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2 What is TRP?  The history of complex TRP began after the victory of the October Revolution. Our country has matured, when the enthusiasm of the Soviet people and their desire for a new, revolutionary appeared in almost all spheres of life - at work, culture, science and sport.  TRP complex acts in our country for over 45 years and is the basis of the Soviet system of physical education.

3 The signs of TRP

4 History of the TRP  May 24, 1930 the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published material about the need for a single criterion for assessing a comprehensive physical fitness of young people.  In 1932 the 2nd stage of the complex TRP was introduced and contained 25 norms: 3 theoretical requirements and practical tests on 22 different types of exercise. It was considerably difficult.

5 History of the TRP  In 1934 the icon "Be ready to work and defense" for students 14-15 years old was established, which consisted of 16 rules of sports- technical and sanitary requirements for training.  TRP complex in the 30s played a huge role in the development of mass physical culture movement of the Soviet. Renting norms TRP millions of young men and women have gained a comprehensive physical training.

6 History of the TRP  Due to the intensification of sports movement already in 1934 there were about 5 million athletes, half of which was znachkistami TRP.  A large force of attraction of the complex TRP opened the way to the sport for millions of boys and girls. Implementation of standards TRP began their journey remarkable Soviet athletes who won major international competitions, raise high the banner above the world of Soviet sport.

7 History of the TRP  An important stage in the history of domestic stale was introduced in 1937. All-Union sports had a class, which included standards and requirements in 10 sports: athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, swimming, tennis, fencing, speed skating and Small sport.  By the end of 1939 in the Soviet Union was prepared more than 100 thousand of top athletes, including 6420 athletes first, 18,798 - 76,892, and the second - third places.

8 History of the TRP  By the end of the 30s there was the question of improving the content of the complex TRP. Its specifications were thoroughly discussed and in 1939, a new complex TRP that 26 November 1939 was approved by a special resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR "On the introduction of a new sports complex" Ready for Labour and Defence of the USSR. "  Adoption of complex GTO - one of the brightest evidence of concern of the Soviet state on health promotion and comprehensive physical development of the people.

9 History of the TRP  A new set of TRP which came into force on 1 January 1940 contained not only the mandatory rules but also rules for choosing that provides a combination of general physical training with sports specialization. Inclusion in the complex binding rules provided mastering the skills of running, swimming, movement, skiing, shooting and overcome obstacles, in addition, each delivers the standards TRP was their choice to perform the exercises in a variety of sports, help to improve strength, speed, agility and endurance.  Compared to the previous number of complex rules were greatly reduced.

10 History of the TRP  During the Great Patriotic War, when in front of all physical culture organizations in the country has become a problem of mass military and physical training of the population, the complex TRP was one of the most important tools in this work. Znachkisty TRP mastered military applications motor skills, voluntarily went to the front, operated successfully in the partisan detachments.  1946-1954 gg. After the war the complex TRP continued to improve in line with the challenges facing the sports movement at the time. Introduced in 1946, the complex was characterized by the TRP that reduced the number of rules, establish relationship between these standards and programs of physical education schools and educational institutions, refined and changed age groups who give GTO norms

11 History of the TRP  After the end of World War II, when the country began to restore war-ravaged economy, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in December 1948 in its judgment put forward before the physical culture organizations in the country the task of further development of the sports movement, improve the skills of athletes and on this basis the conquest of Soviet athletes world championships and records in major sports.  Party decision caused an unprecedented rise in the athletic organizations in the country. In the factories, mines, collective and state farms, schools and other educational institutions created new groups of physical culture and organizational strengthen existing classification of Soviet athletes. Utmost importance was attached to the further improvement of methods of teaching and training in sport, comprehensive physical training as an essential basis for improving health, improving the quality of physical education of young people and the successful growth of sports skills to the level of the highest achievements in sport.

12 History of the TRP  1955-1958 gg. The complex TRP effect from 1 January 1955, it was possible division into mandatory standards and by choice. There were the norm mandatory for all who give to the icon at each stage. For stage icon BGTO required to pass the 10 competitions norms icon TRP 1st stupeni- 12 standards and icon TRP 2nd stupeni- 11 standards.  In this complex new age groups who give GTO norms were set, as well as differentiated regulatory requirements for athletes of all ages.  By 1958, the number of athletes in our country has reached 23,696,800 people, while at the same time during the term of the complex 1955-1958. Annual training is a little over 3 million znachkistov TRP at all levels, and 4 years of this period has generated about 16 million znachkistov TRP.

13 источники  1) %2Fimg%2Ftreniruysya300.jpg&uinfo=sw-1920-sh-1080-ww-1903-wh- 936-pd-1-wp- 16x9_1920x1080&_=1421773642867&p=12&viewport=wide&text=%D0 %98%D1%81%D1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%8F%20%D0%93%D 0%A2%D0%9E&pos=366&rpt=simage  2)

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