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UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2018 Early Orientation May 23, 2014.

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1 UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2018 Early Orientation May 23, 2014

2 Nicole Keenan, M.A. Director of Student Success and Career Development


4 Academic Expectations & Career Development: A Prescription for Success Kelly M. Smith, PharmD Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

5 Pharmacy is different.

6 Office of Academic and Student Affairs Pre-pharmacy/Recruitment Admissions Academic Affairs Registration, rules, records, financial aid, enrollment verifications Student Services Organizations, personal issues, student events, career guidance

7 Pharmacy Dictionary COP = College of Pharmacy BPC = Room Prefixes PY1 = Professional Year One PPS = Pharmacy Practice and Science course prefix PHS = Pharmaceutical Sciences course prefix GLR, IPPE, APPE, PCL, APhA, KAPS…

8 Academic Rules Any grade less than a “C” causes your record to be reviewed by the Academic Performance Committee Many courses do not include “D” options Unprofessional behavior causes your actions to be reviewed by the Dean, Academic Performance Committee, and a College Behavioral Code Committee Pharmacy students adhere to an Honor Code

9 Tuition is payment for a chance to “prove” you can “earn” a degree.

10 Guiding Tools UK Student Rights and Responsibilities Health Care Colleges Behavioral Code College of Pharmacy Website Student Handbook Bulletin Technical Standards Criminal Background Check/Drug Screen Honor Code / Academic Rules of the University

11 Academic Calendar Different start and stop dates than rest of UK Weekend and evening BLOCK exams Off-campus experiential education Weekend involvement Housing & stipend if in AHEC Region Out of regular hours activities Last-minute schedule changes Annualized tuition and billing

12 Experiential Education PPS928 – Summer PY1 Community environment; 4 weeks Pass/Fail grade options PPS948 – Summer PY2 Hospital environment; 4 weeks Pass/Fail grade options PPS99X – Summer, Fall, Spring PY4 Mixed environments; 6 weeks x 7 Honors/Pass/Fail grade options Some elective areas of focus 11 semesters of study

13 Differentiating Yourself Sources: AACP & ASHP Data; ACPE Projections (2010-3) Number of Graduates 3% of prior year’s pharmacy graduates 16% of prior year’s pharmacy graduates 6,956 13,247

14 MBA MPH MPA MSPAS Gerontology Certificate Global Health Certificate MS Pharmaceutical Sciences Advanced Pharmacotherapy Gateway PhD Summer Research Program Maternal and Child Health Certificate Public Health Management Certificate


16 PharmD Dual Degree Programs Independently operated by other UK units through the Graduate School* – Prerequisites – Admissions tests – Admissions process – Courseload and course requirements – Project requirements *MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences under auspices of College of Pharmacy

17 PharmD Dual Degree Programs Designed for simultaneous degree completion – MSPAS – graduation in August following 5 years of full-time coursework 2 – 3 graduate courses each semester – MSPAS – full-time PA student during 4 th year + integrated clinical rotations Dual degree courses satisfy the 8 elective hours required for the PharmD degree

18 Concentrated coursework in specific area of focus, resulting in formal academic certificate Course credit requirements not as extensive as graduate degree /grad_cert.html /grad_cert.html Those that may appeal to Pharmacy students include: Gerontology Global Health Maternal and Child Health Public Health Management



21 Educational Approach Self-directed High expectations Mutual respect Preparation to become a healthcare professional Make decisions that affect patients’ lives

22 Curriculum Combination of foundation knowledge and clinical skills Heavy grounding in science Large and small group learning approaches Increasing rigor and complexity #alwaysbelearning

23 Personal Tips Communicate Seek help and ask questions Meet with faculty Plan ahead Check UK email account at least daily

24 Be Professional Punctual, prepared, neat, organized, responsible Foster mutual respect School is now your job

25 Personal Tips Take advantage of opportunities Work with us to help you get the most out of your education Remove distractions

26 Personal Tips

27 Vows of a Pharmacy Student

28 I realize what an important opportunity pharmacy school is for me. I realize it is impossible to cram for exams and perform well in pharmacy school. I realize it is impossible to miss sleep and perform well in pharmacy school. I realize it is impossible to miss class and perform well in pharmacy school.

