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Emily Duncan and Melynda Burke UK Student Insurance Coordinators University Health Service and Graduate School.

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1 Emily Duncan and Melynda Burke UK Student Insurance Coordinators University Health Service and Graduate School

2 Each semester students must be: * Enrolled in the Graduate School * Degree-seeking * In UK payroll with an assignment as a full-time TA, RA, GA, or a qualifying institutional fellowship recipient (or a full combination of these positions)

3  Qualified funded graduate students are automatically enrolled—the entire process is designed to be hassle free.  There are no forms or paperwork to complete.

4  After your eligibility as a funded graduate student is confirmed through our office, the premium is then paid.  Allow one month after the first day of classes for processing each semester. In the event of a processing delay on the Graduate School’s part; you will not be responsible for late fees incurred.

5  Identical coverage for domestic students is available for purchase online via The plan is $1,162 per year, payable in 5 periods.  Insurance coverage for international students is mandatory. The fee for the premium is automatically applied to your student bill. The charge for fall semester is $406. The charge for spring/summer will be $756.

6  Coverage begins August 26 th.  As the insurance year is broken into only two parts, (Fall & Spring/Summer) assistantships starting in the summer would not qualify for funded coverage until August 26th.

7  This policy is a PPO. UK clinic and hospital physicians are the in-area preferred providers. You can incur significantly higher costs away from UK.

8  90% coverage of negotiated charge for both inpatient and outpatient services at UK Hospital and UK Clinic until listed maximums are reached  Deductible waived for services at UK Hospital, Kentucky Clinic and University Health Service

9  It is an illness and injury plan, not major medical insurance. With a few exceptions, routine and preventive care are not included.

10 The student health insurance doesn’t cover routine or preventive care? Then how can I get a checkup?

11 An important note on the Student Health Fee and the University Health Service

12  The Health Fee is a University fee that is assessed to all full-time students and provides access to University Health Service (Student Health).  Student Insurance is an illness and injury insurance plan that includes hospitalization benefits.

13 University Health Service is located at 830 S. Limestone Street, directly south of the Kentucky Clinic and in front of the Wethington Building.

14  Unlimited visits with the medical staff  Primary care  Gynecology  Behavioral Health  Well-patient physical examinations  Fast, Efficient and High Quality Clinical Services by appointment.


16  Student billing will automatically assess the $175 student health fee for all Graduate Students enrolled in 9 credit hours or more.  Part-time students and students categorized as Full-time by their enrollment in 0 or 2-credit hour classes must request from student billing that the fee be added to their student account they are interested in utilizing the University Health Service.  Deadlines apply!

17 Back to UK’s Student Health Insurance

18  A paper copy of the plan brochure is available by request from your insurance coordinator.  All the tools you will need are available 24 hours a day at

19  Read the plan brochure  Search for health care providers in the national network when away from UK  Purchase coverage for yourself and/or your dependents  Print or request replacement ID cards


21 No. Examples of costs for which you are responsible include: * Co-insurance: 10% of the services at UK (Not services at UHS), 20% at Humana providers, 40% at a non-network * Deductible (Not services at UK) $350 at Humana providers, $500 at non-network * Expenses over the plan maximums * Exclusions/limitations

22  Whenever possible, it is helpful to refer to your policy brochure prior to your appointment.  Contact Academic HealthPlan’s customer service department to clarify any questions.


24 1. Choose Provider

25 2. Maximums

26 1. Choose Provider 2. Maximums 3. Benefit description

27  Vision Exam benefit  Women’s Health benefit  Pharmacy benefit  Travel assistance Other services are available for purchase:  Dependent coverage  Post Student Status Continuation Plan  Dental coverage

28 1. Get Organized: Keep all of your paperwork together. 2. A live customer service agent will answer during business hours at 1-888-308-7320 or go anytime to 3. Call your insurance coordinator with questions if you are unable to resolve your claim with customer service.

29 1. UK’s physicians and pharmacies will help your dollars go the farthest 2. Instead of memorizing, know how to locate your resources 3. This is a new insurance company for us, be sure you are looking at current information 4. Ask questions as preparation instead of panic


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