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International Health Insurance Northwestern Polytechnic University 2011-2012 School Year.

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1 International Health Insurance Northwestern Polytechnic University 2011-2012 School Year

2 Why Do You Need Medical Insurance? Insurance helps pay for your medical bills. The U.S. government can not help non US citizens pay medical bills. You must purchase insurance before you get sick. Medical care is one of the fastest rising expenses in the US and is more expensive than in any other country.

3 Average Medical Costs in the US Hospital room and board, doctor fees=$2,500 per day 1 day in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)=$10,000 Hospital Emergency Room (ER)=$750 Treating a broken arm=$4,000+

4 How Much Does It Cost? 2011-2012 Each Semester (4 Months) Student$269 Spouse$783 Per Child$348

5 After You Buy Insurance Permanent medical ID card is mailed to the University within 3 weeks. Carry the ID card with you at ALL times. Show the ID card whenever you receive medical treatment.

6 How Do I Use it? Find a preferred provider (doctor/hospital). Call for an appointment. In emergency, go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic or call “911”.

7 Where to get treatment? NPU Washington Clinic 46690 Mohave Dr. (510)651-2371

8 Benefit Summary Plan TypePPO Max Benefit$100,000 Aggregate Lifetime Deductible$250 per policy year Your co-insurance20% PPO/ 40% Non-PPO Prescriptions$15 (generic), $25 (preferred brand), or $40 (non-preferred brand) Office visit co-pay$30 PPO/ $30 Non-PPO Emergency Room$100 co-pay

9 After Medical Treatment Some doctors bill direct and others require you to pay. Send medical bills and/or detailed receipts with a completed claim form to the Claims Administrator. If you do not receive a response after 4-6 weeks, contact the Claims Administrator.

10 Questions??? Q. If I purchase after the start date, can I pay less? A. No. Coverage is only sold for specific terms and cost. Q. Is there Dental or Vision coverage? A. Individual Dental and Vision coverage is available. Contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services for more information.

11 Questions??? Q. Is Medical Evacuation and Repatriation covered? A. Yes. Emergency travel assistance is provided by Assist America. Q. What is a pre-existing condition? A. Any condition that you have prior to buying insurance. Pre-existing conditions are NOT covered for 6 months. Q. Are there any other conditions that are not covered? A.Yes. Refer to the exclusions and limitations section in your brochure.

12 NPU Arbitrator (Aetna Student Health) Insurance (Wells Fargo) Provider (Aetna) Agent

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