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Follow me #LIVEUNITED iamsmccormick.

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1 Follow me on Twitter: @

2 @ #LIVEUNITED iamsmccormick

3 Follow me on Twitter: @ Suzanne McCormick President & CEO United Way of Greater Portland Jennifer Gifford Director, Community Engagement United Way of Central & Northeast Connecticut How to Enhance Your Workforce Campaigns iamsmccormick HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR WORKFORCE CAMPAIGNS Presented By:

4 Follow me on Twitter: @ 1.Prioritize Your Relationships 2.Change Your Corporate Relationships 3.Develop Engagement Opportunities 4.Build Account Plans 5.Delight Your Partners 6.Track Results & Adjust 7.Grow the Culture 7 Steps: iamsmccormick

5 Follow me on Twitter: @ CRITERIA SEGMENTATION DISTINGUISHED SERVICES ALIGNMENT OF RESOURCES Key to Prioritization: iamsmccormick

6 Follow me on Twitter: @ Segmentation Framework TierTotal Value pledges Average Pledge Giving Community Members Leadership Giving Sample Companies Tier 1 Characteristics indicate benefit from a more high touch approach 15K$9.5MM$6385283,305 Tier 2 Everyone in the middle 63K$18.0MM$2845674,646 Tier 3 Characteristics indicate no harm via a lower touch approach 15K1.1MM$7200 iamsmccormick *Source: United Way Twin Cities

7 Follow me on Twitter: @ Executive Support Employee participation Tier 3: “Silver”Tier 1: “ Platinum” Tier 4: “Bronze”Tier 2: “Gold” Description: High Executive Support, Low Participation Description: High Executive Support, High Participation Description: Low Executive Support, High Participation Description: Low Executive Support, Low Participation Goal: Increase Participation Goal: Maintain support Goal: Increase Executive Support Segmentation Framework iamsmccormick

8 Follow me on Twitter: @ …to your Corporate Relationships Change Your Approach… iamsmccormic k

9 Follow me on Twitter: @ 9 Benchmark Techniques 1. Appoint internal campaign champion 2. Set goals & track results 3. Establish steering committee 4. Recruit site coordinators 5. Conduct executive briefings 6. Establish companywide Leadership Giving program 7. Conduct effective educational campaign 8. Structure corporate gift matching 9. Utilize United Way staff 10. Organize volunteer/engagement activities iamsmccormick

10 Follow me on Twitter: @ Engagement Touch Points 10 Receive Thanks See Impact DiscoverEngage Receive Ask Give iamsmccormick

11 Follow me on Twitter: @ Engagement 11 iamsmccormick

12 Follow me on Twitter: @ Engagement Thru Storytelling 12 iamsmccormick

13 Follow me on Twitter: @ Workface Engagement Alignment CompanyTierRG AlignmentCI Alignment Location (Work/Project) CI Strategy Creative Office Pavilion 3 Westbrook / Westbrook Education Texas Instruments1 South Portland / South Portland Financial Stability TD Bank1 Falmouth / UWGP Education Idexx1 Westbrook / Scarborough Education 13 iamsmccormick

14 Follow me on Twitter: @ Volunteer opportunity; team building request Tier 1 account Education focus iamsmccormick Workforce Engagement

15 Year-Round Opportunities to LIVE UNITED

16 Follow me on Twitter: @ LIVE UNITED Year-Round 16 What does it mean to LIVE UNITED year- round? What is the value to workforce partners and their employees, the community, and United Way? How can I get started? iamsmccormick

17 Follow me on Twitter: @ What Does it Mean to LIVE UNITED Year-round? Events Networks Volunteer Opportunities Advocacy 17 iamsmccormick

18 Follow me on Twitter: @ DELIGHT 18 iamsmccormick

19 Follow me on Twitter: @ Average Average Employee Gift Participation Top 1% $ 352 39% Next 9% $ 376 23% Next 15% $ 244 12% Remaining 75% $ 196 11% 19 UWGP 2012 employee participation $321 $363 $359 $374 $4,758,684 $3,784,702$2,315,102 $1,469,600 Participation NOTE : Ranking based on 2012 aggregate giving at the company level Ranking Top 10% compared to the other 90% Top 10% Companies Average Gift Total Gift Track & Adjust iamsmccormick

20 Follow me on Twitter: @ Track & Adjust 20 iamsmccormick

21 Follow me on Twitter: @ Grow the Culture iamsmccormick

22 Follow me on Twitter: @ How to Enhance Your Workforce Campaigns iamsmccormick

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