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Rapid Results Veterans Boot Camp 3 - Westchester County, NY – 100 Day Review (2 nd 100 day cycle) Monday, March 31, 2014 (updated 4/1/2014) 0.

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1 Rapid Results Veterans Boot Camp 3 - Westchester County, NY – 100 Day Review (2 nd 100 day cycle) Monday, March 31, 2014 (updated 4/1/2014) 0

2 Our Current 100 Day Goal Current 100-Day Goal Progress To Date (3/31/14 – Day 100) ID all homeless veterans in county GOAL MET: ALL shelters & outreach programs participating + flyers posted in soup kitchens, food pantries, government offices, service providers, & churches: 18 homeless vets identified in last 58 days House 75 vets + 75 in 1 st 100 Days = 150 (OR end veteran homelessness) SUCCESS IMMINENT: 65 vets housed this period, 150 since 8/8/13 including 77 (51%) who were chronically homeless (1 for 21 years); (Yonkers has only 1 homeless vet left; of vets ID’d 90 days ago, NONE remain on the streets & ALL BUT 2 have been housed or moved to VA programs: 1 st is #1 on MH wait list & 2 nd has unit being repaired Identify 25 units affordable w/o Federal vouchers GOAL EXCEEDED: 37 vets housed in 97 days without HUD-VASH, CoC or Section 8 subsidies, ALL turnover in Yonkers YMCA now going to vets w/o Federal vouchers Find jobs for 45 rehoused vets GOAL EXCEEDED: 63 veterans employed Provide support services for 45 newly housed veterans GOAL EXCEEDED: new peer services developed that can serve 200+ homeless or recently housed vets with 56 already enrolled; new privately-funded mobile ongoing case management begun with capacity to serve 10 vets + Medicaid-funded clinic-based case management for 20 more veterans; 3 college-based veterans groups with over 100 active members offering volunteer support as needed 1

3 Top Accomplishments Integrated county-funded services & shelter, VA, SSVF, CoC, USDoL One-Stop, county/local veteran agencies & new Patriot Housing/Patriot Employment networks Built community consensus that we will end homelessness for ALL veterans, regardless of VA discharge status Built sustainable framework to find and engage homeless veterans with 24/7 hotlines, broad community outreach, & coordinated outreach & engagement through mobile outreach teams, drop-in centers & emergency food programs Building sustainable framework to house homeless veterans with countywide use of HMIS and VI-SPDAT to prioritize access to all CoC- and county-funded PSH and an ongoing VI-SPDAT Housing Team to plan & manage highest-risk cases Branded and publicized Patriot Housing using press events & social media so property owners, businesses, donors & volunteers now offer us resources Built shared commitment to: Do things we’ve never done, Work together in ways we never have, & Make change happen faster than we dreamed possible 2

4 The New Normal 3 Status Quo before the 1 st 100 days New Policies, Practices, Standards, or behaviors that have endured Likelihood that this will “stick” over the long term No one believed ending homelessness was possible We’ve envisioned success and seen cities 1-3 vets away from our goal HIGH: We’ve tasted victory and like the flavor! CoC, county shelters/services, 2 VAs & HUD-VASH, Federal/NYS/local employment services all worked in silos New team created, reinforced by new cross-system collaborations, new personal relationships, greater knowledge of local resources HIGH: Patriot Housing team members bonded with shared vision, passion, & victories; will continue meeting biweekly Agencies usually looked to 1 source for housing subsidies We’ve braided HUD-VASH, CoC, local rent subsidies, NYS Medicaid redesign housing, adult homes, public housing HIGH: Everyone now sees the feasibility & value of “braiding” resources No systematic county process to ID homeless vets or street homeless Flyers widely distributed with 24/7 hotlines for homeless vets & street homeless; mobile teams f/u on calls HIGH: Workgroup formed to create protocols to coordinate all mobile & center-based outreach 648 CoC-funded PSH beds gave preference to CH 776 CoC-funded PSH beds now give preference to CH = 128 more beds HIGH: Ratified by CoC vote, CoC PSH Workgroup will monitor Our 1 st 100 Days focused on housing, our 2 nd 100 Days added focus on jobs USDoL One-Stop trains partners to enroll vets in state/county job banks, One-Stop hired 2 new Veterans Reps HIGH: One-Stop CEO now on our team, CoC Self-Sufficiency Comm. will maintain/extend linkages No community consensus on urgency of rehousing vets Patriot Housing unleashed a torrent of energy and excitement HIGH: PH focuses this energy on ending veteran homelessness

5 Looking Ahead 3 rd 100 Day Challenge planned this year focused on housing remaining vets on streets & in shelters, vets graduating from VA Grant/Per Diem, and new homeless vets including the “hidden homeless”: couch-surfing vets with kids New county-funded Homeless Services Unit now taking on 100 highest-need chronically homeless adults and families + linking with Adult Protective Services DSS planning to replicate Patriot Housing model with other high-need CH OUR GOALS FOR 2014 NO veterans living on the streets NO veterans living in cars NO veterans living in places not meant for housing NO veterans living in overnight-only shelters NO veterans living in general-population shelters Sustain steady flow of exits to housing for VA Grant/Per Diem programs Create sustainable county-wide process to find & engage homeless vets Rehouse all newly identified vets within 90 days of VI-SPDAT completion 4

6 Support Needed HUD waiver needed to enable us to use CoC sponsor-based rental assistance to fill gaps in rent that should have been paid by newly housed chronically homeless adults, particularly during first 1-2 years in housing and during periods of substance abuse relapse or psychiatric decompensation, which could otherwise lead to eviction. [We hope to submit this waiver by 4/30.] POSSIBLE HUD waiver needed to allow us to serve unstably housed chronically homeless adults who have not had a lease or ownership interest in a housing unit in the last 60 or more days, have had 2 or more moves in the last 60 days, and who are likely to continue to be unstably housed because of disability or multiple barriers to employment. [This need MAY be addressed by expected HUD change in homeless definition.] 5

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