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England and Scotland 2009 By Magda Serwadczak 2c.

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1 England and Scotland 2009 By Magda Serwadczak 2c

2 This May 2nd and 3rd classes from our school went on the trip to England (London) and Scotland

3 Day first – 21.05.09 We started! We were traveling by bus for about 18 hours. We were really tired, but it was an interesting journey. We started at 12:30 and from Poland we came to Germany then to France (Calais) and then (by ferry) to England (Dover)

4 Day second – 22.05.09 At 6:30 we were in England. Dover’s white clifs are so amazing. If you have never seen it – you have to! That day we spent in London – it’s really amazing and beautiful city, really modern but with soul. We ate in Chinatown, real Chinese food.

5 Day 3th – 23.05.09 Today we left London and we went to York. It’s such a romantic place with lots of old houses. We were on The Shambles – old and really magic street in York. Then we went to Scotland.

6 Day 4th – 24.05.09 We were in Melrose, the place where the heart of Robert I Bruce is burried. We also visited Edinburgh. It’s a beautiful city with lots of interesting people. I can say –the art city. Then we went to Scone Palace.

7 Day 5th – 25.05.09 Today we were in a famous Loch Ness! And we saw a true monster! After this we went to Urquhart Castle. Here we made a lots of photos – amazing! We were sleeping in Oban – a very nice town. Here we ate fish and chips – traditional English food.

8 Day 6th – 26.05.09 We went to Inveraray Castle and near Loch Lomond. For me it was really beautiful lake. Scotland is amazing! The mountains and meadows and pastures. And lots of lambs. I took hundreds of photos! After that we went to Liverpool.

9 Day 7th – 27.05.09 Today we were in Windsor – amazing castle. We didn’t see the Queen, but… maybe some other time. We were in Guildhall – the place of Prince Carol and Camille Parker Bowels. We came back to London.

10 Day 8th – 28.05.09 All day in London. We saw Harrods – exclusive shop and Big Ben. We were in Buckingham Palace and we saw London Eye – really, really big! We took a boat on the river Thames. Nice day!

11 Day 9th – 28.05.09 It was the end. We came back home. Again long journey by bus. We were so happy. Maybe the same trip next year? I hope!

12 Our photos: That’s us!

13 Boys from 2b and 2a, girls from 3rd class and our history teacher

14 I hope You like that!

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