29 Therefore, I vow to: Attend class. Study every day. Eliminate distractions. Eat healthy meals. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Do all these things, especially during block exams. I will remember and uphold these vows.

30 Invest yourself, not just your money, in these four years.


32 “What I wish I knew…” Sarah Stump PharmD Candidate 2016


34 RELAX! ENJOY! Make sure that you have a home – Roommate match-up sheet Make sure that you have filed the appropriate paperwork for loans – UK Financial Aid Office (Funkhouser Building) Make time to review your summer homework material for the first day (calculations assignment, medical terminology, common reading experience, etc.) Apply for an Intern license with the KY Board of Pharmacy Don’t wait too long before getting your immunizations – Ex. Hepatitis B is a 3 series shot! Invite your family and friends to the Class of 2018 White Coat Ceremony on Friday, August 15!

35 Turning Point Clicker – Kennedy’s Bookstore Lock Printer/Copier – Cheap ink! – Refillable cartridges – 2-sided print option – Laser printer USB Drive 5-function calculator Sterile gown, scrubs Parking pass, if necessary Reliable alarm clock Textbook list*

36 Purchase large binders for a whole block – Don’t try to carry 7 small binders Make folders for each course on your desktop File your notes back after every block – This makes life much easier during finals – File cabinet or binders Planners are necessary

37 Every day “Professional Dress” – Patient Care Labs – Non-sterile Compounding Labs – Specialized Patient Encounters Scrubs – Sterile Compounding Labs

38 Be smart with your loan money Get a roommate and look for cheap rent Talk to your local bank – Budget planning – Student account services Bring your own lunch (with utensils) – Microwaves available Utilize your laptop for notes to save money on ink and paper Stock up on groceries before blocks

39 Johnson Athletic Center – Free for students! – Fitness classes – Trainers Working – If you plan to work, be sure to plan your schedule ahead to accommodate block weekends Find your “me” time Celebrate after finishing a round of block exams

40 Always carry a spare set of batteries for ARS clickers and calculators Don’t blow off your first set of blocks Leave your white coat, Drug Information Handbook, and other references in your locker Get involved in something you enjoy doing Get to know as many of your classmates as you can Back up your computer often Networking opportunities are endless Time management is key Keep a healthy perspective


42 Student Organizations Seth Profitt PharmD Candidate 2017

43 What is SAC? Student Advisory Council Composed of student leaders. Forum for the students to express their thoughts and concerns for the College.

44 Organizations KAPS – APhA, ASHP, NCPA Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS) Kappa Psi Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International (CPFI) Rho Chi Society Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS)

45 Importance of Involvement Improve your Professionalism and Leadership Skills Networking Volunteer Opportunities Build Relationships


47 Timothy S. Tracy, RPh, PhD Dean of the College of Pharmacy


49 Experiential Education Dr. Anne Policastri Director, Experiential Education Program Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice and Science

50 Rotations – IPPE I: PPS 928 Community Pharmacy Experience – IPPE II: PPS 948 Hospital Pharmacy Experience – APPE: PPS 991, 992, 993, 994, 995, 996 Requirements – Kentucky Pharmacy Intern Registration formform May count intern hours once accepted to College of Pharmacy Read Intern information on Kentucky Board of Pharmacy website – Drug Screenings – Background Checks – Immunizations Begin Hepatitis B series by August 2014 to complete on time. Do not get TB test prior to August 15, 2014 due to expiration during IPPE 2015 Experiential Education

51 IPPE I FAQs Locations? Kentucky only for IPPE Various locations across the state Housing options? Housing is the responsibility of the student pharmacist AHEC has housing available in rural areas across the state

52 2015 IPPE I Tentative Dates May 11-June 5, 2015 – (or could be May 4-29, 2015) July 20-August 13, 2015 – Please do not plan major events or vacations during these dates. – If there is a pre-existing conflict, notify Dr. Divine immediately – You should know your IPPE I assignment on/about March 1st

53 Experiential Education-Contact Office of Experiential Education: 859-218-1308 Holly Divine, Pharm.D., BCACP, CGP, CDE, FAPhA – Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Coordinator – 859-323-9332; Office 114W – Anne Policastri, Pharm.D., MBA, FKSHP – Director of Experiential Education/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Coordinator – 859-323-0893; Office 114U –


