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Constructionsite Giving a Presentation Ron Gatepain.

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1 constructionsite Giving a Presentation Ron Gatepain

2 Qualities required Humorous Fair Does not appear superior Manages time effectively Makes eye contact Organised Provides and requests feedback constructionsite

3 Requirements of a Presentation Purpose Preparation Planning Presentation constructionsite

4 Purpose What is the purpose of the presentation? Once this is established, preparation can start. constructionsite

5 Preparation Involves collecting all the information and facts which will be needed. Making sure that likely questions have been anticipated. Determining what aids should be used, i.e. blackboard and chalk, overhead projector, films, videos etc. constructionsite

6 Purpose of a teaching aid Help the instructor to clarify Help the instructor to clarify Help to maintain students interest Help to maintain students interest constructionsite

7 Audio visual aids Black/white boards Felt/magnetic boards Posters Models Films/videos Tape recordings Diagrams View Foils Actual equipment PowerPoint constructionsite

8 Format Introduction Content Questions Summary constructionsite

9 Planning Planning is deciding what is to be said and in what order. How and when to use the various aids. Rehearse the whole lecture to see how it sounds, and if it fits together and makes sense. constructionsite

10 A good speaker will: Be well prepared Be positive and enthusiastic Be clearly heard Be concise Keep control Keep to time Know what they are trying to achieve Involve the listener constructionsite

11 Greetings Wish them good morning or afternoon and introduce yourself. Establish a rapport You should project yourself as a friendly person, yet someone who will not stand any disruption constructionsite

12 The Introduction should say: What the presentation is about. The reason for it What they will get from it constructionsite

13 Summary Ensure it flows Speak clearly in an expressive voice and ensure that everyone can hear you Be enthusiastic Make eye contact Keep it simple Avoid distractions Know what you are talking about Allow for questions constructionsite

14 The eight P’s Proper Planning and Preparation with Practice Prevents a Pretty Poor Performance constructionsite

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