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Experiential learning Outdoor tools increasing the impact.

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1 Experiential learning Outdoor tools increasing the impact


3 Outward Bound ® Outward Bound ® International is an international educational organization with over 60- year tradition. It is the biggest outdoor organization in the World, with over 32 centers on 5 continents. The first center was established by Kurt Hahn, a German educator, in 1941 in Great Britain. Outward Bound ® Slovakia is a non-for-profit organization aimed at personality development in young people marginalized groups organizations and companies

4 Key areas of development Self-knowledge Tenacity Self-Reliance Teamwork Leadership Social and Environmental Responsibility Craftsmanship Physical fitness P

5 Tools experiential education outdoor interactivity review

6 Experiential education = learning by doing

7 We remember 10% of what we hear 50% of what we hear and see 80% of what we hear, see, and do

8 Learning cycle (David Kolb, 1976) 1. Experience (activity, game) 2. Reflexion (review, feedback) 3. Evaluation 1.Change in behaviour („What shall I keep/change?“)

9 Target areas group processes – team roles and cooperation, decision making, leadership interpersonal behaviour – effective communication, feedback, argumentation, active listening problem solving – time management, pro- activity, strategy planning individual – creativity, tenacity, self- reliance, stretching of comfort zone

10 Work with vulnerable groups 1 Potential target groups: Ethnic minorities Socially deprived youth from lower economic strata Youth from orphanages and crises centers Physically handicapped

11 Work with vulnerable groups 2 Program focus: Experience – doing real things in the real (but safe) enviroment Integration with majority (mixed groups) Responsibility and self-reliance

12 Selected projects 1 Summer on the edge: Target group – young people (age 17 -18) from orphanages on the edge of „real life“ Improving social and individual skills that are necessary after leaving orphanage – active aproach to the life, problem solving, conflict resolution etc. Activities and games simulating situations like dealing with money, taking care of someone else, applying for job etc. Activities: Tamagotchi, Money, Theatre, City Challenge

13 Selected projects 2 Behind the borders of average life: Long term project Target group - mix group of young people with and without handicap Needs/problems of the group – insufficient contact with majority population, children are closed in the dormitory and detached from the real life Focus on: active aproach to the life, integration with majority, stretching the comfort zone Activities: preparing theatre performance for public, film document about project made by participants, trips to the country

14 Selected projects 3 Back to work Target group – unemployed women with bad socio-economic background Needs/Problems of the group: being out of work for the long time, dependancy on the social network Program: training and improvement of social skills – negotiation, problem solving, presentation – precondition for success in applying for a job

15 Selected projects 4 London Challenge Courses organized by Outward Bound United Kingdom Target group: young people from lower economic strata living in the London suburbs (mainly immigrants) Needs/problems of the group – living in the harmful, depriving enviroment (crime, drugs, social exclusion), no vision of alternative way of life Programme: providing new intense imputs how to spend a free time – outdoor activities (expeditions, sailing, rock climbing, camping etc.)






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