55 Center for Interprofessional HealthCare Education, Research and Practice (CIHERP) The Center is composed of administrators, faculty, staff, and students from the Offices of the Provost and the Executive Vice President of Health Affairs and from the colleges of Communications, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Social Work who share the vision that University of Kentucky will lead U.S. universities and academic medical centers in developing, validating and promoting interprofessional education and care models that improve patient and population health

56 Common Interprofessional Assignment Awakenings with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams


58 Introduction to the Patient Care Laboratory Sequence Mikael Jones, PharmD, BCPS Clinical Associate Professor Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science

59 Goal of the Patient Care Laboratory A 6-course laboratory sequence (PPS 919 – 969) designed to assist you in developing the skills needed to fulfill the professional and technical responsibilities associated with the practice of pharmacy – Provide patient care – Oversee the medication-use system – Promote health improvement, wellness and disease prevention

60 Goal of the Patient Care Laboratory By the end of the 6-course laboratory sequence, you will have the skills and knowledge to provide patient-centered care in a manner consistent with the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science’s “Philosophy of Practice”

61 The Philosophy of Practice The pharmacist: – assumes a defined responsibility for the patients under his/her direct care – accepts responsibility for his/her patients need for expertise in reducing individual medication-related morbidity and mortality, and assumes overall responsibility for patient care in collaboration with other health care professionals – addresses all of his/her patients’ medication-related needs using a patient-centered approach – approaches each individual patient in such a way as to establish a caring therapeutic one-on-one relationship

62 Example PCL Activities Direct Patient Care – Interview and counseling – Physical Assessment – Immunization – Laboratory value Interpretation Sterile and non-sterile product compounding Professional Communication – Drug information requests – Documentation of Care – Interacting with other healthcare providers Prescription/order assessment and dispensing

63 Key Laboratory Policies Professionalism Professional Dress Attendance/Punctuality

64 Professionalism Our expectations of you – Be on time – Be prepared – Be respectful – Meet deadlines – Take responsibility for your learning and your behavior – Learn for participation in a life-long career, not to pass a test!

65 Professionalism Our commitment to you – Provide the highest quality educational experience – Work with you to assist your learning – Be respectful of you

66 Professional Dress Why is it important? – You are entering a profession – You will come in contact with patients and other professionals – When you look professional, your behavior is more likely to be professional

67 Professional Dress Students will maintain a clean, neat appearance at all times Avoid extremes in hairstyles, cosmetics and jewelry Earrings are permitted Nose rings, eyebrow rings and other visible piercings are not permitted in lab A professor may set forth additional standards of attire in his or her syllabus If a faculty member deems a student's attire inappropriate, according to established policy, the student will be notified privately outside of class and asked to correct the problem

68 Professional Dress White lab coat must be worn during all lab activities Additional requirements include dress shirts and ties, sweaters or turtlenecks for men and appropriate dress clothes for women Jeans and open-toe shoes may not be worn in the lab Some laboratory activities may require the removal of jewelry, nail polish and excessively long fingernails

69 Attendance/Punctuality Important component of professionalism – Better to learn now than later when entering the workforce! Students are expected to arrive on time for all lab activities Attendance at all lab activities is mandatory and non-negotiable

70 Summer Assignments – Math Why are they necessary? – To assist you in achieving success in the PY1 year – Pharmacy calculations is an integral part of PPS 919 – Patient Care Laboratory I – Reviewing basic math skills will prepare you for PY1 calculations and improve your math background

71 Summer Assignments – Math Textbook - Pharmaceutical Calculations, 4 th edition by Joel L. Zatz, 2005 Assignment: Read and work through the following: – Chapter 1 – General Principles of Calculations Work through page 8 (only up to “Estimation: Rounding…”) and accompanying review problems at end of chapter – Chapter 2 - Units, Weighing and Measuring Work through page 38 (only up to “Class A Prescription or Torsion Balance…”) and accompanying review problems at end of chapter – Appendix 1 – Appendix 7

