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The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" Design. Build. Reconstruct.

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1 The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" Design. Build. Reconstruct.

2 Introduction The experience accumulated by the Company within twelve years and its existing base provides a possibility to handle any problem in the sphere of organizational and engineering support during the whole cycle of works. Rich experience, creative thinking, ability to find and accept only proper solutions are the guarantee of successful work of the whole enterprise. Sincerely yours, CEO of “LDR-Stroy” Group of Companies Ivannikova Elena Ivanovna Dear friends! Dear Colleagues! The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy” specializes in reconstruction and major construction of industrial structures, serves as general contractor and designer for federal and no-profit business organizations. "LDR-Stroy" has implemented over fifty projects of different purpose including industrial objects, commercial and residential real estate. The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" is a construction organization providing with design services and maintaining construction works at all stages of investment process connected with construction of buildings and structures.

3 Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" is a result of incorporation of affiliate companies, which develop themselves dynamically and ready to realize the most complicated and modern projects. At the same time, integration of production facilities and skilled personnel provides a possibility to expand and improve significantly the area of executed works. The peculiarities of the Group of Companies are high mobility of its departments, possibility to expansion and organize works in any region of the country, in any climatic conditions with a possibility to organize 3 working shifts. The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" disposes highly qualified professionals, and it provides a possibility to handle the most complicated construction problems successfully. More than 100 engineers and 500 qualified workers work permanently in the group of companies. If necessary, additional personnel and subcontractors can be engaged. The foreground direction of the group of companies "LDR-Stroy" activity are complex design and construction of large- size industrial, residential and cultural-recreational objects. The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" possesses a possibility to form contracted price and term flexibly providing an individual approach to each Customer. The departments of company perform promptly design and exploration, construction-assembly works, including the following ones: receiving input data; receiving permissions and orders for execution works; coordination with inspecting and administrative services; maintenance of designer supervision of executed works; execution of construction works and their hanging-over to Customers.

4 Kinds of Activity: Control of an Object Design and exploration works General contract Engineering services in construction Construction-assembly work Logistics, leasing of equipment Utility systems Legal services Сustomer's services developer

5 Segment "General Contract“: The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" provides services of general contract according to one of the presented schemes: LDR-Stroy performs the whole range of services from designing and construction activities to Customer’s functions. 1. General contract for construction. LDR-Stroy performs construction activities, and the Customer performs designing and performing the functions of the Customer. 2. General contract for construction and designing. LDR-Stroy performs construction and design activities; the Customer performs functions of the Customer. 3. General contract for construction and design activities executing functions of the Customer-Developer.

6 Segment "Engineering Services" in Construction": The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" proposes the whole complex of works and services in tracking all stages of investment and construction project, including the following ones: According to Customer’s wish we may render services connected with operation of the constructed object as well as execution of monitoring the process of above mentioned works, and etc. receiving sites for projecting and construction; researching the plans of territories' development; preliminary evaluation of construction prime cost; performing designer and technical supervision; marketing researches of construction services and industry; execution of tenders; optimization of cash flows and construction management; performing the object's acceptance tests; solution of special tasks;

7 Segment "Construction-assembly works": The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy" performs construction works which correspond satisfy to the most up-to-date requirements, from receiving the permission for execution of construction-assembly works to commissioning of the object, these works are executed at the industrial, residential, common and civil multifunction objects, considering infrastructure constructions, as follows: preparation period works; disassembling; ground works and stonework; construction of assembly and monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete constructions; manufacturing and mounting of fencing, metal and wooden constructions; insulation works; works connected with construction of rolled roofing and stiff roofing materials; finishing works; including façade works; floors construction. Works connected with construction of internal installations, equipment and devices, including: construction of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, warm, water-supply and canalization systems, power-supply and electric lighting systems, fire extinguishing and smoke removing systems, fire and security alarm, video-surveillance and access systems, computer and communication systems; works connected with landscaping, planting of greenery and asphalting; special works performed by using engaged contracting organizations including defense of constructions, technological equipment and pipes; mounting technological, special equipment and constructions; precommissioning; pile works;

