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Welcome to this CAPT Audio Conference Cohort IV Peer-to-Peer Networking Call.

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1 Welcome to this CAPT Audio Conference Cohort IV Peer-to-Peer Networking Call

2 Facilitators: Linda Barovier, Associate Coordinator Lourdes Vázquez, Prevention Manager

3 Connect Pro Refresher Welcome to Connect Pro virtual meeting. We will be using the following windows: –PowerPoint Window –Attendee List –Chat –Note We will also use the “Raise Your Hand” feature

4 Connect Pro Refresher Two ways to ask questions By Writing: –Write question in Chat window –Press enter or press the thought bubble –Everyone will see the question –Click the icon on the top right of the chat window, click start chat with host, presenter or individual attendees

5 Connect Pro Refresher Raise your hand by clicking You will see your status change in attendees list Un-mute your phone (press * #) when called upon Remember to mute your phone again once you have finished speaking Lower your hand by again clicking

6 Objectives Today’s call participants will be able to identify: Common needs of sub-recipient communities associated with implementation of SPF Steps 1-3 Tools and products available for community use with SPF Steps 1- 3 CAPT resources available to states as they support sub-recipients in implementing SPF Steps 1-3

7 Northeast Resource Team Shai Fuxman Service to Science Lead Nahia Kassas Senior AA / RA Chuck Klevgaard Coordinator Linda Barovier Associate Coordinator Lourdes Vázquez Prevention Manager Kristen Quinlan Evaluator May Yamate Epidemiologist Consie English Project Coordinator Vanny Kong IT Specialist On call

8 Introductions Introduce Yourself and Your Role on the SPF NY DE DE MD MD

9 Progress & Challenges to Share: Delaware, Maryland & New York Community RFP/RFA Technical Review Process & Awards Community (Sub-recipient) Contracting Processes SPF Community Training and Technical Assistance Support for Grantees

10 Key Tasks- Community Implementation Steps 1-3* Coordinator or SPF Coordinator & Evaluator or Data Coordinator Hires Forming Coalition Committees/Workgroups I/ Start Up Months 0-3 Complete SPF Steps 1-2 (assessment, capacity/mobilization plans) Commence or complete Step 3 (planning) 2/Early Months 3-6 Complete Step 3 Commence Step 4 (implementation) 3/Mid-Latter Months 6-9 *Note: timelines are merely estimates and will vary significantly based on state and community/county strategic plans.

11 Community Needs by Phase & Available CAPT Support Phase 1-Start Up Months 0-3 Job descriptions; workgroup committee structure - samples CAPT Training on SPF Steps Guidance document - samples Phase 2-Early Months 3-6 Community needs assessment workbooks- samples Community resource and readiness assessment tools- samples Phase 3-Mid- Latter Months 6 -9 Logic Model Template – samples Guidance on or list of “approvable” strategies – samples Required format for plan - samples

12 Questions or Comments? Regional Peer to Peer Networking Calls for coming year? Proposed frequency for future calls? –Cohort IV Peer to Peer Calls –All Cohorts Expansion of Cohort IV Audience to cross- service area (region)?

13 Closing Pluses – things that you liked Wishes – things that you would have liked but didn’t get

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