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Understanding God’s Creation Molecules to Mankind – From Death to Life I think I believe I am.

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1 Understanding God’s Creation Molecules to Mankind – From Death to Life I think I believe I am

2 Breaking the Law Overcoming Life’s Challenges Increase in size and number --Relatively easy – Provide energy Increase in information --Harder challenge – Change the coding of DNA and thus increase complexity. *This occurs only across generations!!

3 Evolutionary Creation Coming to Terms with Terms Evolution, change through time (generic) Evolution, (genetic mechanisms and development) Evolution, (atheistic) Chemical evolution (first life) Is evolution a theory or a fact? Evolution is a theory AND a fact! Fact - biological evolution has, and is occuring. Theory – explains many diverse facts from different scientific disciplines.

4 Mechanisms Driving Evolution The Driver -- The Second Law of Thermodynamics propels the universe. Combinatorial Mixer – Genetic Duplication and Diversity provide raw material. Natural Selection – Provides opportunity for life to move against the Second Law.

5 Genetic Mechanisms Driving Evolution Primary Mechanism for Increasing Information -- Gene duplication, then random divergence Preserve Information Preserve Function New Information New Function Random Divergence Genes

6 Natural Selection Organisms with genetic information suited to conditions have greater survival opportunity Maxwell’s Intelligent Agent (Natural Selection) Allows Life to Advance!

7 I think I believe I am Evolutionary Creation Works

8 Figure 5.8 Tracing Evolutionary Relationships Geological Fossil Record Fish Plants and Amphibians Reptiles Mammals Primates Humans

9 Human Evolution Geological/Fossil Record Begins the Story *Apes - Chimpanzee - 5MYA *Hominids --Australopithicus ~4MYA --Homo erectus ~1-2 MYA --Homo Heidelbergensis?? *Neanderthal ~800,000 to 30,000 YA *Anatomical H. sapiens ~100,000 – 180,000 YA *“Modern” H. sapiens sapiens ~50,000-60,000 YA

10 Recent Genetic Evidence of Evolutionary Creation

11 Human Evolution Genetic Record Completes the Story DNA Gene Code Comparisons Chromosome Comparisons DNA Markers a. Pseudogenes b. HERVs c. Retrotransposons d. Single Nucleotide Polymorphs Y Chromosome and Mitochondria DNA

12 Genetic Record: Chromosome Comparisons of Humans and Apes

13 Fugu rubripes- Pufferfish What do Pufferfish (400- 500 MYA) have in common with humans?

14 Both have a Functional Huntingtin Gene. Both have 67 exons the exact same sequence *Retrotransposons insert into DNA randomly! Exons (Parts of gene that make protein)

15 Human Evolution Genetic Record Completes the Story Mitochondrial DNA – “Mitochondrial Eve” Traces genetic heritage through mitochondrial DNA Why is it important to use mDNA? *Y chromosome – “Journey of Man” Genetic heritage traced through Y chromosome. Why is it important to use Y chromosome?

16 Human Evolution and Migration Patterns Y Chromosome and mDNA show similar migrations. From “Journey of Man” - Wells

17 Connecting Biology with the Bible Evolutionary Creation: From Death to Life! I’m praying…

18 God has Two Books: The Book of His Revealed Word The Book of His Revealed World. Charles Hodge - Princeton Theologian 1863. Science addresses the ‘How’ of the world. Religion/Faith addresses ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ questions.

19 Death is a Part of Life Normal cell turnover – Renewal Millions of sperm: only one survives Telomeres prescribe finite life span Embryology/cell development Immune system cells die to protect us Programmed cell death – Apoptosis **Death is Essential to Life

20 From Death to Life A Universal Principle of the Universe? Old Testament Sacrifices John 3:3 – You must be born again John 12:23-25 Wheat kernels and Christ… John 19:30 –Jesus voluntarily dies for us New Testament Proclamations – Jesus died: From Death comes Life. II Corinthians 5:15 Romans 12:1-2 Living sacrifices – transforming power.

21 God Author of All Creation

22 The End

23 Questions:

24 How does Evolutionary Creation Relate to Death and “The Fall”? Physical Description? –When in Evolutionary History? Can this be explained?

25 Possible Resolution Spiritual Description? –Nicodemus & Woman at the well Perhaps Jesus’ primary message is an invitation to a spiritual relationship rather thana physical rebirth or everlasting hydration…

26 Where is the Soul in Evolutionary Creation? What is soul? Where does soul enter during embryogenesis? **Precise placement of soul in the process does not preclude the biological mechanism for creating a soul.

27 Other Questions… Is Evolution a consequence of “The Fall” Is the second law of thermodynamics a consequence of “The Fall”? Can “fallen” scientific minds arrive at trustworthy conclusions?

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