72 Summer Assignments – Med Term Why are they necessary? – A basic understanding of medical terminology is important for solving simple patient problems and reviewing patient records as part of PY1 lab sessions – Additional chapters in the text will be assigned throughout the subsequent years as organ systems are taught in other courses

73 Summer Assignments – Med Term Textbook - Medical Terminology: A Programmed Learning Approach to the Language of Health Care by Marjorie Canfield Willis, 2 nd edition, 2007 Assignment: Read and work through the following: – Chapter 1- Basic Term Components – Appendix A – Glossary of Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms – Appendix B – Abbreviations and Symbols

74 Math and Med Term Summer Assessment Will be given your first day of class (tentative) Students are required to pass the assessments during the fall semester as a course requirement for PPS 919 One additional opportunity to pass these assessments may provided during the fall semester for students who do not pass the first attempt. You will be required to complete additional remedial work. – Do not rely on remediation as a way to “pass”, it will be more difficult to prepare for the assessment while taking a full course load

75 FAQs for Summer Assessment For the assessment you will have during the first week of class, – simply convert 1 ounce (weight or volume) to 30 grams or 30 milliliters, respectively. – You do not have to use or worry about significant figures for this assessment. Therefore, please disregard any information about significant figures in your assignments. The fundamental rules of rounding will suffice for your assessment and this course.

76 FAQs for Summer Assessment For the assessment you will have during the first week of class, – you need to know how to convert from one unit of measurement to another, etc., therefore, knowing conversion factors and how to apply them will be in your best interest. – No references or conversion factors will be given to you on the assessment. – you need to know all the prefixes, suffices, combining forms, terms, and respective meanings assigned.

77 FAQs for Summer Assessment Q: How many questions will be on the assessment? – A: 40 multiple choice questions (20 math, 20 medical terminology) Q: How much time will be allotted for the assessment? – A: 60 minutes Q: Can I use a calculator? – A: Yes. A non-programmable calculator may be used, but not shared.



80 NEXT STEPS Group Photo The Amazing Pharmacy Race Lunch Details>>>>>>>

81 NAMEROOM OrbGLR 121 Gallant FoxGLR 125 OmahaGLR 131 Sir BartonGLR 135 War AdmiralGLR 141 SecretariatGLR 145

82 NAMEROOM WhirlawayGLR 151 Count FleetGLR 157 Seattle SlewGLR 236 AlyshebaBPC 214D Smarty JonesBPC 370 AffirmedBPC 387 Mine That BirdBPC 114

83 Next Steps 1.When group is called, report to room. 2.Deposit personal belongings, then immediately report to Atrium staircase for group picture. 3.Return to group room to begin Amazing Pharmacy Race. 4.At conclusion of Race, return to atrium for lunch. – Eat with your group.


85 Housing Mr. Tony Blanton Director, Off-Campus Student Services Off Campus Housing


87 Financial Aid Mr. David Prater Assistant Director, Student Financial Aid

88 Student Financial Aid Office 127 Funkhouser Building Lexington, KY 40506-0054 859-257-3172 fax: 859-257-4398 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm

89 SFA Counselor Assignment 859/257-3172 Name Beginning with:Your counselor is:Extension: A – B Amy Stiltner 81267 C – D Lexie Foellger 81764 E – Ha Sherry Rowe 81293 Hb – K Beth Mekus 81263 L – M Lynda Green 81301 N – R Stephen Furnish 81430 S – T Kaarla Stamper 81432 U – W X – Z Lisa Knight David Prater 81284 76554


91 Check financial aid awards and missing items, class schedule, update addresses, set up Direct Deposit, etc.

92 Estimated Cost 2014-2015 IN- STATE OUT-OF-STATE Tuition & Fees $26,448 $48,028 Room & Board $12,294 $12,294 Books & Supplies $1000 $1000 Travel $944 $1278 Personal $2,652 $2,738 Loan Origination $162 $162 TOTAL $43,500 $65,500

93 Types of Loans Federal Perkins – 5% interest, need based, must apply by March 15 priority. Federal Direct Unsubsidized – 6.21% interest, $33,000 per year maximum Federal Grad/PLUS – 7.21% interest, may borrow up to costs, must pass credit check

94 Types of Aid Health Profession Loan – must give parents information on FAFSA to be considered. This does not effect consideration for other loans. Must apply by March 15 priority. 5% interest.

