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Security Installation in Rural Historic Courthouses.

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1 Security Installation in Rural Historic Courthouses

2 Significance of Historic Courthouses in Texas Symbol of local pride and self-government Tangible link to the past Monument of community justice

3 When to start planning security Master plans assess and guide security planning in pre-construction phase Security equipment can best be planned during pre-construction phase to avoid damaging the features that define the historic character of the building

4 Example of Good Planning This furr-down was added to hold AC ductwork and any other wiring which allows security wiring thru the same space Wire Chase

5 Building Integrity The goal is to provide highest possible security Preserve integrity of historic characteristics Compromise to meet both needs

6 Existing Conditions Construction Material Issues in older buildings – Stone and Brick exterior – Concrete wall interior – Ceiling Height – Domed ceiling – Columns – No wire chases – No attic access

7 Issues to Address Where drilling and mounting can be done How to hide wiring Recessed security equipment vs surface mounted Where to use conduit and caddy

8 Cameras Highest quality image and camera features while accommodating the aesthetic integrity of the building

9 Camera options Analog or IP camera IR for nighttime Glare reduction for backlit areas Vari-Focal vs Fixed-Lense Size of camera Placement of cameras Options for mounting Area to be covered – best angle

10 Access control Limiting public access Reduce the number of people with keys to building. Direct public through security checkpoint

11 Access options Mag locks Slim-line mag lock Electric Strike Electronic Dead-bolt Proximity reader Slim-line reader Biometric reader

12 Camera/Access integration Snapshots of people entering or exiting building are combined with event-log of access control system.

13 Panic System Approx. 95% of TX Courthouses have wireless panic systems Quickest response- monitored by sheriff vs monitored by alarm company

14 Case Study – Milam County Security was not incorporated into the planning stage and options were very limited

15 Wire Tray Access through drop ceiling for AC Angle Base Domes PTZ Milam County DVR Access through beam

16 Case Study – Milam County Only 2 possible locations in main hall for cameras without using caddy Mini-domes with IR used in main hall PTZ in courtroom above clock IP Cube camera used in basement where network was available All entrances covered with no visible wire or caddy

17 Milam County Camera 1: The courtroom will receive a PTZ dome camera and microphone. The wires will go through the wall into the IT room where a small piece of wire caddy will be needed about 5 foot long.

18 Milam County Camera 2: This hallway camera is a mini-dome. The wiring will go through the IT room and use existing wire chase to get into hallway

19 Milam County Camera 3 & 4: These 2 cameras are mini-dome to match other hall cameras. The wires will go through the wall into the accessible area where an air conditioner vent is located.

20 Milam County Camera 5: The basement camera is an IP mini-dome. It will be mounted above the closet door and the wiring will go directly into closet to the existing switch.

21 Solutions for Historical Integrity Problem 1.Discreet Cameras 2.Camera needed at specific location after construction 3.Access required on historic door 4.Panic system where wires cannot be run Solution 1.Paint base of camera 2.Custom bracket 3.Good security company 4.Wireless panic system

22 Discreetly Placed Camera Exterior Bullet Camera painted to match the stone

23 Unique Mounting Custom made bracket with 2 cube cameras No ability to add cameras

24 Access Control on Historic Door Solid Ceiling Historic Door Installed motion detector, request to exit, reader and mini-dome camera with no visible conduit or caddy

25 Wireless Panic System No visible wires No bulky equipment Immediate response to local Sheriff radio

26 Summary Security for Historic Properties is best in the pre- construction phase Use Highest Quality camera without sacrificing historical integrity User-friendly, simple access control with least obtrusive equipment Wireless panic system with immediate response to local law enforcement For any additional questions please email Ray


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