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ZERO: 2016 Ending Chronic and Veteran Homelessness by 2016 Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC.

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1 ZERO: 2016 Ending Chronic and Veteran Homelessness by 2016 Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

2 ZERO:2016 Nationwide initiative to do whatever it takes to end chronic & Veteran homelessness by 2016 End veteran homelessness by Dec. 2015 and chronic homelessness by Dec. 2016 Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

3 ZERO:2016 Combined, the group represents the joint & public commitment of 234 housing authorities, local government entities, non-profit organizations and community agencies Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County Continuum of Care was selected as 1 of 71 participating communities nationwide

4 ZERO:2016 Zero: 2016 formally launches in January 2015 Majority of communities will participate in national 2015 Homeless Point-in-Time Count on January 22 Local Partners include the CoC, VA, City & County Governments, Housing Authorities, Non-Profit Service Providers, Churches & Faith Based Organizations, United Way, Educational Institutions, Employers, the Consumer Council for Homeless Programs, etc. Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

5 ZERO:2016 Community Commitments Tarrant County Pan to End Veteran Homelessness – “Ending Veteran Homelessness Boot Camp” – Veteran Service Provider Training Sessions – Created 100 Day Action Plan From Input at Boot Camp and Training Dedicated group will meet regularly to house Chronically Homeless Vets by end of the year Create Homeless Veteran Pocket Guide Make every Homeless Veteran “document-ready” for housing, services & employment Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

6 ZERO:2016 Community Commitments We commit to using a common definition and measurements for what it means to get to zero: FUNCTIONAL ZERO FOR VETERANS: At any point in time, the number of Veterans experiencing sheltered and unsheltered homelessness will be no greater than the current monthly housing placement rate for Veterans experiencing homelessness FUNCTIONAL ZERO FOR CHRONICALLY HOMELESS: At any point in time, the number of people experiencing sheltered and unsheltered chronic homelessness, excluding Veterans experiencing chronic homelessness, will be no greater than the current monthly housing placement rate for people experiencing chronic homelessness Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

7 ZERO:2016 Community Commitments We are able and willing to report aggregate housing placements of all chronically homeless individuals and homeless Veterans housed across the CoC on a consistent monthly basis Currently tracking homeless Veterans through HMIS for action and housing solutions at Joint Veteran’s Case Manager Staffing Group Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

8 ZERO:2016 Community Commitments We agree to have our aggregate monthly housing placement data shared publicly on the Zero: 2016 webpage We have established, in partnership with Community Solutions, a Take Down Target for Veterans and chronically homeless individuals Current Veteran Take Down Target: Number of homeless Veterans: 125 Estimated new homeless Veterans: 78 Total estimated homeless Veterans:203 Number to house each month until 2015: 16 Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

9 ZERO:2016 Community Commitments We have adopted an evidence-informed Common Assessment Tool that triages households into recommended housing intervention categories and prioritizes persons based on need/acuity Implemented the Documentation of Priority Status Process Updating the Housing Assessment Form Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

10 ZERO:2016 Community Commitments We will integrate our Common Assessment Tool into our January 2015 Point-in-Time Count to achieve dual goals of compliance with important federal measurement requirements and the collection of actionable, real time, by-name data to help us house those we count We will contribute actively to the Zero: 2016 national peer support network, to ensure we can rapidly spread ideas and solutions to other communities Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

11 Focus on Coordinated Resources Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

12 Red, White, and You Veterans Job Fair Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC 1500 Veteran Job Seekers attended a joint job fair at Globe Life Park in Arlington on November 13, 2014 225 Employers were on site and 124 on site hires were confirmed with more results coming in weekly

13 Partnerships Make the Difference! Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

14 ZERO:2016 Resources Two years of intensive support and coaching from Zero: 2016 Team Access to, and support from, high level HUD, VA, and USICH leadership Opportunity to learn from, compete with, and support high performing peers nationwide Invitation to nominate two persons from your community (an emerging leader and a data and performance guru) to be part of the Zero: 2016 Fellowship Program Customized Performance Management and Communications Platform to support a systemic, community-wide approach to assessment, outreach, prioritization, housing placement, and housing stability for chronic and veteran populations Customized Data + Performance Management Tools; including a standardized Gap Analysis tool, Take Down Targets, Optimization dashboards, monthly placement targets, and transparent real-time performance data Training, support, and system integration around best practice, such as the VI- SPDAT pre-screen assessment tool Access to proven interventions to streamline housing placement systems Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

15 Commitment to Veterans “When a Veteran returns home kissing the ground, it’s unacceptable that he should sleep on it.” (Michelle Obama) The Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County Continuum of Care will bring joy and a unique set of skills and partnerships to house and care for each Veteran and end Veteran homelessness by December 2015. Fort Worth/Arlington/Tarrant County CoC

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