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CAP History Reconstruction Program 1st Lt Frank Blazich, Jr. Chief Historian (interim) History CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES.

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1 CAP History Reconstruction Program 1st Lt Frank Blazich, Jr. Chief Historian (interim) History CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

2 Overview  Study and review of existing program  Program revisions and changes  Current/ongoing activities  Three Year Plan

3 Study and Review Problems CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES  What role does/will history play in operations?  How can the historian better serve the commander and unit?  What does the historian need to meet mission objectives?  Questionnaire sent out to membership

4 Study and Review Findings and Conclusion CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES  Main issues  Command emphasis  Limited/inadequate training and education  Inadequate history resources  Organizational isolation  Conclusion: must modernize and realign program to provide relevance to modern era to maximize resources to assist, improve, and grow CAP

5 Program Redesign Overview CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES  Align CAP history program with USAF History and Museums Program  Increased staff to address program facets  Overhaul of historian specialty track  Objective: Incorporate best practices of academic and professional historical communities to improve standards and capability of volunteers and historical products

6  Familiarity and professional interaction  Improve relations  Four main areas of focus  Research and Archives  Museums/Displays  Publishing  Outreach Program Redesign Four Pillars CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

7 Program Redesign Research and Archives  Implement records management program  Select digitization; increase accessibility  Set policies for collection and processing  Assist leadership with historical inquiries in time-sensitive manner  Objective: Save and use records for internal and external operations

8 Program Redesign Research and Archives

9  Approach NMUSAF regarding CAP display  Prepare national collection to relocate to permanent location  Accessibility to loan artifacts for CAP use or external displays  Exhibits to share heritage to inform, recruit, educate  Objective: Coordinated, professional effort to educate, advise, and inform public Program Redesign Museums/Displays CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES



12  CAP history journal and monographs for internet/external use  Approach AU Press about publishing  Utilize analytical skills of historians to provide perspective and contextual underpinnings to commanders and units  Objective: transmit quality, informative publications for use by policymakers and military/aerospace professionals Program Redesign Publishing CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

13  Digital archive and updated CAP museum page  CAP re-enacting and “living history” efforts  Recruiting, retention, and public relations  Objective: Increased visibility to educate and inform about organization’s development from Civilian Defense to Homeland Security Program Redesign Outreach

14 Increased Staff Management and Reach Chief Historian National Curator Director, Museum Displays and Design Director, Office of Preservation Assistant Chief Historian Director, Office of Outreach National Historical Editor Researchers National Archivist Director, Office of CAP Heraldry Director, Oral History Program National Historian Emeritus Museums/Displays Publishing & Outreach Research & Archives

15  Revise all publications; provide new as needed  Foster and improve skills and capabilities  Develop PD classes and/or conference to train and assist with development of historians  Objective: train and develop volunteers to where they are an asset, not an afterthought Specialty Track Overhaul CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

16  Search for permanent location  Impact on all four areas of history program  Logistical factors  Highest probability is to align with an existing archive and museum/institution  Must have all current items properly inventoried, labeled, accessed prior to any move  Will require additional manpower Ongoing Activities Archives and Collection CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

17  Organizational lineages  Unit citation database  Digitization of oral histories  Offices of CAP Heraldry and Preservation Ongoing Activities Research CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

18  Exhibit at NMUSAF, National Air and Space Museum (National Mall or Dulles Annex (or both)  Application for CAP postage stamp  Refurbish and update CAP Hall of Honor  CAP Art Program  Publish new book encompassing CAP history  Edited volume, covering all decades of academic quality  Possible AU Press work 75 th Anniversary CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

19  Overhaul of online database  Inclusion of cadets  Contact information for living World War II CAP veterans  Preliminary medal design Congressional Gold Medal CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

20  Vision to bring history program up to full- strength by 2016 and the 75 th anniversary  Tactical through strategic objectives  Hinges on volunteers Three Year Plan CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

21  Appoint staff  Commence revision of regulations and pamphlets  Initiate 75 th anniversary planning and projects  Initiate organization, labeling, database entry, and preservation of archives and collection  Launch CAP history eJournal/eMagazine Three Year Plan Year One CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

22  Launch revised National CAP Museum website and digital archive website  Coordinate transfer of national archives and collection to permanent location(s)  Launch historian specialty tracking training program for PD conferences  Commence writing special publication for 75 th anniversary  Release revised history program pamphlets and regulations  Commence negotiations with NMUSAF, Chief Historian of USAF, and AFHRA and AU Press Three Year Plan Year Two CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

23  Finalize and edit new 75 th anniversary book for publication  Finalize development of plans for display of CAP artifacts at various museums  Finalize research publications and presentations of research for 75 th anniversary  Develop CAP cadet history program in conjunction with cadet and aerospace education programs  Hold first annual national CAP historians’ conference Three Year Plan Year Three CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

24  Redesigned history program  Best practices and increased staff  Specialty track overhaul  Training and education to develop skills  Command and resources  Goal: Volunteer historians able to advise and assist in present and future endeavors at all levels of the organization Conclusion CITIZENS SERVING COMMUNITIES

25 Questions?

26 Please complete the 2013 conference survey online for a chance to win a FREE registration to the 2014 conference in Las Vegas

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