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TEACH ONLINE SERVICES Using TEACH Effectively NYSATE & NYACTE FALL CONFERENCE Thursday October 22, 2009 3:30 – 4:15 P.M. The Office of Teaching Initiatives.

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1 TEACH ONLINE SERVICES Using TEACH Effectively NYSATE & NYACTE FALL CONFERENCE Thursday October 22, 2009 3:30 – 4:15 P.M. The Office of Teaching Initiatives Presents Presented by: Deborah Horton, OTI Admin. Assistant

2 Agenda 1.TEACH Technical Assistance – Login Issues 2.Receiving the Appropriate Effective Date 3.College recommendations for Professional 4.Helping Students Make the Most of Their TEACH Account 5.OTI Policy Update 6.Q & A

3 TEACH Technical Assistance – Login Issues New York State Directory Services now offers self-service USERID & Password recovery Encourage students to use the self-service feature before calling or emailing TEACH Technical Assistance Students should print & save the emails we send out when they create their account or when we change their password

4 TEACH Technical Assistance – Login Issues If students are unable to use the self-service features, they should report their problem at: The ‘report problems’ link on the Web site at or Call the TEACH Technical Assistance Helpline at (518) 486-6041

5 TEACH Technical Assistance – Login Issues TEACH Technical Helpline Statistics May – September 2009 Phone calls answered: 8,324 Emails answered: 16,056

6 Effective Dates Most ATEP certificates issue automatically TEACH sets effective dates for these by checking the following: 1.Graduation/Degree Date 2.Completion Date of Appropriate Exams 3.Date of Application & Fee

7 Effective Dates Encourage students to apply early to avoid being assigned a forward effective date Advise students to submit application & fee before applying for and accepting employment! This also includes Transitional B applicants who somehow think they do not have to apply for a certificate

8 Recommending for Professional Most Master’s Level Programs are Registered to Lead to Both Initial and Professional Certificate Do yourself (and your students) a favor recommend for BOTH

9 Making the Most of Your TEACH Account Help your students make the most of their TEACH account: Encourage students to keep their accounts up-to- date by entering Name changes Address changes Education as completed Work experience as completed

10 Making the Most of Your TEACH Account Students can Use the Account Information Link to Track the status of their applications and issued certificates View correspondence we sent them including their most recent evaluations Check to see if we received transcripts or other documents submitted

11 OTI Policy Updates At its June 2009 meeting, the Board of Regents adopted amendments to sections of Commissioner’s Regulations relating to various requirements for certification and to certificate processing. The purpose of the changes is to focus Office of Teaching Initiatives time and resources on its core services rather than on other, non-core functions.

12 OTI Policy Updates Amendments were adopted in the following areas: Number of Individual Evaluations per Application; Printing of Certificates; Time Extensions for Provisional, Initial, and Transitional Certificates; Reissuance of Initial Certificates; Supplementary Certificate and Supplementary Bilingual Education Extension

13 OTI Policy Updates OTI will limit number of evaluations for Individual Transcript Evaluation Pathway Section 80-1.2 was amended to limit the time a certificate application will remain in active status to three years and to limit the number of individual evaluations conducted per application to two. Applications that are not complete after the second evaluation may be resubmitted, with another fee, for a subsequent evaluation. It is hoped that this policy will reduce the number of re- evaluations that tie-up staff time and create unnecessarily prolonged wait times for qualified individuals

14 OTI Policy Updates OTI is going GREEN! OTI will discontinue printing of time-limited certificates (Initial, Supplementary, Transitional) We’ll save Money through reduced printing costs and mailing Staff time and efficiency – eliminating the mailing process And TREES!!!

15 OTI Policy Updates New Time Extension Policy: Section 80-1.6 was amended to allow Initial certificate holders as well as Provisional certificate holders to qualify for a time extension on the basis of having been unable to secure employment as a teacher or pursuing a career other than teaching. Also, language was added to ensure that applicants with expired Provisional certificates applying for time extensions have passed the applicable the New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE) content specialty test(s) in the area of the certificate if they had not done so previously.

16 OTI Policy Updates Reissuance of the Initial Certificate Section 80-1.8 was amended to revise the requirements for a certificate reissuance. Applicants seeking a certificate reissuance of an Initial certificate will be required re-take and pass the applicable NYSTCE content specialty test(s) if the certificate has been expired for more than two years. It eliminates the requirement that the teacher submit evidence of being unable to secure a teaching position, in recognition of the fact that the candidate may have been pursuing a career other than teaching. It also simplifies the calculation of professional development hours by setting the number of hours required at a uniform 75 hours.

17 OTI Policy Updates Supplementary Certificate Sunset Eliminated The Supplementary certificate was established in 2004, with a sunset date of 2009, to encourage the movement of experienced teachers in subject matter areas of oversupply to subject matter areas of demand. Due to continuing shortages, the amendment removes the sunset date and continues the availability of the Supplementary certificate without interruption.

18 OTI Policy Updates Supplementary Bilingual Education Extension (SBEE) Possession of a valid New York State certificate in the classroom teaching service or pupil personnel service. Completion of three s.h. of prerequisite coursework, which must include theories of bilingual education and multicultural perspectives. Evidence of matriculation in a collegiate registered bilingual extension program, which includes mentoring and supervision by the college or university.

19 OTI Policy Updates Supplementary Bilingual Education Extension (SBEE) Continued Documentation of proficiency in the target language (college assessment of language proficiency). Employment and support commitment while serving under the Supplementary Bilingual Education extension. While enrolled in the college program, candidates must complete at least nine additional semester hours within a three-year period to qualify for the Bilingual extension.

20 OTI Policy Updates Finding the SBEE in TEACH:

21 Q & A Email your questions to me in re: individual students at I will put a copy of this presentation on the Web site at s.html s.html Thank you for your participation. Now, what’s on your mind?

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