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BRETT WATT COMPUTER SCIENCE 1631 WINTER.  Originally known by the code name “Project Natal”  Microsoft Kinect is a hands free gaming system built for.

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2  Originally known by the code name “Project Natal”  Microsoft Kinect is a hands free gaming system built for the Xbox 360 gaming console  Kinect uses a small infrared scanner to acquire human movements and transfer them to the Xbox 360 console. It allows users to control anything in the game without the need for a gaming controller.  Kinect uses movements and spoken commands to create the image on the screen

3  Many critics believed Microsoft would not be able to compete with the current Nintendo Wii because of consumer loyalty  60% of households in the US do not own a video game console. Goal of Kinect was to attract a new video game market

4  Over 1 million Kinect units sold worldwide in the first 10 days  Over 36000 retailers in 38 different countries  Jan 06 Microsoft announces that they have sold over 8 million Kinect units  Number crushed Microsoft's early expectations of selling 3 million units by the new year  Fastest selling consumer electronic device in history according to chief financial officer Peter Klein  Contributing to 3.7 billion dollars in revenue for electronic devices, which is up drastically from the 2.4 billion last year  Drove Xbox 360 sales up 21% from the previous year

5  Advantages  No controller required  Play games as a team  Full body experience  Kinect picks up every body motion made within the sensors range  Use your own equipment  Kinect is able to scan equipment from home and put it in the game. For example if you were playing a skateboard game you can scan your board in and use it throughout the game  Facial and voice recognition software  Program your face, and voice into Kinect and when the console is turned on it knows exactly who is going to be using the console  Connect with friends face-to-face  Get great exercise with enjoyment of playing video games

6  Not many full games on the market  Mini games are only great for a short period of time  More targeted to families with young kids, not good for the “hardcore gamer”  If it is proven to be a success people believe the new games are going to be way over priced  Play Station Move has more games available  May be hard for companies to create new games without any type of controller

7 MICROSOFT KINECTPLAY STATION MOVE  “The Kinect uses a horizontal bar with an RGB camera, depth sensors, multi-array microphones and an infrared projector that combines with a CMOS sensor to see 3D under any lighting conditions”  The Kinect is a brand new idea, nothing like this has been invented yet  “The move has a three-axis linear accelerometer and a three axis rate sensor to track motion with an internal magnetometer, and vibration-based haptic technology”  The move advertises the controller that is used and how buttons become useful in video games  Just advancing on the Nintendo Wii, not a new type of gaming system

8  Built for every age group  Many different types of games  Today’s world is very focused on staying physically active and Kinect incorporates this into the gaming  New to the market, first ever controller free gaming

9  Most advanced Kinect technology invented  Players projection put onto screen  Exercise by yourself, with a personal trainer, even a class  Personalized workouts  Feedback system  Track your own progress

10  What hackers have done using Kinect  Developed code to hep robots respond to gestural commands  Created interactive public art exhibits  Able to surf the web using the hand motions  Using windows 7 applications such as word, and PowerPoint

11  Microsoft left an open source driver for P.Cs so that people can open the USB connection to have the ability to try different things with the new Kinect system. This leaves people with many options on how they want to use their system

12  Prime Sense- Israel based company teaming up with ASUS a Taiwan based company to make a Kinect like software for the computer  Prime sense helped Microsoft create Kinect and now are going to be creating the same type of item for the P.C  After going through tests the new WAVI Xtion does not seem to be as fast or as advanced as Kinect.  Release date set for early 2012  Device connects you to all computer software on T.V  Uses the hand gestures to control every feature, browse the web, listen to music, play games ect.

13  Sensor  Colour and depth-sensing lenses  Voice microphone array  Tilt motor for sensor adjustment  Fully compatible with existing Xbox 360 consoles  Skeletal Tracking System  Tracks up to 6 people, including 2 active players  Tracks 20 joints per active player  Ability to map active players to LIVE Avatars  Audio System  LIVE party chat and in-game voice chat (requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership)  Echo cancellation system enhances voice input  Speech recognition in multiple  Field of View  Horizontal field of view: 57 degrees  Vertical field of view: 43 degrees  Physical tilt range: ± 27 degrees  Depth sensor range: 1.2m – 3.5m  Data Streams  320×240 16-bit depth @ 30 frames/sec  640×480 32-bit colour@ 30 frames/sec  16-bit audio @ 16 kHz

14  Microsoft increased profits to over 20 billion in 2010, largely due to the success of the Xbox and Microsoft Kinect  Microsoft planned to spend 500 million on marketing Kinect for its release  After selling over 8 million copies in the first two months. Microsoft expects to increase revenues by 40% in the year 2011 after a strong 2010. Microsoft Kinect will play a large role in what kind of profit Microsoft will recieve

15  hack (Hackers) hack  more (your shape fitness evolved) more  awkward-name (WAVI Xtion) awkward-name  units-sold-50-million-xbox-360039s-sold (early popularity) units-sold-50-million-xbox-360039s-sold  kinect/ (playstation move) kinect/  (early stages)  specifications-uk-pricing-detailed-ms-kinect-technical-specifications- confirm-kinect-can-only-track-2-active-players-simultaneously/ (Specifications)  _Quarterly_Revenues_On_Kinect_Xbox_Strength.php (Money Matters) _Quarterly_Revenues_On_Kinect_Xbox_Strength.php

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