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I mage M ake-up A rtist Presented by Chester Cheung, Irene Mo, Lily Lam, Sindy Li.

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1 I mage M ake-up A rtist Presented by Chester Cheung, Irene Mo, Lily Lam, Sindy Li

2 Content ► Introduction ► Nature of work ► Career path ► Video of Real Workplace ► Goals of success! ► Survey analysis ► Tips!

3 Introduction: Why choose such a career? ► MaxFactor: Zing  Appear in the advertisement  Makeup artist social status ► Hit career among women in Taiwan  Listed in Top 25 ( 育惠, TOP 25 女性熱門工作排行榜 ) ► = make-up + image design  Do > makeup artist

4 Purpose of the Project ► Know more about the career  Interview with Pauline Tsang & Peggy Chan ► Introduce it to someone who are interested in joining make-up industry ► Tips!

5 Nature of Work - Description ► aiming to help people to enhance/alter their appearance ► From make-up to fashion and photographic models, actors in television productions, brides

6 Duties ► To prepare the skin for make- up application and remove make-up as required ► To consult with clients, actors, producers or directors about the required look ► To produce special effects such as ageing, illness, scars and bruising ► To advise hairdressers on the hairstyle required for character parts.

7 Working place ► Television and film studios, Hairdressing/beauty salons, make-up salon ► Usually indoor ► outdoors if working on location for film and television productions

8 Equipment ► make-up products:  Foundation  Eye-shadow  Mascara  Lipstick and blusher, etc.

9 Working hours ► Flexible, irregular ► Depends on job nature ► Magazine cover photo shoots: shorter time (3-5 hours per job) ► working in film or television programme production: long and irregular hours (>9hours per job)

10 Working with People ► face-to-face contact with their clients, HR staff to discuss the required and expected image. ► They may also have contact with hairdressers, photographers, actors, directors, producers and other film or television crew.

11 Personality ► adore beauty ► have the sense of beauty, color matching, clothes’ mix and match ► innovation

12 Other requirements ► familiar with the ever up-to-date styling and fashion trend ► willing to work over shifts ► have great physical strength ► have good communication skill

13 Additional skills ► Hair styling skill ► Nail art ► Putonghua

14 Let’s explore the world of an freelance Image Make-up artist… Pauline Tsang!

15 How makeup can work? BEFORE.. AFTER!!!

16 Professional make-up & hair styling techniques course Advanced stage & media make-up image course Advanced Bridal make-up course Master grade all round course International professional diploma course Stage 1: Store/counter make-up artist Stage 3: Magazine/ advertisement/ fashion show make-up artist Stage 2: Bride make-up artist Stage 4: Super star/model or imaging make-up artist Stage 5: International professional make-up artist/ make-up teacher CAREER PATH

17 1. Store/counter make-up artist ► Finish ‘Professional make-up & hair styling techniques course’ ► employed by make-up companies and work as beauty store/ counter make-up artists ► stay at the store ► participate in the company’s promotion activities ► job duties include helping customers to choose the suitable products, teaching basic make-up techniques, promoting the products to customers ► Important to have good communication skill, interpersonal skill and promotion skill

18 2. Bride make-up artist ► finish the ‘Advanced bridal make-up course’. ► can work full-time or part-time ► Full-time artists can be employed by ‘wedding companies’ ► For part-time artists  leave their portfolio containing their own make-up design to various companies  Negotiate with the company about the income  should good at hair styling and also nail art

19 3. Magazine/ advertisement/ fashion show make-up artist ► finish the ‘Advanced stage & media make-up image course’ ► recommended to participate in certain simple advertising make-up ► have opportunities to build up their reputation in advertising industry. ► should be well prepared  keep abreast of the latest make-up trend or even need to predict the future trend  familiar with the latest make-up products as they may be asked to demonstrate those products.

20 4. Super star/model or image make-up artist ► finish the ‘Master grade all round course’ ► have ample chances to meet super stars after being advertisement/ magazine make- up artists ► may be employed by those stars if they like the designs.

21 5. International Professional make-up artist/ make-up teacher ► take those advanced diploma courses such as ITEC, CIBTAC which are internationally recognized ► choose to teach make-up techniques to fallow students.

