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New Structure of ASA -Clubs -Membership -ASA Comps +IoS -Elite Swimming -Talent pathway -GB Comps.

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2 New Structure of ASA -Clubs -Membership -ASA Comps +IoS -Elite Swimming -Talent pathway -GB Comps

3 ASA Masters Swimming Officer What’s my role? I have 4 Main Objectives

4 1. Increase Masters Membership Support clubs to encourage Masters Build links with ‘Swimfit’ – get more people to join Masters Support ASA staff to understand Masters needs Market swimmers over age of 18yrs

5 2. Retain Masters members Link with universities/clubs to retain 18-24yrs Make sure I know what Masters want: Annual Conference Annual Survey Encourage Masters to volunteer as Reps

6 3. Increase Masters Competing Build links and educate universities Market T30 postal swim(open to non ASA members) Market decathlon to 18yr+ swimmers Support county reps to enter inter-county meets Find out why people do not compete

7 4. Improve satisfaction Listen to masters and improve complaints process Annual Survey to gauge current satisfaction Find out problems and address them E.g. Make sure website is fit for purpose E.g. Improve communication in Masters community (social media, newsletter)

8 5 Months on....... Achieved: National Masters Conference National Masters Survey Role integrated into the ASA New Website agreed/piloted Record claims improved Quicker information to Masters Role & contact details publicised Successful World Masters Montreal Gathered information about adults in swimming/barriers for Masters Masters Committee now have more in put into events Links built with all ASA departments Ongoing: Conference discussions feed into Masters Officers work load Survey Results to be analysed Website to go live Continue to gather information Swimfit to Masters Initiative to commence North West T10 to commence London Masters training sessions John Harrisons 100yr Birthday celebration video completed Investigate links with private fitness clubs Continue to gather opinions from Masters and feed into work role.

9 What’s it been like working for the ASA?

10 All ideas and help greatly received or if you have any questions please let me know: Sharon Lock Masters Officer The ASA, SportPark, Pavilion 3, 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough University, LE11 3QF Office: 01509 640134 Mobile: 07813998538

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