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Implement Educate Monitor Ask Before You Act! April 2010.

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1 Implement Educate Monitor Ask Before You Act! April 2010

2  Still effective August 1, 2010 for sports other than tennis  Tennis  Part of it effective date delayed until August 1, 2011  Another part delayed August 1, 2012

3  Rule for sports other than football amended bylaw restricting institutional camps to a 100 mile radius from campus  Now applies only to basketball  Previous rules for football still in effect  Effective immediately

4  No longer restricted to the five-year eligibility period  Must be a full-time student at school at which the student-athlete most recently competed  Must have exhausted athletic eligibility or be injured to the point that he or she is unable to return to competition  Effective August 1, 2010

5  If a student-athlete requests permission to contact another university or for a release regarding the one-time transfer exception, the university must respond with 7 business days  If permission is denied and the student-athlete wishes to appeal, the university must provide a hearing within 15 business days of receipt of the request for a hearing.  If the school fails to respond in a timely manner, permission to contact or a release for the one-time transfer exception shall be granted by default  Effective August 1, 2010

6  Non-coaching staff members (e.g. director of operations) shall not attend an off-campus athletics event involving prospective student- athletes  Exception: a member of the staff member’s immediate family is a participant  Other restrictions:  Attendance cannot be for evaluation purposes & staff member can’t provide information about a PSAs performance to the coaching staff  Staff member cannot have direct contact with a PSAs parents or coach  Effective Immediately

7  In sports with a defined recruiting calendar other than football, during a contact period, phone call’s may be made at the institution’s discretion  Weekly limits still apply in evaluation, quiet, and dead periods  Applies to:  Cross Country/Track & Field  Men’s basketball  Women’s Basketball  Softball  Women’s Volleyball  Effective August 1, 2010

8 1. Correspondence shall include a single sheet of institutional letterhead, not to exceed 8.5 x 11 inches in size 2. No restrictions on the design or content of one side of the single sheet of institutional letterhead  Opposite side must be blank, except for text used to communicate a message to the recipient 3. Additional pages must be limited to plain white paper with black ink & cannot exceed 8.5 x 11 inches in size 4. Attachments may include only materials printed on plain white paper with black ink that are not created for recruiting purposes  Exception: other permissible printed materials (e.g. camp brochures, questionnaires, etc.) 5. Envelopes used to send the correspondence may include only the institution’s name and logo or athletics logo on the outside, must be blank on the inside when produced, and may not exceed 9 x 12 inches; AND 6. All institutional staff members may prepare general correspondence  Effective August 1, 2010

9  Postcards: An institution may send an institutional postcard provided: 1. Includes only the institution’s name and logo on one side 2. Does not exceed 4.25 x 6 inches in size 3. Includes only handwritten information

10  Cannot provide a printed media guide or any other printed athletics publication not listed in to a PSA, his/her parents or legal guardians, the PSAs educational institution, or any individual involved in the coaching of a PSA  What is permitted in 1. General correspondence (i.e. letters) 2. Business cards 3. Camp brochures 4. Questionnaires 5. Nonathletics Institutional Publications 6. NCAA Educational Material 7. Athletics Publications other than media guides (e.g. recruiting brochure) 8. Game Programs 9. Pre-Enrollment Information 10. Institutional Notecards 11. Institutional Postcards  Still subject to restriction on when you can send recruiting materials

11  Prior to August 1 of a PSA’s senior year in high school:  Cannot provide a written offer of athletically- related financial aid; or  Indicate in writing to a PSA that an athletically- related grant in aid will be offered.  Does not prohibit verbal offers  Effective August 1, 2010

12  In FCS football, an institution’s varsity or subvarsity teams cannot compete against any team that includes PSAs

13  If the USOC or a national governing body has recommended an individual’s participation, a former student-athlete who has graduated and has no eligibility remaining may participate in organized practice sessions at an institution other than the one he or she previously attended  Participation limited to the number of years that allows the athlete to practice in preparation for two consecutive Olympic Games  Applies to individual sports and rowing  Effective August 1, 2010

