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M4L 2013 Lesson 5 What is the meaning of meaning? © Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych.

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1 M4L 2013 Lesson 5 What is the meaning of meaning? © Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych

2 Overview Frankl’s approach of finding meaning through values & transcendence Freedom, responsibility, & self- transcendence as key concepts to logotherapy Three types of enduring values Wong’s four keys to unlocking the meaning of meaning

3 Every real change begins with belief.

4 Meaning is based on beliefs. The overarching beliefs: (1)Life has intrinsic meaning & value (2)Every life has unique meaning & value (3)Every person has a unique calling to serve others (self-transcendence)

5 The Three Basic Tenets of Logotherapy Freedom of will Will to meaning Meaning of life


7 The 3 Values of Meaning Attitudinal CreativeExperiential

8 Creative Value

9 Experiential Value

10 Attitudinal Value A defiant attitude of freedom and responsibility against all oppressive forces endows us with human dignity. All great achievements are made by people who dare to take a stand against all the odds and say, “Here I stand, so help me God.”

11 The Defiant Human Spirit



14 Meaning is the key to resilience.

15 Frankl’s 7 Principles of Meaning 1.Meaning is spiritual 2.Meaning comes from faith & beliefs 3.Meaning is based on values 4.Meaning is responsible action 5.Meaning is guided by conscience 6.Meaning is an expression of courage 7.Meaning is the foundation for resilience and the good life

16 Meaning means PURE = Purpose + Understanding + Responsibility + Enjoyment

17 Purpose Involves: Life direction Calling & mission Objective & goals Priorities Core values A sense of significance Reasons for living

18 Understanding Understand self & others Understand the demand of the situation Know right from wrong. Understand one’s role in life Achieve a sense of coherence Can justify one’s own action

19 Responsibility Freedom of choice Self-determination Internal control & self efficacy Assume responsibility of our own life & action Civic duties A moral agent

20 Enjoyment/Evaluation The natural outcome of leading a purposeful and responsible life A sense of well-being & serenity in all circumstances Feel good for doing good This stage involves reflection and sometimes re-evaluation of PURE.

21 Conclusion: What is the meaning of meaning? A primary human need for survival & flourishing A unique human capacity for transforming negatives into positives A double-cure: repairing and prevention A fourfold-blessing (PURE): Purpose, Understanding, Responsibility & Enjoyment

22 P urpose Shared beliefs, values, & life goals U nderstanding Mutual & deep understanding of each other R esponsibility Each is responsible for caring for self & the other E njoyment Enjoying time together The PURE way to a Meaningful Relationship

23 The Challenge of Meaningful Living

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