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NRPP Update and Re-certification October 1, 2014 Bruce Snead, Chair NRPP Policy Advisory Board.

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1 NRPP Update and Re-certification October 1, 2014 Bruce Snead, Chair NRPP Policy Advisory Board

2 National Radon Proficiency Program Over 2500 certified radon professionals

3 PAB Roster NameFunction/Representation Bruce SneadChairman Gary HodgdenAARST Technical & Science Committee James BurkhartRadon Chambers David GrammerRadon Mitigation Kevin StewartConsumer Interests Mark VerschCertification Compliance Jack HughesTraining Providers Andrew HarrisHome Builders Rick WelkeCertified States Richard ManningRadon Manufacturers Troy MorisLocal Government Steve AlbrightReal Estate Industry Shawn PriceRadon Measurement Chrystine KelleyNon-certified State Phil JalbertEPA (non-voting) Shannon CoryHome Inspector Peter HendrickAARST Executive Director (non-voting)

4 February 2013 HUD Multifamily Radon Policy Announcements Created new market opportunities How to identify qualified professionals Led to AARST administration/database challenges Created exams implementation challenges

5 Creating Opportunity AARST –ANSI Standards –Multifamily Measurement –Multifamily Mitigation –RRNC 2.0 The New Market –HUD Multifamily –HUD Multifamily & Single-Family Builders

6 Responding to this Opportunity Emerging Markets – New Opportunities

7 RRNC Pre-requisite: –NRPP Residential Mitigation Credential Add-on certificate course RRNC Exam

8 Multifamily Measurement Prerequisite: –Residential Measurement Credential Add-on certificate course Exam

9 Multifamily Mitigation Prerequisite: –Residential Mitigation Credential Add-on certificate course Exam Provisional standard in use Final review coming this fall

10 New Professional Opportunities With Advanced NRPP Certifications Beginning September 28, 2014, AARST-NRPP will offer three (3) Advanced Certifications to the base certifications for NRPP Measurement and Mitigation Professionals. This is in recognition of specialty areas of advanced practice (and specialty standards) that include new opportunities for committed radon professionals who are seeking to excel.

11 Three Advanced NRPP Certifications 1. An Advanced AARST-NRPP Certification for Multifamily Measurement will be available to anyone with a current NRPP based certification of either a NRPP Standard or NRPP Analytical Service Provider. 2. An Advanced AARST- NRPP Certification for Multifamily Mitigation will be available for any currently certified NRPP professional with a base RMT certification. 3. An Advanced AARST- NRPP Certification for RRNC (Radon Resistant New Construction) will be available for any currently certified NRPP professional with a base RMT certification.

12 Advanced NRPP Certification Criteria In addition to the base certification requirement, advanced NRPP certification includes, but is not limited to the following criteria: 1.Purchase of the related standard, and 2.Taking an advanced related course in the appropriate category 3.Passing the Advanced Examination for each certification option 4.For the Multi-Family Advanced Certifications - Proof of Insurance. 5.Submittal of a QA Plan will be required for MF Measurement and Mitigation (advisory templates will be provided)

13 General Advanced Certification Requirements Initial application and certification fee of $80 for two years (pro-rated to within 6 months of base certification term expiration date.) Advanced certification will run consistent with mitigation certification time period. Renewal will be $60 per two years. Additional C.E. for these Advanced courses may be required in future years. Online (proctored) exams may follow by November, 2014 Advanced Certified Professionals will have additional credentials listed on the NRPP web site to identify specialty proficiency in the appropriate category.

14 Advanced NRPP Certification Exams NRPP advanced Examinations for these certifications will be available at the International Radon Symposium from September 28, 2014 through Noon, October 1, 2014. For more information, go to: In order to take a NRPP Advanced Certification Exam, you must have taken an NRPP approved course in the appropriate Enhanced category. The exams will be proctored. They are open book exams and are between 2 to 3 hours long each. Approved enhanced coursework counts toward NRPP Continuing Education credits.

15 Advanced Certification Exams at the Symposium The exams will be offered over the course of the three days of the Symposium. The cost will be $55 per exam. The exam(s) are open book (meaning you can have a copy of the relevant standard with you in the exam. Exams will be proctored Each exam will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. The exams will also be available later in October through a private proctor process and we hope to have them on-line later in the fall. Contact the NRPP Office at for more information on this process. Exams will also be available to instructors teaching approved, enhanced courses related to the certificate.

16 Previous MF Measurement and MF Mitigation Course Attendees Last year, you may have attended either an advanced NRPP approved Multi-family Measurement and/or an advanced Multi-family Mitigation course taught by Bill Angell at the pre-Symposium C.E. class for the International Radon Symposium in Springfield, Illinois. At that time, we indicated that course attendees for these advanced courses would be eligible to sit for the new Enhanced certification exams being planned by NRPP pending the course criteria and credential approval process, and perhaps taking a Webinar. (Note: We have decided not to present the webinar due to the complexity of the material.)

17 For individuals who took the Multi-family courses last year, we offer two options: Option 1: (Strongly recommended) Take one (or more) of the approved advanced courses on Sunday, September 28, 2014. Note, the Multi-family Measurement and RRNC Courses are 4 hours and the Multi-family Mitigation course is 8 hours. You may then take the exam on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. We recommend this as these exams are difficult and they require a thorough knowledge of the subject. Students taking the course will receive a free copy of the standard. Successful passage of the exam (it will not be graded until after the Symposium) will allow one to apply for the enhanced certification. The NRPP Exam Coordinator will post online a pass/fail grade by Friday, October 10th. A written exam results letter will also be mailed out by October 15th.

18 For individuals who took the Multi-family courses last year, we offer two options: Option 2: You may sit for the exam if you attended last year's course and/or have a certificate of successful course completion of a Multi-family Mitigation or Measurement C.E. course within the last twelve months. You do not have to register for the Symposium to take this exam and/or, you may take it at any time up until January 15, 2015 through an approved private proctoring service. However, applicants who fail the exam will be required to take an approved advanced course before retaking the exam.

19 State License Holders Most state-licensed testers and mitigators qualify for NRPP –Check with NRPP for your state –Submit application, fees, & proof of current license –Avoids retaking entry courses and exams –Analytical providers and labs MAY have additional requirements – not all states have same rules as NRPP NRPP is able to develop new add-ons faster than State legislative or rule making processes NRPP hoping states will recognize new add-ons

20 NRPP Standards and Policies Update Guidance on mitigation standards usage for NRPP members Guidance on measurement standards usage for NRPP members CE credit for standards committee service Entry level course review criteria Protocol and Guidance for Radon Chambers NRPP Policy manual updated

21 PAB in 2014 - 2015 New certificates implementation Policy Manual – revisions and updating Technical Review committee issues pending Standards adoption when ready Consumer radon device usage advisory And……..whatever the next email brings…….

22 PAB Chair Bruce Snead – Staff Contacts Janna Sinclair – Credentialing Johnna McNamara – Exams and CE AARST-NRPP Phone: (800) 269-4174 E-Mail:

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