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2 EXCERPT NOUN A passage taken from a book, article, etc. VERB To take such a passage; To quote SYNONYMS (N) portion, section, extract

3 Collaborate VERB To work with; work together SYNONYMS Team Up, Join forces ANTONYMS Work Alone

4 Evolve VERB To develop gradually; to rise to a higher level SYNONYMS Unfold, Emerge ANTONYMS Wither, Shrivel Up, Atrophy

5 Plaudits NOUN (Plural) Applause; Enthusiastic praise or approval SYNONYMS Cheers, Acclaim ANTONYMS Boos, Disapproval, Ridicule

6 Wrangle VERB To quarrel or argue in a noisy, angry way; to obtain by argument; to herd NOUN A noisy quarrel SYNONYMS (V) Squabble, Bicker ANTONYMS (V) Agree, Concur

7 Discordant ADJECTIVE Disagreeable in sound, jarring; lacking in harmony, conflicting SYNONYMS Grating, Shrill, Different, Divergent ANTONYMS Harmonious, In agreement

8 preclude VERB To make impossible, prevent, shut out SYNONYMS Hinder, Check, Stop ANTONYMS Help, Promote, Facilitate

9 Hover VERB To float or hang suspended over; to move back and forth uncertainly over or around SYNONYMS Linger, Waver, Seesaw ANTONYMS Soar

10 Churlish ADJECTIVE Lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work with or deal with; Rude SYNONYMS Surly, ill-tempered ANTONYMS Courteous, Civil, Well-mannered

11 Laggard NOUN A person who moves slowly or falls behind ADJECTIVE Falling behind; Slow to move, act, or respond SYNONYMS (N) Slowpoke, Straggler (ADJ) Sluggish ANTONYMS (N) Early bird (ADJ) Swift, Speedy, Prompt


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