14  Boosters may now provide an occasional meal on campus or in a facility that is regularly used for home competition  Previously were limited to being held in the booster’s home

15  The required physical for all student-athletes beginning their initial season of eligibility and students who are trying out for a team must undergo testing for sickle cell anemia  Not required to have the test if they can provide results of a prior test  Student-athlete can decline the test if he or she signs a release absolving institution of any liability relating to injuries sustained as a result of sickle cell anemia  Joel has a plan for testing when physicals are conducted

16  Cannot commence on-court preseason practice sessions prior to 5 p.m. on the date that is 40 days prior to the date of the university’s first regular-season contest  Cannot engage in more than 30 days of countable athletically related activities prior to its first regular-season contest during the 40 day period  Effective August 1, 2010  We will need to collaborate on your schedule to map out which 30 days you plan to use

17  In soccer, softball, and volleyball, team travel during the non-championship segment is restricted to ground transportation, unless there are no other institutions located within 400 miles of the institution  Effective August 1, 2010

18  Incoming student-athletes (freshmen and transfers) may represent the university on a foreign tour prior to his or her initial full-time enrollment and participate in practice prior to the tour, provided that: 1. He/she has earned at least 3 hours of acceptable degree credit during the summer term at the institution 2. He/she is eligible to represent the institution in intercollegiate competition immediately following the tour  If summer credits needed are still in practice, initial-eligibility status not finalized, or academic record not certified, then the student-athlete may participate in practice.  Still cannot participate in more than one foreign tour  Effective August 1, 2010

19  For a summer event to be certified, participants on nonscholastic events must be legal residents of the state and not more than a total of three PSAs from adjoining states may participate on any one nonscholastic team.  Just need to check list of certified events to ensure compliance  Effective September 1, 2010

20  A student-athlete who receives athletically- related financial aid in academic years following the departure of a head coach is not a counter if: 1. The student-athlete participated in basketball and received athletically related institutional financial aid during the coach’s tenure; AND 2. The student-athlete does not participate in basketball in later academic years.  If the student-athlete later returns to participation in basketball at the institution, he will be a counter for all years during which athletically-related aid was received  So, make sure he is done playing at the institution if you want to continue to keep him on aid  Effective August 1, 2010

21  Men’s basketball’s athletics participation schedule, which shall include the anticipated amount of missed class time due to athletics participation, shall be approved by the institution's faculty athletics representative or faculty oversight committee prior to the beginning of each regular academic term.  Must return within 24 hours following the conclusion of actual competition, even if the student-athlete does not return with the team  Was previously 36 hours & remains 36 hours for other sports  Effective August 1, 2010

22  Men’s basketball coaches may engage in recruiting conversations with a PSA during the institution’s men’s basketball camps or clinics.  Other aspects of recruiting (e.g., campus tours for recruiting purposes, meetings with faculty members, complimentary admissions, extending written offers or aid) are not be permitted.  Effective immediately

23  Decisions on renewing scholarships due by July 1.

24  Please have all prospective student-athletes send final transcripts following graduation or completion of coursework to Eligibility Center and/or us ASAP

25  New NCAA interpretation states that a student- athlete’s eligibility for a given semester is certified based on his/her program of study on record on the first day of class for that semester  So, need to make changes prior to the first day of class each semester.

26  Now available online at

27  Reminder: student-athletes receiving institutional aid must verify citizenship or have valid visa to receive the aid  FAFSA may be used to confirm citizenship  Otherwise, must present identification to financial aid office  Aid cannot be released until this is taken care of  Financial aid office wants everyone to fill out the WSU scholarship application  This can be done through the student-athlete’s portal

28  All logs due at end of the month  If you didn’t have any activity, please indicate that on a log

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