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The Great Actsperience! Anticipation & Atmosphere Word &Worship Food & Fellowship.

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2 The Great Actsperience! Anticipation & Atmosphere Word &Worship Food & Fellowship

3 The Great Actsperience! Worship: Actsperience God Word: Actsperience Change

4 Not just conveying information but communicating with conviction for impact. So people can discuss and understand in order to live it out (apply). Actsperience real discipleship!

5 Word Prepare, prepare, prepare! Generate enthusiasm by using humour and energy. Use appropriate gestures and body language that draw others in to listen and share openly.

6 Word Use learning aids eg. props to bring across point. Share stories and specific examples to illustrate. Seek out and use others’ stories as well.

7 Word Maintain eye contact with all. Make sure your physical location is visible to all - clear line-of-sight. Dress appropriately.

8 Word Speak clearly and confidently. Speak at acceptable pace, and pause when necessary. Ask Homies if they have any questions, and summarize key take-aways.

9 Word FAQs What do I do if one Homie keeps monopolizing the discussion? What do I do when people share irrelevant and inaccurate examples/points? What if my Homes is too big?

10 Worship: Actsperience God Not just a sing-along but offering worship to the Most High God. Sets the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the Homes experience. Actsperience God’s presence and His supernatural touch!

11 Worship Essentials: - Worship Leader - Musician (guitarist, pianist/keyboardist) - Songs (2 songs) - Lyrics – laptop, mahjong paper, LCD projector or print.

12 Worship Choose a comfortable key. Guys and girls have different range, find a middle ground. Choose songs which are ‘current’ (sang at services). Don’t just close your eyes – engage the ‘congregation’. It is not personal worship. Good to start with praise & end in praise too – engage the Homies, uplifting.

13 Worship Be Positive. Don’t go with “it’s been a long week, life is boring and mundane… God is good. Amen?” Practice with musician before actual worship. Song signals – chorus, verse, bridge, repeat, free- worship. - How to signal with your hands (so they can also communicate with the guitarist and worship leader effectively).

14 Worship FAQs: What if my HOMES doesn’t have a musician? I am the worship leader, but there's this obnoxious Homie who sings louder than me. Help!

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