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Integrative Learning and the ILP at Salve Regina University.

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1 Integrative Learning and the ILP at Salve Regina University

2 John Henry Cardinal Newman The Idea of a University “All the branches of knowledge are connected together, because the subject matter of knowledge is intimately united in itself, as being the great Creator and His works.” “True enlargement of mind is the power of viewing many things at once as one whole, of referring them severally to their true place in the universal system, of understanding their respective values, and determining their mutual dependence.”

3 Ten Types of Integration: 1.Social6. Ethical 2.Personal7. Cultural 3.Experiential8. Religious 4.Skills9. Structural 5.Interdisciplinary10. Evaluative

4 1. Social Integration: the First Year Experience Orientation to Community Values Orientation to Academic Values First Year Learning Communities

5 2. Personal Integration: a Wellness Model Intellectual Emotional Physical Spiritual Social Life Planning

6 3. Experiential Integration: Theory and Praxis Group Projects Field Trips Service Learning Study Abroad

7 4. Skills Integration: Across the Curriculum Writing Across the Curriculum Information Literacy and Technology Across the Curriculum Continuity in Pedagogy Consistency in Evaluation

8 5. Interdisciplinary: Portal and Capstone Courses Interdisciplinary “framing courses” integrating signature disciplines of philosophy and theology Freshman Year: Portal – Seeking Wisdom Senior Year: Capstone – Living Wisdom

9 PortalCapstone Seeking WisdomLiving Wisdom Imagining Themes Women and Men Heroes and Heroines Suffering God Nature Citizenship Acting Themes Human Needs and Human Development Dynamism of the Spirit Ethics, Technology, and Environment Wisdom Achieving Community

10 6. Ethical : Catholic Social Teaching Stewardship Equality Preferential Option for the Poor The Common Good SolidaritySubsidiarity AssociationParticipation Human Life Human Dignity

11 7. Cultural: Developing a World View Question of God Summer Reading World Citizenship Focus in Core Integrative e-Portfolio Reflective Essays Study Abroad

12 8. Religious: The Integration of Faith and Learning I believe in order that I may understand. St. Anselm I seek to understand in order that I may believe. Abelard

13 The Integration of Faith and Learning Theology and Philosophy as framing and integrating courses for the Core “An education with a Catholic identity” as a Core goal Focus on Catholic Social Teaching Theology as an academic discipline

14 9. Structural Integration The Core Capstone Rationale Process Lessons Learned Momentum

15 Rationale for Capstone “The Capstone Course, then, will serve as both an end and a beginning.” (Capstone Syllabus) Experience Core Goals over all Four Years by linking Seeking Wisdom (Portal) and Living Wisdom: Contemporary Challenges (Senior Capstone) Integration, synthesis and student self-assessment of undergraduate education including major, minor, study abroad, etc. Look to the future

16 10. Evaluative Integration: Mapping Core and the Integrative Learning e-Portfolio Faculty Mapping and Student Integrative e-Portfolio Collect  Select  Reflect  Connect

17 Mapping Overview 2004-2005 Faculty Workshop with Peggy Maki  Mapping First Year Courses (Collecting and Selecting)  Consensus Mapping (Reflection and Connecting)

18 Cycle of Inquiry Continues Mapping of Upper Level and New Courses Assessment Central to Campus Culture Community-Wide Laptop Initiative Faculty Development

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