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Learning and Teaching Strategy

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1 Learning and Teaching Strategy
Direction Instruction

2 Teaching as Decision Making
When planning a lesson, teacher must identify: Content and processes to be addressed The strengths, needs and interests of students Most effective instructional approaches

3 Effective Teaching “Effective teaching is not a set of generic practices, but instead is a set of context-driven decisions about teaching.” “Effective teachers do not use the same set of practices for every lesson … Instead what effective teachers do is constantly reflect aboutt heir work, observe whether students are learning or not, then adjust their practices accordingly.”

4 Conceptual Base Instruction Goals of Education Curriculum

5 Instructional Skills Instructional Methods Instructional Strategies
Direct Interactive Experiential Instructional Methods Lecture Case Studies Debate Cooperative Learning Enquiry Group Discussion Role Play Instructional Skills Planning Presenting Questioning Demonstrating

6 Instructional Strategy
Strategies determine the approaches a teacher may take to achieve learning objectives Direct Interactive Experiential Independent

7 Instructional Methods I
Direction Instructions Lectures Explanation and Demonstrations Guest Speakers Guided Readings Didactic Questions Structured Overview

8 Strengths Conveys large amounts of information
Provides detailed information on concepts Involves step-by-step instruction for skill acquisition Teacher decides what will be taught: highly teacher directed Easier to plan and use

9 Fitness for purpose Time Physical Environment Class size Cost
Content knowledge Learning materials Teaching style / teacher background Learning style / student background

10 Key to success If the presenter is: Then direction instruction can :
Knowledgeable, perceptive, engaging and motivation Then direction instruction can : Stimulate reflection Challenge the imagination Enhance curiosity Develop a sense of inquiry

11 Limitations Emphasizes Listening Student: passive
Requires an attentive audience Get little feedback from students Difficult to develop higher-order thinking

12 Appropriateness Fundamental Theory / Rules
Historical Events (Timeline) Biographies of Religious Figures Large amount of information (Table form) Declaration Law and Ordinance

13 Suggested topic Theory of Conduct Development of Buddhism in India
Lecture: The definition of the Act-Utilitarianism and Rule-Utilitarianism Development of Buddhism in India Guest speaker History between the Two Testaments Lecture + Reading materials

14 Thank You

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