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Centre for Applied Linguistics Interactive Whiteboards Professional Practice.

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1 Centre for Applied Linguistics Interactive Whiteboards Professional Practice

2 Centre for Applied Linguistics What is an interactive whiteboard? Special screen that can be written on and used to control a computer Works rather like a tablet Various types Range of prices Large companies include Smartboard and Promethean Generally more common in primary and secondary schools.

3 Centre for Applied Linguistics Why are we interested in them? Language schools and institutions have taken to them. Sometimes for marketing reasons. Sometimes because of government or institutional policy. -Examples in the UK under the 1997 labour government, Mexico, Spain, Malta etc. Great for creating content and ready-made content. Publishers using them to create materials

4 Centre for Applied Linguistics OUP-Video This is a useful quick video about using an IWB which comes from OUP. It talks about ELT and gives some good ideas around the use of text.

5 Centre for Applied Linguistics What features does the board have? Too many to list but some key ones would be.. Everything controlled from the board Create as many pages as you want Save your files for sharing Make use of amazing number of images provided free Curtain, Magic Pen, Double Screen Control by using finger or pen Lots of visual uses. Coloured pens, highlighters, shapes, fills, Quick access to the internet Lots of additional games and activities Create content in advance Get to internet Manipulation of text is very good

6 Centre for Applied Linguistics What does the research say? Positive feedback Helps with integration of lessons as teacher can do everything at the board. Can allow for flexible lessons as easy to change, use the net, grab pictures and innovate while teaching. Content can be saved and re-used and even printed out Lessons more fun and engaging-more visually engaging- caters to different learning styles. Lots of games and activities that allow students to interact with the board. If well used can lead to increased interactivity. There are claims it leads to increased control of a class because the teacher is looking at the students all the time

7 Centre for Applied Linguistics Negative aspects Teachers need a lot of training and it needs to be continual. The technology often goes wrong and this creates frustration from both teachers and students. Most teachers use it in a very teacher centred way. Students are frustrated because they can’t use the board much ( only one person at a time). Students get frustrated because teachers often lack the technical knowledge and make mistakes. Many of the benefits can come from just having an computer and a projector. Very expensive ( though e-beams are cheaper).

8 Centre for Applied Linguistics Conclusions Negatives might outweigh positives Used as a marketing tool Only well-trained teachers seem to make effective use of them Most things can be done on a projector/screen Can be exploited when making materials May lead to greater interest in technology

9 Centre for Applied Linguistics 1-Research articles to read Yanez, L & Coyle, Y. Children’s perceptions of learning with an interactive whiteboard. ELT Journal 65/4 October 2011 Students found the visual element important Found using the board motivating but didn’t use it enough Most teaching tended to be very teacher fronted Technology often went wrong

10 Centre for Applied Linguistics 2-Research articles to read http://smartboard- A nice summary of the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard and simple introduction to IWBs. Focuses on the interactivity, motivation and visual benefits but does not explain that this requires training.

11 Centre for Applied Linguistics 3-Research articles to read Slay, H, Sieborger I, Hodgkinson, C. Interactive whiteboards: Real beauty or just lipstick? Computer and Education 51 (2008) pg 1321-1342. This is a long article and you only need to read the conclusion. Goes into detail about many of the benefits as well as limitations of the board Suggests that many of the benefits can really come from a laptop and projector Points out that a lot of training is need before teachers can really enjoy the benefits of a board.

12 Centre for Applied Linguistics Additional Content on-line The JISC website provides a useful PDF with links to additional content eractivewhiteboards.pdf Article on student motivation sis.pdf

13 Centre for Applied Linguistics Videos This is something we generated in the class using LinoIT. It is a collection of the most interesting on-line videos that provide information about IWBs. There is lots of content here. eos

14 Centre for Applied Linguistics Russell’s help videos These videos show you how to use an interactive whiteboard. dex.html ndex.html ndex.html

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