22 Other job opportunities: ► can work as freelancer  income is unstable, depending on the number of jobs per month  have more freedom and having a more balanced lifestyle  job nature is only recommended for those famous make-up artists.

23 Salary of make-up artist ► store/ counter make-up artist $ 15000 per month ► a part-time bride make-up artist about $ 1000 per job ► magazine/ advertisement make-up artist about $ 3000-8000 per job ► employed by superstar over $ 100000 each month

24 Make-up School/ Organization ► Beauty Tech Tel no: 2574 4418 ► Esther Beauty & Fitness College Tel no: 2722 6773 ► VOGUE it is Tel no: 8202 0930

25 Tips for choosing a right school! ► Choose the school that will recommend students to join shows organized by other companies. ► To check those school teachers if they have been employed by superstars ► Be aware that the school has cooperated with some big companies.

26 Goals of Success ► Sense of achievement ► Many different measures ► Tremendous effort to reach high in career ► Direct Vs Indirect goals

27 Direct Measures of Success (1) ► Huge profit (i.e. MONEY) ► project-based  Hours to months, or even years!  E.g. single shoot in studio, large scale movie ► Great deviations ► More famous = More expensive

28 Direct Measures of Success (2) ► Professional Awards  Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hair Stylists Guild Awards  British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs)  Grammy Awards ► Internationally-recognized honors ► Very strong index!

29 ► As makeup Teacher/School establisher ► Passing knowledge to fellow members in the industry ► Abundant amount of experience is a must  Decades of working history  Very talented and gifted ► Local/Abroad Direct Measures of Success (3)

30 Indirect Measures of Success (1) ► Popularity  Exposure in TV advertisement  Composer of magazine columns ► Influencing others with daily life  Image, words, speech ► Ultimately…  Global makeup trend builder/leader

31 Indirect Measures of Success (2) ► Friendship ► Typical service industry  Large pool of clients from ALL walks  Colleagues of different nationality ► Movie director in Singapore, Model from France… ► Size of Interpersonal Network  Identification of own success

32 Factors leading to success ► Basic factors  Good judgment of beauty  Talents in arts  Willing to product artwork ► Deep passion in makeup industry  With open mindset and bright personality

33 Factors leading to success ► Well prepared to work in highly demanding and dynamic industry  Rapid-changing NEW knowledge and trends everyday… ► All-rounder  Knowledge of skin care, fashion design, photography…

34 Q. Are u interested?

35 Q. Quality do u think image makeup artist should have? Friendly outgoing personality: Important too!! Creativity High level of artistic ability

36 Q. Salary $

37 Q. What to worry about? Unstable income Can’t sustain long Irregular working hour OK! OK! ?

38 Survey analysis ► General views on the career of image make-up artist by university undergraduates

39 ► Online Survey (12 th March – 12 th April ) ► Objective  To investigate the views of youngsters towards the career of Image make-up artist ► Received 90 respondents’ completed surveys Survey & findings:


41 ► Majority of the respondents thought that being famous (70%) and could lead the beauty trend (75%) as the indicators of a successful image make-up artist ► having representative portfolios (60%) ► as the image make-up artist of models, movie starts and celebrities (50%).

42 ► Most of the respondents (65%) did not know much about the current market & job opportunities of image make-up artist. ► 20% of respondents agreed that this career was expanding whereas 15% disagreed. Views on whether this career is expanding in HK

43 Views on the Prospects of Image make-up artist ► There was 60% of respondents showed neutral (‘3’) as their views on the prospects of being an image make-up artist ► 20% of respondents showed that they were quite optimistic (‘2’) about the prospects of this career.

44 ► The optimistic trend of the views on this career prospects indicated that the respondents realized that there was potential and room for this career to develop, and this is probably due to the fact that the social status of image make-up artists are promoted in recent years through different media.

45 Tips for New Comers ► Not just a feminine and girlish industry ► Many successful artists are MALE~  Special judgment of beauty  More creative  Bring new effects and stimulations  Irregular hours, harsh environment  Should be patient and detailed minded

46 ► Good Financial Support  Big investment before and on the way  School fees, materials, books… ► Be Humble  Willing to work under harsh environment and for low-paid job esp. at the beginning  Learn from experience  Portfolio ► Balance of life  Dynamic and demanding  Relaxation

47 Questions and Answers

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