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Curriculum Coordinators Meeting Kansas State Department of Education January 10, 2014.

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1 Curriculum Coordinators Meeting Kansas State Department of Education January 10, 2014

2 Summative and formative tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics Grades 3-8 and High School

3 Available in Spring of 2014 (using modified SBAC test blueprint) Flexibility and Kansas input on tests and reports Aligned to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards Kansas retains sole ownership of all student data Discussions have already begun to ensure that the assessment will be recognized by post-secondary institutions in Kansas as having a college-and-career-ready achievement standard sufficient for entrance into credit- bearing courses

4 Machine-scorable items only -- No performance task -- No writing prompt -- No listening items Formative tools -- Really more like sample items now -- Developing capacity for teachers to build test forms using item pool. -- In 2016, we can start building true formative, instructionally-embedded tests. -- Will include science and H/G

5 Not every type of technology-enhanced item that SBAC is developing will be used, only technology-enhanced items that best represent the content being measured. QUESTION: Does the technology-enhanced item represent a unique method of assessing content? Or are the differences between items merely a function of technology? SBAC contains some short-constructed response items that must be scored by hand. CETE will assess that content through the technology-enhanced items that can be scored electronically.

6 SBAC ELA includes both a reading performance task that assesses the research claim with a written response as well as a writing prompt to assess both reading and writing claims. CETE proposes taking advantage of the efficiencies gained by delivering assessments in all four subjects. That is, only one writing response needs to be captured on the ELA test, and the other claims can be measured through the performance tasks on science or the writing prompt on history/government. CETE proposes a stage-adaptive test, rather than an item adaptive test beginning in 2015–2016. Average of 90 minutes per student for test time

7 PNP stands for Personal Needs and Preference profile. If you wish to have an accommodation for a student during testing you will need to set this profile in the KITE system. CETE has created a video to assist in this process: Personal Needs Profile (PNP) Tutorial (Video). This document is also located on the KAP Website under the Documentation Section. The PNP can be accessed in his/her Student Record in Educator Portal of the Kansas Interactive Testing Engine (KITE). If an accommodation is needed and is not listed in the KSDE Accommodations Manual (PDF) call or email Debbie Matthews: 785-296-0916, This is a new process so please make sure to read the information completely.Personal Needs Profile (PNP) Tutorial (Video) Documentation SectionKSDE Accommodations Manual (PDF)

8 How do we add new teachers to the KITE system? You will need to download the User Templates which is a CSV file. You will then need to enter the information for the teachers you wish to add and upload this file into KITE. For complete instructions on this process you can read Users/Adding Users (PDF). These documents are also located on the KAP Website under the Documentation Section.User Templates Users/Adding Users (PDF)Documentation Section

9 How do teachers access the KITE system? First you must enter the KITE Educator Portal this is a website link and therefore you do not need to have anything special installed on your computer as long as you are using an approved browser (Firefox 22.0 (recommended), Firefox 10.0.5, Firefox 23.0, IE 8, or Safari 6.0.5). If you had a login from the old system that login should have been carried over to the new system. If you are having difficulties logging in you need to contact CETE at 785-864-3537 or 855-277-9752 or via email at KSDE cannot assist with this process since it is CETE system.KITE Educator

10 How do students access KITE? To administer a test, you must have KITE downloaded and installed on each test machine. This can be a push install conducting by local IT departments if necessary. To see the specifications required and directions on how to download KITE please visit the KAP Website. Once you have the necessary software the student may login into KITE using the username and password from the test ticket you created and printed off for them. For instructions on how to create and print off your tickets please read Test Tickets (PDF). This document is also located on the KAP Website under the Documentation Section.KAP WebsiteTest Tickets (PDF) Documentation Section

11 Where are the formatives and practice tests located? Both of these are located within the KITE system. CETE has created a limited number of formatives and practice tests available for schools to administer to their students. For instructions on how to set up at test please read Test Setup (PDF). This document is also located on the KAP Website under the Documentation Section.Test Setup (PDF)Documentation Section

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