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Scribe Review Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Connect to Audio: Dial 877-746-4263 Enter Participant Code 02 11 940# Please mute your phones before the webinar begins.

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1 Scribe Review Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Connect to Audio: Dial Enter Participant Code # Please mute your phones before the webinar begins to ensure there are no interruptions. DO NOT place your phone on hold during the training.

2  Sherry Hosler  Phone: x245  Connect to Audio  Dial  Enter Participant Code #

3 June 2012 TenMastery Series WinTen 2 webinars are conducted every Tuesday at 11:00 am EST. Recorded versions of each training will be added hrs after the live training.  June 5 – Scribe Review Trainer: Sherry Hosler  June 12 - Landlord Management Trainer: Gina Weaver  June 19 - TRANSend Trainer: Julie Rutherford  June 26 – Assets, Income and Expenses Trainer: Melissa Newton

4  Terminology  Review basic structure of a letter or report  Create a simple letter  Format a date  Add a parameter  Add a calculated field  Add a sub-report  Copying letters  Creating letter packets  Batch print w/filters & parameters

5  Band  Area of a report or letter that has its own properties and rules.  Batch Print  Printing of a group of letters or reports at one time. The group is defined by the data source used by the letter or report and narrowed by filters.  Calculated Fields  User defined fields that are a combination of one or more fields and/or constants, usually in the form of a formula.  Data Source  Collection of information pulled from the modules in WinTen2 for use in letters and reports.  Fields  An individual pieces of information that can be added to a specific place on a letter or report.

6  Filters  User defined conditions that will narrow the results of a printing batch. Can be a saved part of a letter or report, or added at time of printing in the Batch print screen.  Packet  A combination of two or more letters or reports created as sub-reports of a larger report so a user can setup printing once to print all in letters and reports in the combination.  Parameters  User defined fields that can query the user who is printing for information to be added to the letter and/or filter the letter at print time.  Sub-Report  A separate report or letter that is added as part of the body of another report or letter used to allow the use of another data source, to apply a different sort or group, and to create packets.

7  Header  Information, often bold, that is printed at the top of at least the first page, but sometimes every page of a letter or report.  Agency letterhead would be an example of a header.  Body  The meat or bulk of a letter or report.  Rich Text box will be the most common way of adding the body of a letter and tables would be likely for reports.  Sub-reports might be added to the body of letters reports.  Footer  Information found at the bottom of the first page, but often every page of a letter or report.  This could contain the page number with or without the page count, the initials of the user printing the letter or the date.  EOH notices are also used by some agencies.

8 1) Open WinTen2+ (Click Scribe or WinTen2.NET on the TenCentral Menu.) 2) Find And Select Scribe Designer (Close up the Home menu to make navigation easier.) 3) Click the +New button 4) Select the type of new letter and click the OK button 5) Add a Data Source to your letter 6) Drag the Header control into the correct Header Band (When applicable.) 7) Add the body of your letter to the Detail band 8) Drag the Footer control into the correct Footer Band (When applicable.) 9) Save with the appropriate name

9 You can open Scribe by either choosing the Scribe icon or the WinTen2.Net icon on the TenCentral menu.

10 Choosing the Scribe icon will open the Scribe Batch Print program. If you are opening Scribe to edit or create a letter, you would then click on the Cancel button.

11 If you click on the Cancel button, the Scribe Batch Print will close, leaving you on the Home Tab, which is where you start when you choose the WinTen2.Net icon from TenCentral.

12 I prefer to: 1. Choose WinTen2.Net. 2. Collapse the program list on the Home tab. 3. Expand the Scribe options. 4. Choose Designer

13 1. Click on the + New button. 2. Choose the ‘Start with a blank report…’ radio button. 3. Click the ‘OK’ button at the bottom.

14 This screenshot illustrates steps 5 through 8 in our review list and shows the order in which I completed them.

15 My steps: 1. I added the data source by clicking on the Data Source button and choosing it from the list of data sources displayed. 2. I dragged the header control into the head band. 3. I dragged the footer control into the footer band. 4. I dragged rich text boxes into the Details band. 5. I added content to those boxes. Specifically: a) I added fields for the tenant address into the first text box and placed will it will print in my envelope window. b) I typed in the text for my letter dragging in fields where appropriate. 6. I dragged the field, ‘Today’s Date,’ into the Details band of my letter.


17  Website at  Tenmast Forums  Manuals & Quick Start Guides  Online Support Request  Support    User Conferences


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