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Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3 Level D.

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1 Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3 Level D

2 Abridge (v) to make shorter Synonyms: shorten condense, abbreviate
Antonyms: expand, enlarge, augment

3 Altercation (n) an angry argument Synonyms: quarrel, dispute, squabble
Antonyms: agreement, accord

4 Condone (v) to pardon or overlook
Synonyms: ignore, wink at, turn a blind eye to Antonyms: censure, condemn, disapprove, depreciate

5 Dissent (v) to disagree; (n) disagreement
Synonyms: (v) differ, dispute Antonyms: (v) agree, concur; (n) unanimity, harmony

6 Exorcise (v) to drive out by magic; to dispose of something troublesome, menacing, or oppressive Synonyms: expel, dispel

7 Fabricate (v) to make, manufacture; to make up, invent
Synonyms: put together, devise, contrive, concoct Antonyms: take apart, undo, destroy, demolish

8 Irate (adj) angry Synonyms: incensed, infuriated, enraged, livid
Antonyms: calm, composed, cool, unruffled

9 Rift (n) a split, break, breach Synonyms: crack, fissure, gap, cleft
Antonym: reconciliation

10 Semblance (n) a likeness; an outward appearance; an apparition
Synonyms: appearance, air, aura, veneer, façade Antonyms: dissimilarity, contrast, total lack

11 Terminate (v) to bring to an end
Synonyms: conclude, finish, discontinue Antonyms: begin, commence, initiate

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