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Safety In The Workplace CREATED BY: CHELSEA JEAN.

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1 Safety In The Workplace CREATED BY: CHELSEA JEAN

2 Motivation for Being Safe  Every person who leaves for work in the morning should expect to return home at night in good health. Can you imagine the knock on the door to tell you your loved one will never be returning home? Or the phone call to say he’s in the hospital and may never walk again? Ensuring that husbands return to their wives, wives to their husbands, parents to their children, and friends to their friends — that is the most important reason to create a safe and healthy work environment.

3 REDUCING INJURIES REDUCES COSTS TO YOUR BUSINESS  If a worker is injured on the job, it costs the company in lost work hours, increased insurance rates, workers' compensation premiums and possible litigation.  Productivity is lost when other workers have to stop work to deal with the injury.  Even after the injured employee has been sent home or taken to the hospital, other employees may be distracted or need to take time off from work in the aftermath of the incident.

4 Reason to Focus on Safety  Safety is the key to keeping a work place moving forward both in moral and physical points.  By taking the extra step and time to do things right, we save ourselves and others from potential hazards and prepares us for the disasters.  It is not only is beneficial to your health, but the cost of being safe keeps your pocket books safe in the long run too.  So do you and your family a favor and always make the choice to be safe, no matter what task is at hand.

5 Being Safe is Simple  As you can see there are hundreds of reason to be aware and focus on being as safe as possible.  Be aware of your surroundings  Observe all safety signs  Do not remove safety signs, all are posted with a purpose  Follow the tips from the signs  Record and report unsafe work conditions  Make safety your number one priority  Use the right tools for the job

6 Being Aware  Slow down and take the extra steps  There is no excuse or anything that is more important than your health and safety  Safety observation forms are available and encouraged to be used by all staff members  Acknowledge the positives

7 Safety Signs  Observe all safety signs  Follow the sign, they apply to everybody equally  Do not cover or block signs  Never remove a posted safety sign  Signs are posted for a reason, removing them can cause preventable accidents or cause unnecessary hazards.

8 Observations  If you observe a unsafe act or have a concern that could lead to a harmful or unsafe situation then record it and report it  Report it to your supervisor or the safety coordinator as soon as possible  There are safety observation forms available at the accounting office/ and available on the web at:

9 Tools and Personal Protective Equipment  What, when and why it is necessary  How to wear, adjust, properly fit and remove it  Limitations  Signs of end of service; and proper care and maintenance.  Workers should demonstrate an understanding of PPE and how to properly use it before wearing it.  Educating and re-educating workers on PPE may be one of easiest ways to increase usage on jobsites.  Use the right tool for the job.  Wear the correct clothing and protective gear.


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