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Writing Centre Seminar. Rosie Gronthos Returning to study for non-school leavers.

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1 Writing Centre Seminar

2 Rosie Gronthos Returning to study for non-school leavers

3 Welcome Congratulations on joining the University of Adelaide study body! You’ve achieved a lot to get here. I hope this talk will introduce you to useful resources and strategies that develop your research and study skills. University of Adelaide3

4 Outline IT Workshops Writing and Study Skills Seminars Lecture, seminar, tutorial & practical How to prepare? Useful Learning Guides How to avoid plagiarism? Referencing Style Guides PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Counselling & Disability Service University of Adelaide4

5 IT Workshops MYUni Workshops for students by students Monday to Friday 11.10am-11.30am-Workshop 11.30am-2pm_Drop-in Centre Hub Central (Level 3) Training Room MyUni Ambassadors 0427 338 703 University of Adelaide5

6 Workshop Topics wk1Let’s Get familiar! YourA-Z of using MyUni wk2What next? Important tips and tricks wk3Let’s Talk! Using wikis, blogs & journals wk4Crunch Time! Submitting your work online wk5Getting Results! Viewing your results and feedback wk6SOS! Your MyUni questions answered University of Adelaide6

7 Writing and Study Skills Seminars Semester 1 Teaching Weeks Tuesdays 2pm-3pm Engineering South RM S111 Offered by the Writing Centre and Faculty of Arts Study Skills Support University of Adelaide7

8 8 Wk 1: 3 Mar How to get the most out of your courses Wk 2: 10 MarHow to take great notes Wk 3: 17 MarHow to decode your assignment instructions Wk 4: 24 MarHow to research & reference your assignments Wk 5: 31 MarHow to write a great argument essay Wk 6: 7 AprHow to avoid death by plagiarism Wk 7: 28 AprHow to deal with group work Wk 8: 5 MayHow to make the most out of feedback Wk 9: 12 MayHow to be a confident public speaker Wk 10: 19 MayHow to become your own best editor Wk 11: 26 MayHow to study for exams Wk 12: 2 JunHow to do a great exam

9 Lecture, seminar,tutorial & practical Lecture: larger - varying interaction Seminar: smaller - more interaction. Students may take it in turns to present Tutorial: small, with more interaction and discussion Practical: hands on demonstration of knowledge in the lab. Could be a computer lab. University of Adelaide9

10 Note taking in lectures Prepare by doing the readings and tasks asked of you. Don’t try to write everything down Don’t simply copy the PowerPoint slides Do listen before you start to write University of Adelaide10

11 Useful tips If the lecturer is too fast Write down questions to find out/ask later Try to follow the structure of the task Prepare before the lecture Talk to other students about the course Check the course guide to help answer questions University of Adelaide11

12 After the lecture Read Highlight Summarise Discuss Look for possible exam questions Revise before the next lecture University of Adelaide12

13 Preparing for tutorials and practicals Tutorials Do the readings/questions beforehand Ask questions Sit near the front Join in group discussions Practical Do the assigned readings/questions beforehand Ask lots of questions to the demonstrator and your peers Stay focused on the task University of Adelaide13

14 Useful Learning Guides Learning at University Reading Effectively Making Notes Practical Study Habits Managing Your Time Editing Your Own Work University of Adelaide14

15 Plagiarism Plagiarism: the act of presenting another’s work or ideas as your own. University of Adelaide15

16 How to avoid plagiarism? Take notes effectively so that the author and source is always linked Know the difference between your own summaries of sources and direct quotes Create sets of notes in categories Weave together two, three, four others’ views on one topic to support an argument Search texts to find and extract short statements or ideas to support your argument and acknowledge these (Chanock, 2003) University of Adelaide16

17 Tips to avoid plagiarism Avoid stringing together quotes and paraphrases. Express your ideas in your own, simple language. Turnitin: resource for checking students have acknowledged sources. Avoiding Plagiarism: Achieving academic writing (online learning module) University of Adelaide17

18 Referencing Style Guides Check with your department to find out exactly which referencing system they prefer. Harvard Style: Commerce; Mathematics; Nursing; Philosophy; English; Psychiatry; Science; Architecture; Engineering; Gender Studies. APA Style: Applied Linguistics; Psychology. University of Adelaide18

19 Referencing Style Guides Vancouver Style: Nursing; School of Population Health and Clinical Practice; Medicine; Food Science. Footnote Style: Commerce management reports; Politics; History; Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering; Classics; Computer Science; Education. University of Adelaide19

20 Useful Learning Guides to avoid plagiarism Quick Guide to Referencing Avoiding Plagiarism Objective Language Source Credibility To Paraphrase or to Quote? University of Adelaide20

21 PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Weekly 50 minute group work sessions Facilitated by students No need to enrol or register Find the class time that suits you Session times and venues may be subject to change, check MyUni notices. Commence in Week 2 except Business Economics Statistics and Monday classes which all commence in Week 3. University of Adelaide21

22 Counselling & Disability Service Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Appointments 9am to 4pm weekdays 50 minute appointments Drop-in service 1pm to 4pm weekdays 20-minute appointments Phone appointments ring to organise a pre-booked phone appointment, or phone during Drop-in hours (1pm-4pm) Ground Floor, Horace Lamb Building. (8313 5663) University of Adelaide22

23 Maths Learning Centre Drop-in service 10am to 4pm weekdays Sit down and one of the staff will come to you Any mathematical component in any course Level 3 Hub Central Web resources Worksheets to revise assumed knowledge Recordings of revision lectures for particular courses University of Adelaide23

24 For further thought Thank you. Any further questions? University of Adelaide24

25 Writing Centre Details WEB: FACEBOOK: EMAIL: PHONE: VISIT: 8313 3021 Level 3 Hub Central, 10am-4pm Mon-Fri

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