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Ruth Anne Marshall Training Manager 877-359-5492 Ext 1243

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1 Ruth Anne Marshall Training Manager Ext 1243

2  Overview of Scribe  Accessing Scribe  Batch letters  Convert current Form Letters to Scribe  Intro to Designer for Scribe  TenMastery Series

3  Currently is in addition to Form Letters for most WinTen2 clients  Will eventually replace Form Letters  HUD reports will be moved here  Can be prompted to add specific information on a letter that is not a field in the software.  Can print one letter or a batch of letters  New functions are being added often

4 You can click on Scribe or WinTen2.NET

5 If you click on Scribe, this screen opens.

6 If you click on, this screen opens.

7 Click on the arrow at the top and the groups “collapse” Click it again, and the groups “expand”

8 Click on the arrow beside Scribe to open the Scribe Options

9 If you click on the Batch Print button, you are taken to the same screen you saw when you clicked on Scribe from Ten Central

10 Highlight the letter you want to print and click OK

11 Select a different header, footer and signature if you wish. Filters can also be applied or changed.

12 Click print and then print preview. Choose how many records to display. Type in the number of letters to preview and click submit

13 Your letter will preview.

14 At this point you can click to print or click the X to cancel and change the number of letters to print and select print rather than preview.


16 From the Home screen, click the arrow beside Setup of Scribe. Then click Form Letter Conversion.

17 You MUST scroll to the right and select a Data Source and Scribe Data Map (always Tenmast Form Letters)

18 You can select specific letters to Convert or Check All. Click the CONVERT button and let the magic happen!

19  Converted - LIFE IS GOOD  The letter is ready to use in Scribe  Warning- There are Form Letter fields that did not match a Scribe Data field.  Did you forget to select a data source before trying to convert?  Add the source and try to convert again.  Not Converted - No Hope   Probably a bad letter in WinTen2 also. You will have to type this one manually.

20  I tried again and it still gave me a warning  Check the converted letters. This one was probably converted but the data fields need to be repopulated manually before you can run the letter.  No conversion at all  Go to designer and build a letter

21 Go back to the home screen and select Designer

22 What do I do? There is nothing here?


24 Highlight the letter you need to review and click OK

25 Highlight the letter you need to review and click OK

26 On the top right hand corner, all of the field you can pull onto the report are listed. Just click, drag and drop where you want it on the letter.








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