It All Together Presented to: LawNet by: Honora M. Wade, Technical Training Manager Perkins Coie.

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1 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Comprehensive Training – Putting It All Together Presented to: LawNet by: Honora M. Wade, Technical Training Manager Perkins Coie LLP February 12, 2002 - Seattle February 19, 2002 - Portland

2 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Why Train? The Importance of Technical Training in Corporate Environment l Life beyond Word Processing – “basic” applications now include: l Email (Outlook, Groupwise, Eudora) l Calendar (hopefully, electronic meeting requests in addition to personal calendaring) l Document Management (DocsOpen, iManage) l Contact Management (InterAction, Outlook) l PDAs (Palm Pilot, Blackberry, Visor) l Intranet, Internet and Extranet use l Imaging/Graphics (Adobe Acrobat, OmniPage scanning) l Financial Spreadsheet & Database (Excel, Access) l Docketing (both firmwide and practice specific) l Billing & Financial Reporting (CMS, Juris, Carpe Diem, DTE) l Specialty applications (practice group specific, e.g., Corporate Focus, Summation, Concordance, Vamoose for Immigration)

3 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Why Train? The Importance of Technical Training in Corporate Environment (cont’d.) l Learning the Basics l Many users learned “on the fly” l Lack foundation in basic structure of Windows applications l “Teach a person to fish... “ (e.g., Right-click is your Friend) l Sophistication of many applications l Applications have numerous features l No one can independently become expert in all applications and still do their client work

4 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Why Train? The Importance of Technical Training in Corporate Environment (cont’d.) l Use it or lose it! l Rarely used features fade from memory E.g., mail merge, linked formulas, PowerPoint animation l Users rely on quick & expert consultation l Customized networked applications l Templates, internal email groups, document management l Users need training on how this company implements these

5 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Why Train? The Importance of Technical Training in Corporate Environment (cont’d.) l New Versions = “Constant Change” l 1-2 new versions per year Previously, 1 release every 2-4 years l Users must adapt to “constant change” l Trainers identify new features l Changes, cautions, and advantages l Impacts on internal procedures l Software allocation decisions (Adobe Acrobat) l Recent developments in workflow (e-Filing) l Buggy? Sometimes! l Identify and address bugs before they strike!

6 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Why Train? The Importance of Technical Training in Corporate Environment (cont’d.) l Good trainers empower users l Knowledge to use tools efficiently l Provide the highest quality service l Maximize their billable time opportunities l “How do I get the user to use it?” l Review all features l Focus on those most relevant for user’s workflow l Educate users to work more effectively and demonstrate the relevance of new software to their workflow l Firm gets greater value for technology investments

7 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Qualities of a Good Trainer l Effective interpreter l Communicate with both the “Tech Geek” and “Joe Average” l Exceptional Communicator l Understand what the user seeks, not just what they ask l Speak in the user’s language l Make concepts come alive l Supportive, positive and non-threatening l Poise & Confidence l Clear message that user’s time investment will be worthwhile... then prove it! l Tenacious l Train at every opportunity. l Let the “brush-offs” roll off your back. l Know when to retreat and wait for the next opportunity l Oh, yeah – Know thy cyberstuff! l Not easy to stay ahead of the curve

8 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Elements Required for an Effective Training Program l Support from the top l Clear message from management Example: Meeting Planner use increased dramatically when managing partner replied to traditional emails about meetings by stating, “My calendar is in Outlook.” l Element of both job description and performance evaluation l Training encouraged for lawyers and staff l Resources l Training Room for hands-on work (away from work desk) with trainer’s computer projected for easy understanding l Intranet site for materials & web-based training l Continued learning opportunities for training staff

9 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP The Economy’s impact on an Effective Training Program l In Good Times l Firm investing in new technology l Support for rollouts l In Lean Times l Opportunities to leverage existing technology l Revisit the basics l Consult with practice groups to optimize their use of applications as a group (public calendars, intranet site development, InterAction folder development)

10 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Different Kinds of Learners  Visual - Learn through Seeing  Learns well from reading manual and handouts  Likes screenshots - "thinks in pictures"  Often notetakers  Auditory - Learn through Hearing  Doesn't process written materials well  Understanding comes from interpreting the underlying meanings of speech through tone, pitch, speed and other nuances  Kinesthetic - Learn through Doing, Moving and Touching  Prefers hands-on approach Doesn’t make sense until they “do it myself”  Does not handle lectures well May have difficulty sitting for long periods  Socratic - Q&A, Needs to Direct Learning (attorneys) Source: (with exception of final point)

11 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Retention Rates by Style of Teaching Reading Practice by Doing Lecture Discussion Group Audio Visual Demonstration Teaching Others Immediate application of learning in a real situation Vulcan Mind Meld (don’t they wish!) Source: ReproLine® – The Reading Room 4/99 with exception of final item

