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Wordpieces 3.6. Root: meta Alter, changed; beyond.

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1 Wordpieces 3.6

2 Root: meta Alter, changed; beyond

3 metabolism noun The process through which an organism changes food into energy

4 metamorphosis Noun A change in form Synonym: transformation

5 metaphorical adjective Symbolic rather than literal Synonym: figurative Antonym: actual; real

6 Root: al Other; another

7 inalienable adjective Not able to be taken away Synonym: indisputable; undeniable

8 alienate verb To make hostile Synonym: offend; isolate; separate Antonym: attract

9 alias noun A name that is not one’s true name Synonym: pseudonym

10 Root: alter other

11 alteration noun A change or modification Synonym: adjustment; revision

12 alternate verb - to go back and forth from one thing to another noun – substitute; stand-in

13 altercation noun A fight or dispute Synonym: disagreement; quarrel

14 Root: simul To imitate, to pretend or to appear to be

15 simulate verb To mimic or imitate Synonym: pretend

16 dissemble Verb To conceal the truth; to deceive Synonym: mislead; pretend Antonym: reveal

17 semblance noun a rough likeness Synonym: copy; resemblance

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