8 Segment "Equipment" The Group of Companies "LDR-Stroy” possess own fleet of equipment and proposes services for its leasing together with qualified personnel. The company proposes services connected with leasing of special equipment. You can order excavators, auto cranes and dumpers in our company. We always provide leasing of: front loaders caterpillar excavators auto cranes dump trucks leasing of special vehicles with various lifting power and lifting range We execute single orders for leasing and make contracts for rendering services on the long-term basis. Advantages of our Company: Selection of optimal model of special equipment and spare parts for it Delivery of special equipment to the work area within the shortest terms Operative installation and demounting of special equipment at the work area The most attractive tariffs for services in comparison with other ones existing at the market The system of bonuses in case of long-term usage of leased equipment Wide spectrum of additional services performed by highly qualified specialists

9 Segment "Design and Exploration Works": The Group of Companies “LDR-Stroy” provide a full spectrum of services connected with designing of buildings, constructions and utility systems. "LDR-Stroy" highly qualified specialists will help you to find the most rational and cost-effective project solutions while realizing such construction projects as: Industrial complexes; Industrial buildings and constructions; Multiple-dwelling and individual apartment houses; Trade and office centers; Sportive and entertainment complexes and hotels; The Customer can count on our professionalism in the following directions of activity: Assistance in receiving Initial approvals; Engineering survey of technical state of constructions; Development of conceptions (Preliminary design); Architectural and structural design; Design of internal utility facilities; Design of external utility facilities; Development of estimate documentation; Coordination of design documentation; Execution of customer and developer's functions; Maintenance of designer supervision; Development of interior designs and landscaping;

10 Objects in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast:  Concern " "Silovye Mashiny" (Power Machines) (Electrosila OJSC)  Works connected with construction and arrangement of utility systems in the cottage site "Novaya Izhora".  "Lenplitinvest" OJSC, Priozersk.  "Armalit-1 OJSC(the plant producing pipeline installations).  St. Petersburg KECh of the Leningrad military district.  Construction of Austrian plant producing dry construction mixtures –"Baumit Construction Materials“ LLC  “Pikalevskiy cement”CJSC, Pikalevo, Leningradsky region.  “Sovmortrans”CJSC.engeneering and construction of handling terminal for mineral non-explosive fertilizers Objects in the Murmansk Region:  State Enterprise "Kolskaya Atomnaya Elektrostantsia" (Kola Nuclear Power Plant).  Civil construction and roofworks at the Kovdor mining and processing complex. Objects in Belomorsk:  Building of administration. Objects in the Lipetsk Region: Participation in construction of the Novolipetsk Smelter objects: the new blast furnace No 7, the car dumper No1: "DC-2.  Construction from zero cycle to ready-to-operate of the new glass manufacturing plant I “ChSZ-Lipetsk” LLC in the special economic zone.  “LipetskMyasoProm” OJSC, part of the group of companies “Cherkizovo”  Construction of the first and second stages of the plant producing metalcord "Becart-Lipetsk" OJSC (SEZ "Lipetsk").  Participation in construction of the auto tires plant “Yokohama”,LLC (SEZ “Lipetsk”)  Construction of wire works “AWT” LLC in cooperation with RUSNANO (SEZ “Lipetsk”)  Designing and construction “ready-to-operate” the third stage of the plant producing heat exchange equipment “SEST-LUVE" LLC(SEZ "Lipetsk"). Objects in the Vologda Region: "Chagoda Glass Plant and Co” LLC  "Pokrovskiy Stekolniy Zavod" OJSC(Pokrov Glass Plant). Geography of Objects: Objects in the Tambov Region: Participation in construction of the cement plant – "Tambov-Cement“ LLC.

11 OUR PROJECTS ( report from the construction of the glass manufacturing plant) : Construction from zero cycle to ready-to-operate of the new glass manufacturing plant in the special economic zone: works of preparation period, ground works, construction of sheet piles and water drawdown systems, construction of monolithic, underground and superstructures, foundations, walls, ceilings, floors, and etc., pile works, waterproofing of underground constructions, manufacturing and mounting of metal constructions intended for various purposes, brick laying, covering facades by sandwich panels with mounting of window systems, construction of rolled roofing material from PVC-membrane, internal finishing of workhouses and premises.

12 OUR PROJECTS (report from the construction of the glass manufacturing plant) : View of ready made glass manufacturing plant.