12 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP RETENTION RATES (cont.) What does this mean for trainers? The key to increased retention is to involve your learners through interactive, participatory learning methods. Quoted from: The Reading Room, “How People Learn”, (April 1999) I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand - Confucius

13 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Balancing Retention Rates and Learning Styles Honor your learners’ individual styles: l Provide options for all l Allow people to choose the manner that suits them l Secretary who just listens rather than work “hands-on” in brown bags (Auditory learner) l Word Processor who transcribes notes in email to self during class (Visual learner) l Attorney who interrupts with questions (Socratic learner) l Allowable in one-on-one l Less possible in group circumstance

14 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Primary Training Needs Within Legal Environment l New User l Rollout of new applications and procedures l Ongoing Skill Enhancement l Brown Bags l Hands-on in classroom l Demonstrations (either general or Practice Group presentations) l One-on-One Sessions l By appointment l Trouble-shooting

15 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Traditional Model (i.e., Live Trainer) Within Legal Environment Advantages - Trainer can: l Adjust as necessary for individual skill levels l “Slant” examples to target audience l Assess progress and understanding for future sessions l Has “human touch” Disadvantages: l Labor intensive for trainer l Time demands and scheduling difficult l Quality varies (Trainer turnover; We all have bad days)

16 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP eLearning Model (Web/Intranet) Within Legal Environment Advantages: l Consistent quality l Convenience (especially for busy attorneys) l Learners can repeat modules as necessary l Maximize limited training personnel l Can support “live” curriculum Disadvantages: l Lacks “human touch” l Users can attend class when convenient - but will they? l May require user more time to learn if not well-designed l Lacks opportunity for Q&A l On commonly used applications (Word, Outlook), difficult to address individual practice group needs

17 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP “Out-of-the-Box” versus Personalized Modules Law firms have very customized network applications l Templates l Unique styles, toolbars, macros l Highly integrated additional applications l Document Management (DocsOpen, iManage, ProLaw, VIEWz) l Compare software (CompareRite, DeltaView) l Rolodex Applications (InterAction, Access databases) l Specialty Software and unique procedures

18 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP “Out-of-the-Box” versus Personalized Modules l A firm may combine “out-of-box” with in- house modules l Out-of-box for basic knowledge l In-house modules address unique needs l Maintain consistency between the two to ensure ease of use and effectiveness l Resources for out-of-the-box training: l - Only members can see full reviews ($250 per year) ( l Click2Learn - has preview option. Also has division to create custom modules ( l The Training Place - (

19 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Online Teaching Approaches/Features l Intranet l Customized information specific to a group on their page l Training home page l Links to new user training, brown bag handouts and computer materials l Web-designed modules on software l Handouts (Word documents) l Printed versions get outdated, but kept current on web l Learners may not use if long and bulky l Bookmarks help find info quickly l FAQs l Great opportunity to list those frequently asked questions l Emailed Questions l Trainers provide step-by-step answer l ALSO show link to answer on the Intranet (handout, FAQ, etc.)

20 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Online Teaching Approaches/Features l PowerPoint l Good for broad overviews l Awkward for quick answers or “step-by-step” needs l Presentations should be short l Can be published as HTML (Version ’97 & higher, without animation) l On Intranet, can be accessed quickly by other offices l Screen captures (“mini-movies”) l Helpful for visual learners May be quicker to show than describe l Passive learning l Tend to run slow Many users lack the patience to sit and watch l Can cause lengthy download for other offices l Interactive modules l Allow users to both practice and observe at the same time l Online registration l Classes, skills testing and class evaluations

21 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Resources for Online Teaching l Eloquent: custom modules which include video, scrolling real-time text and interactive “do as you learn” area ( l MediaPro: customized courseware for your firm. Their free seminars are very worthwhile and low pressure ( l TutorPro: customizable courseware library allows you to edit, amend and add to existing modules; web-authoring tools; Student Management System; or they’ll write for you ( l DigitalThink: Hosts and delivers eLearning content via the Web (

22 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP Resources for Online Teaching (continued) l In-house Module Tools l FrontPage - Very WYSIWYG and easy for Microsoft users l Dreamweaver - Web-page software for more sophisticated user l Snag-It, SnazziCam or 20/20 - Grabbing screenshots and “mini-movies” (20/20 is freeware) l PhotoShop - Image editing tool useful for creating and editing logos, etc. l - includes a review site for web-design software

23 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP The bottom line l Training can be a major opportunity to: l Help users increase billable hours l Enhance client service & satisfaction l Leverage existing technology resources l Ensure users have good foundation in technology basics l Provide guidance & support through maze of software applications l Decrease job stress

24 © 2002 Perkins Coie LLP ADDITIONAL RESOURCES l ing_styles.html ing_styles.html ing_styles.html l htm htm htm l cDevCom/guidebk/teachtip/assumpts.htm cDevCom/guidebk/teachtip/assumpts.htm cDevCom/guidebk/teachtip/assumpts.htm l du/2001_05elearning.html du/2001_05elearning.html du/2001_05elearning.html l l

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