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Kansas State Board of Education July 9, 2013 Scott Smith Assessment Update: Policies and Procedures for 2014.

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1 Kansas State Board of Education July 9, 2013 Scott Smith Assessment Update: Policies and Procedures for 2014

2 Looking Ahead Waiver Update SBAC Field Test Update CETE Transitional Assessments ACT and ACT Aspire Assessments

3 Important Waiver Language: “We want to support states that would like to avoid double-testing students. Therefore, we are open to any state impacted by double-testing to request a one-year waiver to allow schools that participate in a field test to have students take only one end-of-year test. In those schools, provisions for school-level accountability would stay the same for a year, as would intervention plans that support low-performing students – we want to make sure there’s no reduction in the intensity of support for such students.”

4 Waiver Option Considerations: (1)10% SBAC sample requirement (2)90% remainder beneficial for transitional assessment (3)Consult Kansas Assessment Advisory Council and other districts regarding administration preferences

5 Providing Field Test Information: Achievement Level Descriptors Assessment Blue Print Sample Items and Performance Assessments NOTE: SBAC provides detailed information on each of the new item types that are part of the field test on the assessment blueprint.

6 Kansas participation data for SBAC pilot: 68 districts 106 buildings 9,242 students (10% used iPads) Consortium data: 561,910 tests completed

7 SBAC Progress Toward A Final Assessment Cognitive Labs: Individual students provided feedback to test developers about their experience with the innovative test questions, accommodations for students with special needs, and the testing software. (translation vs. hovering) Small-scale Trials: Promising types of questions and software features were further tried out with hundreds of students.

8 Recall: SBAC Practice Test was launched on Wednesday, May 29 Balanced released the Practice Tests for grades 3–8 and 11 in both English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The Practice Tests include test questions with some of the same features that students will experience in 2014-15, including selected-response items, constructed-response items, technology-enhanced items, and performance tasks in ELA/literacy. These tests can be accessed by students, teachers, parents, and other interested parties throughout this summer and the 2013-14 school year.

9 SBAC Releases Scoring Guides! Practice Test scoring guides released—Practice Test scoring guides for grades 3–8 and 11 (ELA/literacy and mathematics) and scoring guides for grades 3, 7, and 11 Braille (mathematics) were posted on Monday, July 1, to the Practice Test portal: sources.html#scoringGuides. Scoring guides for the remaining materials will be posted on August 15, 2013. sources.html#scoringGuides

10 Looking ahead at the 2014 Kansas Transitional Assessments

11 -The assessments are required by the accountability waiver as approved by the United States Department of Education -transitional assessments will provide insight for teachers and students into the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards -KEY: The transitional assessments will allow districts to use the new browser-based KITE test engine a year in advance of 2015. Review: Why the transitional assessments?

12 Testing Technology Requirements An updated version of the KITE testing client will be available for installation in July. After this release the existing KCA and LCS clients will no longer be needed. The Supported Operating Systems will be: WINDOWS: XP, Vista, 7, and 8 MAC: OS X 10.5+ (Only Intel-based Macs are supported) iPad: iOS 6+ (Not including the iPad Mini) Screen Requirements: The minimum screen resolution requirement for KITE is 1024x768. New for July: Kansas Interactive Testing Environment

13 New Website: Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) The Center for Educational Testing (CETE) and the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) websites have moved. To go to the new CETE website, click You will automatically be redirected to the new CETE website in 30 To go to the new KAP website, click, The KAP website is currently under construction. Please visit us in August when new content will be added.

14 2014 Formative Assessments Initially, CETE will import the SBAC practice tasks into the KAP. CETE will also provide links to the SBAC practice tests. So, for the 2013-2014 school year, educators will have fixed formative forms, practice performance tasks from SBAC, and links to SBAC practice tests. The Kansas Assessment Advisory Council will be giving thought about adding additional functionality to the formative assessments.

15 1.Transitional English Language Arts 2.Transitional Mathematics 3.DLM English Language Arts 4.DLM Mathematics 5.Pilot History-Government items 6.Pilot Science 7.Alternate History-Government (yet to be determined) 8.Alternate Science (yet to be determined) 9.Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment (KELPA) Test Administration in 2014

16 James Pellegrino: 2014 Assessment Preconference Speaker Liberal Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Distinguished Professor of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago; Co-Director, Center for the Study of Learning, Instruction, and Teacher Development, UIC. Dr. Pellegrino currently serves on the Technical Advisory Committees (TAC) of several states as well as the TACs of the SBAC, PARCC, DLM, and NCSC consortia of states funded under the USDOE Race to the Top assessment initiative.


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