95 What To Do Award notification will be emailed in June. Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans of $33,000 will be offered. Accept online. Complete entrance counseling and promissory note at Federal Grad/PLUS – may borrow up to cost. Must go to to apply. Credit check will be done. Sign this promissory note

96 Billing Fall Tuition charges will be emailed July 30. Due date August 22. Bill will reflect any aid accepted. Aid in excess of charges will be given as a refund. You must set up Direct Deposit. This is done on your MyUK > my info


98 Early Orientation Class of 2018 Small Group Sessions  Have roster photo taken- BPC 152  Visit organization tables  White Coat fitting- BPC 170  Visit organization tables  Small Group Discussions-Assigned room


100 Student Affairs

101 PY1 Fall 2014 Courses CourseCourse NameCourse Director PPS 910-001Intro Pharmacy PracticeDr. Ken Roberts PHS 911-001Physiology IDr. Kimberly Nixon PHS 912-001Physiological Chemistry IDr. Steven Van Lanen PPS 913-001AntibioticsDr. Kenneth Record PHS 914-001Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics Dr. Younsoo Bae PPS 916-001OTC IDr. Holly Divine PPS 919-001Patient Care Lab IDr. Melanie Mabins

102 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday LAB* Friday 8:00 AMPPS 919 9:00 AMPPS 919 10:00 AMPPS 916PPS 919 11:00 AMPPS 919 LDPPS 916PPS 919 12:00 PM Convocation 1:00 PMPHS 911 PPS 919PHS 911 2:00 PMPPS 910 PHS 912PPS 919PPS 910 3:00 PMPHS 912 PPS 913PPS 919PPS 913 4:00 PMPHS 914PPS 913PHS 914PPS 919PHS 914 Week At a Glance *Each student will be assigned a 2-hr lab section

103 Course Registration / Billing UKY email address account must first be established Mid June – Target date for course registration completion – Target date for financial aid account and package notification Registration triggers a tuition bill, which will have an August due date

104 Residency Kentucky resident? / Non-Kentucky resident? Shelley Duncklee, Residency Officer Admissions & Registrar Office 257-3256

105 Pharmacy Scholarships Incoming student scholarship applications will be made available by early June Online application, likely with a 7-10 day deadline for completion Additional scholarship opportunities for upperclassmen – Academic achievement – Career interests

106 Computing Computer requirement On-campus support Printing access in BPC – Wireless public printers in student kitchen (near lockers) – Fee-for-service – Set-up details during August orientation

107 Audience Response Card (Clicker) Required purchase - Product ID: RFC-03 – Turning Technologies Online Store School Code: 8oej (eight, lower case o e & j ) – UK or Kennedy’s Bookstore Older model (RCRF-01) is incompatible – Check P/N code on back of clicker to determine unit ID RCRF_02 is compatible


109 UK Account Activation You will receive an email instructing you when, what, where, and how to activate your account Target date - early June

110 E-mail Policy Once you have a UKY email address, you are advised to NOT forward mail to another address (gmail, yahoo, etc.) Questions or requests sent to the COP from outside addresses (Gmail, yahoo, etc.) will not be answered as user identity cannot be verified.

111 Before Classes Start Complete homework assignments – Medical terminology, math – HIPAA and bloodborne pathogen training* Get a “Wildcard” student ID and Medical Center ID* Purchase – Textbooks - check Recently Accepted website for textbook details – Sterile gown and scrubs – Clicker *Details to follow over the summer

112 Before Classes Start CPR training - must meet requirements of the American Heart Association – Submit documentation by September 5, 2015 Immunizations – begin Hepatitis B series – All immunizations must be completed and documentation submitted by January 5, 2015 Physical or Learning Disability documentation – Must be evaluated by UK Disability Resource Center – Documentation submitted to COP by August 20, 2014

113 Summer Communication

114 Future Events Orientation August 13-15 White Coat Ceremony Friday, August 15 6:00pm-8:00pm Singletary Arts Center

115 Evaluations

116 Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in August! Have a great summer!

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