13 OUR PROJECTS: (report from the construction of heat-exchange equipment production plant) General Contract for the construction of heat-exchange equipment production plant «SEST-LUVE»

14 Industrial and construction company "LDR- Stroy" got permission to starting of the plant of heat-exchange equipment production " SEST - LUVE " in the SEZ "Lipetsk”. SEST Group includes three enterprises: SEST LUVE Spa ( Italy), founded in 1974 in Lima, SEST LUVE Polska ( Poland), founded in 2003 in Gliwice and “SEST - LUVE “ LLC (Russia ) founded in 2006 in the SEZ "Lipetsk“. The Object was finished in exactly fixed dates: 4 month – for agreement and 7 month – for construction. Plant “SEST LUVE” was built “ready-to-operate” by the company " LDR-Stroy”, since getting technical specifications, development of design documentation, construction, engineering works, all communications - since to getting the commissioning certificate. Project Head Manager Luybov V. Nikiforova OUR PROJECTS: (report from the construction of heat-exchange equipment production plant)

15 Our projects (industrial construction): Participation in construction of new blast furnace No7. Construction of blast furnace No7 at the object of Novolipetskiy smelter “Chagoda Glass Plant and Co" LLC (the Vologda Region) Concern " "Silovye Mashiny" (Power Machines) (Electrosila OJSC) State Enterprise "Kolskaya Avtomnaya Elektrostantsia" (Kola Nuclear Power Plant) (the Murmansk Region) Civil construction and roofing works at the Kovdor mining and processing complex, the Murmansk Region, 2003. “Lesplitinvest” OJSC, Priozersk

16 Reconstruction of workshop No.47. “OMZ-Special steels” LLC Reconstruction of workshop No.42, No.66 “Izhorsky zavody” OJSC Complex for transfer the mineral fertilizers from the rail wagon in conditions of current railways “SovMorTrans” OJSC, Saint Petersburg Dry Mortar Mixing Plant, “Baumit” LLC (Austria). Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsky district Reconstruction of Pikalevo cement plant. Leningrad region, Pikalevo “Pokrov glass plant”, OJSC, Vologda region Our projects (industrial construction): Transfer complex mineral fertilizers from w / wagons in operating conditions w / e ways "CJSC" Sovmortrans " St. Petersburg

17 “Mondial Group East", OJSC. SEZ “Lipetsk”“PK RATIONAL”,LLC (SEZ "Kazinka").“LipetskMyasoProm” OJSC, part of the group of companies “Cherkizovo” Auto tire manufacturing plant “YOKOHAMA R.P.Z.” LLC (Japan), SEZ “Lipetsk” Our projects (industrial construction): Plant producing metal cord "BEKAERT” (Belgium), the first and second stages, SEZ “Lipetsk” «AWT» Lipetsk wire plant. SEZ “Lipetsk”

18 OUR PROJECTS: Civil construction Office building Russia, Lipetsk region. Kazinka Culture and Health Center Russia, Lipetsk region. Kazinka Works connected with construction and arrangement of utility systems in the cottage site "Novaya Izhora”, Saint Petersburg, 2008 Curch of Trinity Russia, Lipetsk region, Lev Tolstoy Recreation camp «Sosnovka» Vologda region

19 Current Projects: Plant for producing of paint-and-lacquer materials “PPG” General contract for construction of a paint-and-lacquer materials plant “PPG Industries” Construction of the plant is carried out in the SEZ "Lipetsk" and has an area of ​​ 12 ga. Investments are 1.95 milliard rubles. Project completion is scheduled for 2015. In addition to the production department, the complex will include a new warehouse and distribution center, as well as technical laboratories and administrative offices. It is expected that the plant will be operated by more than 150 specialists. Currently construction works at the object are in progress: excavation pits and trenches for foundations, underground utilities, construction of grading and planning of sites.

20 Customers and Partners: Администрация Санкт- Петербурга Администрация Липецкой области

21 Contact Information: “LDR-Stroy” 196084, Russia, Saint Petersburg Ligovskiy avenue, 266, letter B Telephones: + 7 (812) 611-07-73, 611-07-74 e-mail: “LDR-Stroy-LIPETSK” 399071, Lipetskaya oblast, Gryazinsky region, Kazinka village, Oktyabrskaya St., 58 Telephones: + 7 (4742) 72-71-75, 72-71-77 e-mail: For detailed information please welcome to our WEB-site


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