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St. Olaf College Student Organizations Orientation (AKA “How to get stuff done around campus”) 2014-15.

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1 St. Olaf College Student Organizations Orientation (AKA “How to get stuff done around campus”) 2014-15

2 Get to know the Office of Student Activities Student Org HandbookHandbook Office Staff Event Planning Information Transportation Information Liability/Risk Questions Credit Card Check-out Student Org. Resource Center Popcorn and Fun! We want to make sure that your organization has all the tools it needs to succeed! Our office can answer and address all of the following (and more!):

3 Helpful Contacts Student Activities Office: BC 107 507-786-3999 Kris Vatter Director of Student Activities & Buntrock Commons Steve Crouser SGA Financial Officer Catherine Paro Interim Assistant Director of Student Activities Skoglund 114 B Chris Rotty Dir. Intramural & Club Sports 507-786-3563 Laura Mascotti Administrative Assistant Jocelyn Sarvady SOC Coordinator

4 Credit Card Rules Do Not use the card for subscriptions or re-occurring payments When you drop card off – let us know if there are back-orders or special circumstances. Make a note on the sheet. Credit Card Checkout Reminders Things to remember: DO get itemized receipts that include the price for every item purchased. A $1/day/receipt late fee will be charged for every day receipts are missing past check-in date. DO provide a list of everyone who goes out to eat. DO use good judgment when make purchases. No alcohol, no gas, etc. DO NOT check out the credit card for more than 48 hours. A $10/day late fee will be charged for every day the card is not returned past check-in date. DO NOT lend the card out to someone else to use. It's been issued to you and is your personal responsibility. If you are found lending your card out, your credit card privileges will be revoked. DO NOT pay sales tax. Exceptions include prepared food (restaurants) and lodging. You will be responsible for any sales tax that you pay. DO NOT use the credit card to pay for gas. DO NOT use the credit card at K-Mart. DO NOT use the credit card on campus, (the Bookstore, the Pause, the Cage, etc.). Student orgs will have to check out department cards to pay for on campus transactions. Special Case: we have a special tax exempt card to be used at Menard's If you lose the card, call Stephen Crouser (503-753-3402) or Kris Vatter (H: 507-301-3321, C: 507-210-7730) and let them know ASAP. If any charges are made, you are personally responsible (not the organization) for the charges.

5 Credit Card Check Out

6 Credit Card Wallet As of October 2014, began assessing sales tax for its orders. The OSA has an Amazon account that has a tax-free status built in. Stop by the office to make any purchases you may need from Amazon without incurring taxes.

7 Student Org Database

8 Every Org has information listed here. As a leader, you can log in to the database to change or edit your Org’s information as needed. Please keep this updated if your org’s leadership changes.

9 Those listed as contacts in the Database automatically have access to the Lawson budgets. If you can’t login, click here

10 Sample of a Database page: When you log in, you’ll only see the Orgs you’re a member of in this space. Click on the name to edit or change information.

11 Other Notable Things Hallway displays : no large, blank sheets of paper asking open-ended questions. Both sides of the hallway are available for reservation. Enterprise Vehicle Rentals : Require drivers to be over 21. Paying Speakers/Performers: If your organization intends to pay anyone for services rendered (speaking fee, transportation, performance, etc) the OSA needs to be informed well in advance. Often times these engagements require a contract. We can help you with this! Manage your budget through Lawson SOC rule: mileage reimbursement rate $.25 p/mile

12 Travel What needs to be known in advance: Vehicle needs Destination Purpose Who is traveling/drivers Completed waivers Org Travel Form: Per St. Olaf travel policy, travel to US State Department approved countries only.

13 Kids’ Stuff No one should have private, one-to-one contact with any child, unless part of a Volunteer Network program. Don't ever be alone. You can meet one- to-one, but in a public place. Kris needs know the kinds of kids' programs any/all clubs will be doing. Babysitting on campus is not allowed.

14 Social Media Facebook: StolafToday Twitter: @stolaf or @stolaftoday Pinterest: StOlafCollege Instagram: Stolafcollege Remember – your club represents St. Olaf in-person and online. Think before you post. We want to help promote your events and brag about accomplishments!

15 Sales and Credit Cards Ole DollarsCredit Cards Currently working on a system for CC sales. Goal of spring 2015 for system to become active. Can do ticket sales via University Tickets, but cards cannot be swiped, only entered. Contact OSA with further questions. In-person sales on-campus Reserve system minimum one week in advance Need to know names of students managing sales Laptop Device and training provided

16 HAZING Don’t do it A general rule of thumb: hazing can be anything that makes a member of your organization feel uncomfortable, but required to do to be a member. Even something considered by one member to be fine, but another to not, can be considered hazing. If you think it’s questionable, that’s probably because it is.

17 More Helpful Information Take driver training when offered. Put your events on the Master Calendar! Reserve room/spaces early via R25.R25 See Student Organization Committee (SOC) for funding questions. Seriously – check out the Org Handbook – everything from Bon Ap Pack-out info to film showing regs to bonfire procedures – it’s in there!Org Handbook Don’t sign contracts – find staffers for help. Check for more

18 THANK YOU Have a great year!

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