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2 المفكرة الدعوية بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

3 Dr. Naji I. Al-Arfaj


5 1- Breaking the Ice Win their hearts and attention Good conduct and nice treatment G ood first impression! sincere smile Good saying Love, respect, and concern G ift and IKRAM!

6 Try to know and use their names Try to know their backgrounds Mention some benefits they can gain Knowledge is power! Seeking the truth is worthwhile!


8 2- Defining the names and terms you are going to use in your talk Allah Muhammad Islam Muslim Quran

9 3- First things first The eternal message: The Oneness of God: TAWHEED. Evidence: Verses from the Quran. Verses from the Bible. C onclusion: Just One Message!

10 4- What Went Wrong? Concept of God in Christianity: Trinity - Changing the Word of God. - History and facts. The role of Paul! Council of Nicaea (325 A. D.) Distortion and alteration of the Bible: - Examples (see Jeremiah 8:8)

11 5- The alternative: Islam Talk about the beauty of Islam. Clarity Peace of mind Equality Justice Brotherhood Morality Balance Moderation And more… Knowing the background of your audience can help you stress these or other beautiful aspects which could attract or relate to them more.

12 Talk about the beauty of Islam (cont.) Islam clearly answers important and critical questions like: Who created us? Why are we created? Who should we worship? What is after death? Who is the true God? What is the purpose of life? And more…

13 Explain the pillars of Islam briefly. Explain the articles of faith briefly. Teach the ABCs of Islam: Focus on: - The Testimony (Ashahada) - Prayer (Salat)

14 6- Recommendations Be on time! If you are not early, you are late! Dress properly Do not bore them! Be brief! (do not try to tell them everything in one session). Let them ask questions. Use visual aids (where possible). Get feedback. Prepare well. Plan your presentation If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

15 GUIDELINES FOR YOUR PRESENTATION Eye contact Look at everyone in the room. Look natural, not mechanical. Look into the eyes of your audience. Voice Speak clearly. Speak loud enough to be heard. Vary the speed and tone of your words.

16 GUIDELINES FOR YOUR PRESENTATION Body Movement Stand balanced. Dont pace. Look relaxed Hand movement Use your hands naturally. Gesture naturally. –Avoid pointing your finger at the audience. Enthusiasm Express enthusiasm. Show confidence.

17 ENTHUSIASM The audience will be as enthusiastic as you are.

18 Remember that boredom causes boredom & enthusiasm causes enthusiasm!

19 Stand up! Speak up!



22 POSTURE & EYE CONTACT Maintain erect posture. Maintain good eye contact by looking at individual audience members as if you were conversing with them. Show energy. Show confidence in your approach. Dont think about what to do with your hand. Dont read directly from the text.

23 DEALING WITH TENSION Preparation Skills Prepare well; it reduces tension Write down key facts in clear, easily readable notes. Deliberate deep breathing. Relieve tension by yawning, but not too often.

24 DEALING WITH TENSION Presentation Techniques Tell a story, illustration, or an anecdote to relieve your tension. Summarize the information.

25 DRESS FOR SUCCESS To whom am I giving this presentation? What is the setting (environment) for this presentation? What kind of clothes should I wear to this occasion? CLOTHES MUST FIT THE OCCASION

26 MICROPHONE & PODIUM Stand erect as if there wasnt a podium in front of you. Balance in the middle of your feet. Relax your body. Place your notes during the presentation on the podium

27 MICROPHONE & PODIUM Dont sway from side to side or lean on the podium. Move as little as possible. Remember that a microphone transmits sound. Adjust the stand to your height. Dont hold or blow into the microphone. Dont lean down to the microphone.

28 QUESTION & ANSWER PERIOD Anticipate possible questions. Show the questioner that you are listening; make eye contact, nod your head, and give other non-verbal signs. Paraphrase the question mentally to clarify the idea. Make eye contact with all of the audience as well as the questioner as you answer. Request more questions.

29 IDEAS AND FACTS Remember main points and facts. Write down key words in your presentation. Put notes in an outlined form so they can be seen easily. They will lead your mind from idea to idea.

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