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The Power of Experience Jonnie Hill, PhD English Language Fellow, RELO Universitas Negeri Surabaya.

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1 The Power of Experience Jonnie Hill, PhD English Language Fellow, RELO Universitas Negeri Surabaya

2 Endorsement When my group played the game, I felt enjoyment and understanding of the topic that we discussed. Through the game, I can understand the topic more easily than through presentation. ---UNESA student in SLA course, May 2011

3 Notes: Dr. Djoko Learn to know Learn to do Learn to be Learn to get along Learn by research Learn by doing Learn by taking responsibility Learn by collaboration

4 Learning Cycle (David & Ann Kolb) Concrete Experience Reflective Observation Abstract Conceptualization Active Experimentation

5 Experiential Learning Methods Games Simulations Project-based Learning Field trips

6 Challenges to adopting Experiential Learning Methods Centralization (sentralisasi) Uniformity (seregamasi) Bureaucracy (birokrasi) Tradition Time Management

7 FIVE ELEMENTS OF LESSON DESIGN E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E_ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Concrete Experience ANSWERS

8 EEEEEEEE Fun Entertaining Anxiety Free No Negative Stress E

9 E EEEEEEEE All players have something to do All players on task Players may lose track of time (“flow”) No one is bored E

10 E EEEEEEEE Pedagogical purpose Achievable learning outcomes Appropriate level of challenge E

11 E EEEAEEEA Lots of opportunity to practice language in authentic context E

12 E EEEEEEEE Available equipment Uncomplicated rules Understandable roles E

13 Five Elements of Lesson Design Enjoyable Engaging Educational Easy to Use English-promoting

14 Concrete Experience Je o p a r d y E x pe ri e n ti a l Le a r n i n g B a si c. pp t x

15 Reflective Observation Did you see the teacher…. _______________ Identifies objectives Prepares Materials _____________ Discovers new ideas Asks students to share ideas

16 Planning Learning

17 Reflective Observation Did you see the teacher….. _______________ Interact with students Listen to students _______________ Evaluate students Evaluate whether students understood

18 Monitoring Evaluating

19 Reflective Observation _________________ Helping the students see their progress Valuing the students as a whole Person

20 Encouraging end

21 What did you like about the game? Was there anything that made you uncomfortable when playing the game? What did you learn? Reflective Observation

22 Abstract Conceptualization What are the benefits of experiential learning? Benefits

23 Abstract Conceptualization Did you collaborate with your colleagues? Do you feel that the games emphasized individual achievement or built a sense of community? Benefits

24 Abstract Conceptualization Do you think you will remember the concepts that you learned longer, shorter, or about the same amount of time as in traditional seminars? Benefits

25 Abstract Conceptualization Do you agree that experiential learning ….. promotes creativity? promotes critical thinking? Benefits

26 Abstract Conceptualization Can you predict some problems that might occur if you used experiential learning in your class? Drawbacks

27 Applying the five E’s of design and the principles of learning styles (cognitive factors), plan a game or project that teachers could use in their classes. Active Experimentation

28 Questions, concerns, and suggestions welcome. Thank you for your participation. Dr. Jonnie Hill (FB and email) Q&A

29 What have you gained from this workshop? Should it be longer or shorter? Do you feel that it was enjoyable, engaging, educational, and easy to understand? Did you use English? E’s Reflective Observation

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