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Centre for Applied Linguistics Feedback with Screen Capture.

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1 Centre for Applied Linguistics Feedback with Screen Capture

2 Centre for Applied Linguistics The Talk Quick bit about me Why the idea was developed ( background) The idea ( stage 1) Reaction from students, staff and wider world Developing the idea further ( stage 2) Other tools to consider Conclusions

3 Centre for Applied Linguistics Russell Stannard Background in language teaching. Mainly Spanish and ELT. 11 years in Spain, 2 years in Greece, Sutton College, 10 years at Westminster University, Warwick Run OER website

4 Centre for Applied Linguistics Background Enormous amounts of feedback into ELT and Feedback Students misunderstand feedback ( cant read it, dont understand the codes) Need for conferencing Lack of motivation and interest in the feedback process Need for dialogue ( misunderstanding mistakes) Summative/formative

5 Centre for Applied Linguistics Screen Capture-idea Records the screen of your computer Includes your voice Example of screen capture index.html index.html Make a video, compress it and then distribute it The tool I first used was Camtasia but many other tools available ( see end of presentation)

6 Centre for Applied Linguistics Screen Capture Students Written Work Can simply Screen Capture Students work and then mark the work and send the video to the students Early work done with surface errors Did initial trial with group of 9 Chinese students Example

7 Centre for Applied Linguistics Early feedback Great because visual and aural Quick to make Students like listening and seeing me correct their work Lots of feedback ( around 150 words a minute) Part of process ( students had to re-write their pieces) Good listening material for students Good reference material Motivating ( bells and whistles) Distance learning Clarity

8 Centre for Applied Linguistics Problems Too much feedback. L1 or L2 Disorganised ( system). Danger of NOT using visual element. Time to compress video. Students need access to computer. Concentrated only on surface errors. Might work better with bigger pieces of work. Dont read the text ( need to read first, mark corrections and then start).

9 Centre for Applied Linguistics Taking the research further. Time-consuming Use the tool for general feedback rather than specific feedback Example with presentations Example with general feedback about one written piece Example with general feedback about one written piece Using the idea to set an assessment

10 Centre for Applied Linguistics Further tests Gave feedback on lesson plans rather than completed written pieces. Gave classroom feedback (need for one video). Give feedback after meetings ( for example on project supervision)

11 Centre for Applied Linguistics JING New product called JING made process much easier. Video uploaded to JING server so no need to compress videos. Students can have JING too Opens up another whole raft of possibilities. For example students reflecting on their own work/ oral answers to questions/ amazing for language learning.

12 Centre for Applied Linguistics Students with JING Reflection after teaching practice ( trainees). Example ( not authentic) Reflection after doing written piece. Reflection after meeting with supervisor Diary of reflections on while doing dissertation.

13 Centre for Applied Linguistics Conclusions Combination of screen and text is crucial JING makes it so easy/quick to use Limited to only 5 minutes with JING Getting the students to use JING changes dynamic Lots of uses Very positive feedback from students

14 Centre for Applied Linguistics Further Study How to use JING JING ideas Where to get Jing Other screen capture tools

15 Centre for Applied Linguistics Refereneces Bourner, T (2003) Assessing reflective learning Education and Training 45/5. Beveridge,I (1997 ) Teaching your students to think reflectively Teaching in Higher Education 2/1. Baker, T Podcasting in an advanced computer science model Paper the 6 th European Conference on E- Learning 25-30.

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