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Keats Northern Walking Tour June 25-August 6, 1818.

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1 Keats Northern Walking Tour June 25-August 6, 1818

2 Background  Keats was 22 when he accepted Charles Brown’s invitation to undertake a walking tour of approximately 2000 miles through northern England and Scotland, with a diversion to northern Ireland.  Keats letters and poems of the 1818 walking tour were intended to entertain his brothers and friends.  Part of a tradition of travel writing started by Samuel Johnson and Boswell who wrote a guide book about their travels to Scotland.  Popularity of travel literature at this time

3 Background  Keats’s journey was defined in part by what he had read and heard about the places he was visiting  The journey falls into essentially two episodes: the visit to the Lake District and the visits to Scotland and briefly Ireland.  Relationship between the tour and Keats’s conception of himself as a poet. He saw the tour as essential to his development as a poet.

4 Map of Keats Walking Tour

5 Lancaster

6 Kendal

7 Map of the Lake District

8 The Lake District

9 Lake Windermere

10 Rydal Mount

11 Dove Cottage

12 Helm Craig

13 Castlerigg: The Druid Circle

14 Skiddaw

15 Scotland

16 Dumfries: St. Michael’s Churchyard Burns Mausoleum (Keats wrote “This mortal body” here)

17 Dundrennan Abbey

18 Map of Northern Ireland

19 Donaghadee

20 Belfast

21 Back to Scotland: Ailsa Craig

22 Alloway Robert Burns Cottage (Keats wrote “This mortal body of a thousand days here)

23 Glascow Cathedral

24 Loch Lomand

25 Mull

26 Iona

27 Staffa

28 Fingal’s Cave

29 Oban

30 Ben Nevis (Keats wrote “Read me a lesson muse)

31 Loch Ness

32 Inverness Beauly Priory

33 Inverness (Keats took coach from here to return to London)

34 Epilogue  Keats was back in London by August 18.  He returned early because he was ill.  He found his brother Tom critically ill and took care of him until he died in December.  Keats began writing “Hyperion.”


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