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Empowering Parents through Experiential Learning Presented by.

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1 Empowering Parents through Experiential Learning Presented by

2 What does this training provide? A chance to learn about the philosophy and benefits of experiential teaching A manual full of actual experiential activities to use with parents in classes An opportunity to observe the methods in action – the workshop is taught experientially! Time to practice facilitating experiential activities in a safe environment

3 Why experiential learning? More fun (for parent and professional) Helps parents get into the child’s world Helps parents learn by doing Is encouraging Helps develop a sense of belonging

4 Did you know? It’s difficult for adults to incorporate new ideas into their old belief system Experiential activities, facilitated with expertise, reach the emotions and the thoughts, and are the best way to bring about new beliefs and, therefore, changes in behavior

5 How might this affect you? Experience the power of facilitating from the position of “coach” rather than “expert” Enjoy letting go as you empower parents to find their own wisdom Grow as a professional as you model for parents your trust and confidence in them – the same trust and confidence you hope they show to their children

6 What’s included? Two days of fun and learning (the time flies by!) 14 CEUs An opportunity to be connected with others who are passionate about supporting parents in one of the most important roles of their lives New spiral-bound manual of activities

7 How have others described this training? Practical Makes material accessible for parents Learn by doing Valuable Hands-on ways to make parent groups more useful and effective learning experiences Great new ideas Family-friendly techniques Makes it real

8 Join us for this unique opportunity to... Grow as a professional Gain knowledge and enthusiasm; renew your commitment to parents and yourself Help the parents you support learn and change for the better Commit today by registering for the training on May 20 and 21 in Robbinsdale, Minnesota

9 How to register Go to our website Click on “Parent Educator Training” Register and pay $295 online

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