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College of Liberal Arts Dean John McDaniel. Selected CLA Accomplishments 2008-2009 Arranged according to goals of the MTSU Academic Master Plan.

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1 College of Liberal Arts Dean John McDaniel

2 Selected CLA Accomplishments 2008-2009 Arranged according to goals of the MTSU Academic Master Plan

3 Goal I Academic Quality

4 Art Students work with a computer- driven Blauuw Kiln, the only one in the Southeast and one of only three in the nation.

5 Social Work The Social Work department won the 2009 Academic Excellence Award from the American Public Human Services Association.

6 Music In the last year, Music faculty logged more than 450 performances in 25 states and more than 10 foreign countries.

7 Sociology & Anthropology Dr. Richard Pace had an article accepted by American Anthropologist, the premier scholarly anthropological journal in the world.

8 Music One Music faculty member (Cedric Dent) and two M.A. students (Chris Munson and Jeff Cox) were nominated for 2009 Grammy Awards.

9 Philosophy Philosophy majors achieved the best average performance on MTSU’s General Education exit exam.

10 Geosciences Funded by a grant from NASA, Dr. Mark Abolins and undergraduates are studying GIS and remote sensing. This infrared satellite image shows cheniers, (long, narrow ridges) along the Gulf Coastal Plain in eastern Texas. This image is taken from an on- line textbook prepared by undergraduate Miller Wylie.

11 Speech and Theatre Theatre students won awards for their plays at the Region IV Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

12 Political Science Students Nick Mackie and Shaun Guffey received Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships to study at the American University in Dubai. Mackie’s study is also supported by a William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship, only ten of which were awarded.

13 English The English department hosted four national conferences in Spring 2009: Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature Conference Baseball in Literature & Culture Conference Women’s Studies Conference Tennessee Williams Annual Conference Dr. Harriet Hamilton and Jim "Mudcat" Grant

14 Goal II Student- Centered Learning

15 Scholars Week 2009 22 Liberal Arts students gave presentations or performances on Wednesday; 21 other students participated in the Friday poster session.

16 Geosciences For the past decade, Geosciences faculty and students have researched the magmatic processes forming the volcanoes of the Northern Cascades in Washington.

17 Art The Art department sponsors an annual four- week trip to Italy. Venice, St. Mark’s Square, Summer 2008

18 Music Women’s Chorale will perform at famed Carnegie Hall in June 2009.

19 Sociology & Anthropology The department held its 17th Annual Tennessee Undergraduate Social Science Symposium in November. The conference theme was Sick in America: Sociocultural Perspectives of Health and Well-Being. Participation was robust: More than 1,000 attendees More than 100 presenters Six universities represented.

20 MTSU sent 7 students to the Second Annual Tennessee Area Japanese Speech Contest at Vanderbilt University on April 4. There were 51 participants from 9 universities from Tennessee and Kentucky this year. Two MTSU students won prizes: Level 1: First Prize, Seth Graves Level 2: Third Prize, Jacquelene Thompson Foreign Languages and Literatures

21 History In March 2009, History professor Dr. Derek Frisby led a group of students to significant World War II sites in the Pacific. Frisby overlooking 1944 Guam invasion beaches with student Bethany Hall

22 Frisby with student Blake Winters at the spot where the flag was raised on Iwo Jima

23 The Social Work department prepared a Field Practicum Manual for students participating in internships and posted the manual to its web page. Social Work

24 Philosophy The department continues its highly popular Applied Philosophy Lyceum series. This semester’s speakers are:  John Lachs, Vanderbilt University, “Philosophy in a Time of Crisis”  Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphu College, “Food Security: Three Conceptions of Access—Charity, Rights, and Coresponsibility”

25 Goal III Partnerships

26 Center for Historic Preservation With partners from across the state, and with the support of a $600,000 grant from the Library of Congress, the center has established a new heritage education program: Teaching with Primary Resources across Tennessee. The program engages learners of all ages in using primary sources to explore major issues and questions in many different disciplines. AND…

27 With the National Park Service, the Center has created the Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Center. The CHP received a grant of $465,000 for this project. One part of the project has been the development of the Tennessee Civil War Trails program.

28 Emmy Award-winning artist Wayne White Brad Vetter from Nashville’s Hatch Show Prints With two prominent artists, the department sponsored special workshops for its students this year. Art

29 Geosciences With the nonprofit Humans in Crisis International Corporation, which he directs, Dr. Hari Garbharran (front row, second from left) raised funds to help support 50 residents at the Hyderabad orphanage for girls in India.

30 English With area public schools, the department conducted a Linguistics Olympiad for the third year in a row, with a nearly 700% increase in participation since inception (12 student participants in 2007, 38 in 2008, and 85 in 2009).

31 Political Science With participation from six prominent alums, the department’s Frank Essex Visiting Practitioner Program gave students insight into the legal profession.

32 Speech and Theatre With more than 600 students from 15 institutions attending, the department hosted the 2009 Southeast regional conference for The American College Dance Festival Association. MTSU has been asked to host the 2010 conference.

33 Foreign Languages and Literatures With the Center for Accelerated Language Acquisition, which she founded, Dr. Shelley Thomas trained public school teachers in innovative techniques for teaching foreign language, including Total Physical Response and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.

34 Books and Book-Equivalent Projects ( contracted or published in 2008-2009) Art:3 books CHP:1 book English:23 books Foreign Languages 3 books History:2 books Music:4 books 4 compact discs Political Science:1 book Soc. & Anth.:3 books TOTAL:44

35 Liberal Arts Grants 2008-2009 Grant proposals submitted: $21,989,515 Grants awarded: $20,196,675 F & A (indirects) stemming from Liberal Arts grants to university overall: $1,088,190 to CLA: $129,002 **See handout for details**

36 College Use of Indirects Construction $49,575 Speakers24,500 FLAG20,000 FLAGBenefits 3,751 Travel 8,696 Research materials 7,055 Conferences 5,220 Graduate assistants 4,818 Continuing education 2,388 Publishing 1,000

37 CLA Development Efforts Total giving to the College of Liberal Arts by Fiscal Year: 2002-2003$ 65,408.73 2003-2004 $ 168,278.64 2004-2005$ 158,277.53 2005-2006$ 331,704.00 2006-2007$ 210,744.24 2007-2008$ 272,962.84 2008-2009$ 137,792.82 (as of 4/8/09)

38 Use of Gift Funds Scholarships and awards:$ 81,935.00 Other (enrichment, $ 55,857.82 discretionary, operating, special events, etc.): __________ Total $ 137,792.82

39 Veterans Memorial A committee spearheaded by Liberal Arts faculty and staff has raised $82,177.50 for the construction of a memorial to MTSU students and alumni killed in action. Conceptual drawing

40 Progress as of April 10, 2009

41 Non-Recurring Funds Requests (items on this page are in priority order) 1.Foreign Language Lab renovation $65,000 2.Color laser printer for Art (Graphic Design) 8,400 3.Long-throw projector for Music (opera/concert use) 14,000 4.Art master classroom 27,010 5.Computer and projector for SFA 117 (Music) 6,500 6.Flat-screen monitor for Archaeology lab 2,000 7.Haydn Complete Works (matching funds with Music) 5,000 8.Teaching materials (books and CDs) for the Band 950 9.Global Studies mobile instructional unit 1,100 10.Music voice analysis lab 10,000

42 Renovate Studio Theatre$190,000 Renovate Tucker Theatre 250,000 (seats, carpet, lobby) Updating Tucker Theatre lighting 75,000 (part of 2009 TAF proposal that was not funded) “Big Ticket” Non-Recurring Funds Requests

43 The End

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